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Harry Potter and The Heir of Ravenclaw

Chapter 1: Wedding Preparations

Harry once again found himself staring out the window in the Dursley's home, waiting for Hedwig to return from her nightly hunt. Ever since Dumbledore's passing hedwig had been there to bring comfort, it was almost as if she knew what he was going through. Harry sighed before walking back over to his bed where he laid down and took out his wand to practice some of his spells. Soon someone would be coming to take him to the Burrow for Bill and Fleur's Wedding after that he planned on going off in search of Voldemort's horcruxes.

"Kreacher." Harry called out into the darkness

Soon after he said the name Kreacher appeared soon followed by Dobby. The two houselves looked at Harry waiting to be told what to do. Though Dobby was a free elf he chose to do what harry asks especially because he doesn't trust Kreacher, nor does he like that Kreacher insults Harry.

"Kreacher, go to the Burrow and see how much longer till they come and get me." Harry said

"Yes Master." Kreacher said before adding "What would Mistress say if she new what this son of a Mud-bllod is making me do. Talk to Muggle lovers, oh poor Mistress. Oh poor Kreacher."

"Do not insult Harry Potter!" Dobby said before tackling Kreacher

harry sighed before getting up and walking back to the window as the two houselves dissappeared. Hedwig still hadn't come back which was unusual since she would usually be back by now. He sat at the window wondering whe she could have gone for a long while till he fell asleep at the window.

A young woman sat in the new headmistress' office in Hogwarts staring sadly at the moving picture of Dumbledore. The Headmistress sat there reading over old records of the young witch's acomplishments.

"Well it seems that you will be getting a job here at Hogwarts, Sarah. The positions that are open are Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions. Looking at your old school records you did well in Potions, even managing an O in your O.W.L.s. I would also like it if you would become the new Ravenclaw Head of House." said the Headmistress

"Thank you Minerva, I'd be honored." said Sarah "May I suggest someone for the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

"Of course." said Minerva

"Remus Lupin, I know he was a few years ago but I think it would be best if we had another member of the Order at the school. He is also very skilled in that area and I know how to properly brew the Wolfesbane Potion. in these troubling times people will overlook that he is a werewolf and only see that he saved several students from Death Eaters." said Sarah

"I will take this into consideration but for now I must return to my duties and you should go home and prepare for school. I will see you at the beginning of term." Minerva said before she picked up a stack of papers and began looking them over.

Sarah smiled before walking over to the window and opening it. Soon the witche Sarah was replaced by a snowy white owl that took off out of the window and soared through the sky.

Harry woke up at around one in the morning to the sounds of Kreacher and Dobby fighting. He looked over towards the two houselves to see his snowy white owl trying to stop the houselves' quarell.

"What did they say Kreacher?" asked Harry as he pulled Dobby off of Kreacher and held his arm out for Hedwing

"That filthy Mud-blood said that she and a friend will come and get you today at noon." said Kreacher his voice filled with hate.

"How dare you insult Harry Potter's friend!" said Dobby as he punched Kreacher

"Dobby please stop, Kreacher go back to Sirius' house and stay there." said Harry as he stroked Hedwig's head, she hooted and lightly nipped at his fingers.

When the houselves left Harry put Hedwig in her cage before pulling his trunk out of his closet. harry put his things in the trunk but stopped when he saw the locket. All summer he had been thinking about whether he should go back for his last year at school and let the order deal with finding the horcruxes or if he should go after himself. He kept hearing the words that Lupin had told him in his third year. 'Your parents sacrificed their lives so you could live! Don't throw away their gift as if it were meaningless.' (AN: I know it isn't the exact words from the third movie) He sighed as he continued packing, another reason he was against leaving was because the Ministry would know he was doing magic when he wasn't supposed to. He wanted to go because he knew if he didn't destroy Voldemort soon, all the people he loved would be killed.

"Ginny." Harry whispered as he closed his trunk and grabbed his broom along with Hedwig's cage and pulled his stuff downstairs to leave them next to the door. He walked into the kitchen and started his usual morning routine of fixing the Dursley's breakfast. By the time he was finished cooking the three were sitting at the table complaining about how slow he was.

