Holding You by Sassy

Chapter 2

Sara's POV (picking up where Grissom's POV ended)

I shiver as his hand slides up my inner thigh.

"Wait." I whisper softly.

His hand stops, but he doesn't remove it totally. "Are you okay?" He looks at me. His eyes burning into mine.

"I'm scared." I say, as the tears threaten to fall.

He holds me close to him. "Me too, Sara. Me too."

I cry softly into his shoulder. "I don't want you to think that I'm a tease, Grissom."

He takes a finger, and guides my eyes to his. "I could never think that. Never. If you're not ready, then we wait."

"Thank you." I whisper, as he pulls my head to lay upon his chest. I listen to his heart beat. "I'm sorry." I say a little while later.

"Why? I'd never pressure you into anything. I love you too much for that." He said, as he stroked my hair.

A lone tear escapes my eye, and falls to his bare chest.

"Don't cry, Sara." He tilts my head, so he can see my face.

"I never thought you'd ever say those words to me." The memories of him admitting to Dr. Lurie how he felt about her ( I can't tell, did you mean to put ' me ' or not, I wasn't sure, so I'd thought I'd ask:P ) flooding away my senses. I turn away, and clutch my pillow and begin to sob. "I am not worth the risk."

He wraps his body around mine. "You've always been. I just didn't know it." He kisses my shoulder. "Am I too late, Sara?"

"No." My voice is stronger than I felt. "I would wait forever for you."

"You don't have to wait anymore." He says, as he slips his fingers through mine.

I turn to him then. I kiss him long and hard. I bring his body atop mine. He immediately tangles his fingers in my hair. I moan against his mouth. He pulls back slowly, and looks at me softly.

"I love you too." I say, as I bring my lips up to his, and pull him down with me. "Make love to me."

"You sure, Sara?" He says, as he tries hard to control his breathing.

"You love me. I love you. Why wait anymore?" My tongue and lips, are melting into his now.

He slides my shirt up, and rubs his hand across my bare flat stomach. He bends to kiss my navel. I giggle when his beard tickles my skin. He does it again.

"You stop teasing me." I say, as I sit up slightly, and remove my shirt the rest of the way. Completely naked in front of him now, I feel somewhat embarrassed. Just as I'm about to cover myself with my arms, his catch mine by the wrists, and hold the above my head.

"You are beautiful, Sara. Beautiful." He kisses the hollow between my breasts then. His hand releases mine, and I pull him up to me.

"I need to feel you now." I whisper into his ear.

He parts my legs and settles between them. He enters me gently. He gently rocks into me, as I rock back into him. We touch, kiss, move, explore, taste, and enjoy each others bodies until the sun begins to peek in through the blinds.

A knock sounds at the door. I smile at him, as he pulls on his sweats, and walks to the door. He pulls it open to reveal Greg.

Greg stands there, dumbstruck. "I was wondering where you went."

He replies, "Well, now you know. We are busy. Go away." He calmly shuts the door.

I guess now the whole gang will know about us, but if he is okay with it. So am I.

THE END (again)