After breakfast Harry tried his best to stay out of the Dursley's way until Hermione came to get him. As always Harry couldn't wait to leave the Dursley's house. About an hour after lunch the doorbell rang and Uncle Vernon went to the door to see who was there. Harry, a long with his aunt and cousin, followed him and stood behind him watching as he opened the door.

"Who are you two?" asked Uncle Vernon when he opened the door to see strangers.

"Hello Mr. Dursley my name is Hermione Granger and this is Remus Lupin. I'm one of Harry's classmates and I've come to take him to spend the rest of the summer with his friends." hermione said as she and Luping gathered Harry's things and brought them outside.

Harry had been surprised to see both Hermione and Lupin wearing Muggle clothing. Uncle Vernon glared over at him and Harry simply walked out of the door and shut it before his uncle exploded.

"Are you ready Harry?" asked Lupin as he handed Harry his broom

"Yes sir." said Harry as he mounted his broom "Why are we going by broom won't Muggles see?"

"There isn't anybody out right now and we will fly high enough that they will think we are birds if they see us. We were going to use floo powder and get owls to take your things but Hermione said it wouldn't be wise to do that in a Muggle home." said Lupin as he and hermione mounted their brooms. Hermione let Hedwig out of her cage as several other owls landed on Harry's trunk to take it to the Burrow. Lupin kicked off first followed by Harry and Hermione. When they reached the Burrow they noticed Mr. and Mrs. Weasley waiting outside for them. Mrs. Weasley ran to harry and hugged him tight.

"I'm so glad you're all right Harry! You've been taking care of yourself at your aunt and uncle's haven't you?" aske Mrs. Weasley

"I'm fine Mrs. Weasley." said Harry

"Of course you are Harry! Come now everyone is inside waiting for you." said Mr. Weasley as he led everyone inside

"'Arry!" said Fluer as she ran up to him and hugged him "Bill and I are so glad you could make it."

"I'm glad to be here." said harry as a loud crash was heard from upstairs. Soon an angry Ron stomped down the stairs and into the room.

"Hermione if you don't get his royal highness out of here I swear I'll beat him to it!" yelled Ron

"Oh no you won't!" yelled Hermione as she ran upstairs

"Bring him down for dinner Hermione! And fetch Ginny too, dear. Ron could you try to be a bit nicer to our guest." said Mrs. Weasley as she went to fix the plates for dinner.

"I don't see why we have to put up with his royal highness." said Ron as he sat down at the table next to Harry

"You're just mad because Mum gave him your room and he's always spending time with Hermione." said Ginny as she took her place at Harry's other side.

"Who are you talking about?" asked Harry as Ginny and Ron exchanged worried glances.

"Oh Ron's not going off about Draco is he?" aske Hermione as she came into the room followed by Draco Malfoy. Harry glared at the paled boy as he sat across from them. Hermione purposefully sat next to Draco while looking directly at Ron.

"Harry don't get angry please, he asked for help when Voldemort threatened to kill him. We are offering him protection and to do that we have to keep him near us." said Ginny as she put her hand on Harry's to keep him from drawing his wand.

"Why did you agree to help him, don't you remember all he has done?" asked Harry

"We remember clearly Harry, the only reason he did those things was because he was scared! Voldemort threatened his mother's life if he didn't kill Dumbledore, this summer Voldemort killed her in front of Draco. He threatened to kill him if he betrayed him again, so Draco came to us." said Hermione as she looked at Harry. "Don't tell me if you had been him you would have done different?"

"But why is he at the Burrow?" asked Harry

"Because I've been put under Granger's care Potter." Draco said as he glared at Harry.

"Dinner time!" Mrs. Weasley called just in time to stop a fight. She put the plates down with the help of Fluer, Fred, and George.

"Hello Harry!" called the twins when they saw him

"Hello Fred, George." said Harry as he took his plate from George.

"Only a few more days till the wedding and then one more week till your birthday." said Fred

"You better eat up Harry, you need some meat on your bones." said Mrs. Weasley

"Yes Mrs. Weasley." said Harry

"When is my family coming, there isn't much time left?" asked Fluer

"They are coming that morning dear, they are very busy with some buisness they had to attend to." said Mrs. Weasley as everyone finnished their meal. "All right now, all of you off to bed." she said as she sent all the children upstairs.