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Harry Potter and the Heir of Ravenclaw

Chapter Seven: Treasure of Hufflepuff part 2

"My father is...Remus Lupin." said Dahlia looking straight at the ground

"You have spoken the truth...enter. Girl who is the one your heart has chosen...the rat or the Dragon?"

"The dragon." was Hermione's soft reply as she tried not to look at Ron's hurt face

This continued until everyone made it past the Basilisk revealing something about themselves that no one else knew.

"Why didn't you tell me that Dahlia was mine?" asked Lupin as they walked farther into the cave

"Would you have believed me if I told you?" asked Sarah as she came to a stop

"Can you please fight about this later?" asked Dahlia as she shook her head at her parents

"We need to hurry and find the horcrux your petty squabble can wait until later." said Draco as he led the girls a head

"Petty squabble? She kept my child from me." said Remus as he was quite upset

"Have you not listened to a word Potter has said to you since she came back. She was hiding from Voldemort do you think it wise for her to drop a child off with a friend of the parents of the child that can kill him. You should spend your time getting to know Dahlia instead of blaming Potter for this, all of this is Voldemort's fault take it out on him." said Draco as he came to a hault at a magical barrior

"I'm sorry Remus...I really am." said Sarah as she came forward and whispered a spell removing the barrior and walking on

"Father, please it really wasn't her fault. She wanted to tell you when she came back but saw you with Tonks and didn't want you to have a complicated life." said Dahlia before she followed her mother

They soon got to a room and in the middle of the room on a pedestal was the cup of Helga Hufflepuff. Harry walked up to it and grabbed it and nothing happened.

"That was to easy." said Remus

"Remus look out!" shouted Sarah as she knocked Lupin out of the way as a spell was sent past them

"What's going on?" asked Hermione as she had her wand out

"Inferi, and they aren't muggles." said Sarah "We need to get out and fast."

"Sarah!" yelled Harry as he pointed at a hole in the top of the cave where the full moon could be seen

"Harry get them out of here fast, Remus and Dahlia will follow but keep running, and I'll get them away from the school." said Sarah as she became Hedwig just as Remus and Dahlia became werewolves.

"Come on!" Harry yelled as he took Ginny's hand and started running for the exit while dodging curses from the Inferi and the Inferi themselves

"Draco!" screamed Hermione and Iris as they were grabbed by Inferi and Dahlia and Lupin coming at them fast

"Lumos Solem!" yelled Draco as he temprarilly blinded the Inferi and werewolves while grabbing Hermione and Iris and following the others out soon followed by the werewolves and Sarah

When they were all out of the cave they were surrounded by Dahlia and Lupin. Sarah came at them scratching at the werewolves trying to get them away from the students. Harry took the others into the ruins of his parents old house to keep them from the werewolves while Sarah delt with them. They soon fell asleep simply from exhaustion while they heard the noise outside. Harry woke up with a start from hearing arguing outside of the ruins. What Harry was greeted with was Hermione and Ron fighting but the fight seemed worse than usual.

"What do you mean by 'the Dragon'? Are you bloody insane, he's a Death Eater!" yelled Ron while he was being held back by Ginny, Dahlia, and Lupin

"He's not a Death Eater anymore Ronald! This year he's treated me better than you have! Last I checked I had every right to choose who I want. You had six years to ask me Ronald, six bloody years! You lost your chance I've chosen Draco now!" yelled Hermione as she turned and cried onto Draco's chest as he held her.

"Fine Princess! Do you think he really loves a mudblood after everything he's done!" yelled Ron

"What did you call me Ronald?" asked Hermione barely above a whisper from Draco's chest

"I called you a mudblood Granger, because that is what you are if you can't even tell one thing about the wizarding world. He's a Death Eater and when you least expect it he's going to kill you for his own gain. You mean nothing to him!" yelled Ron

"No Ronald, I mean nothing to you otherwise you wouldn't treat me this way!" yelled Hermione as she pointed her wand at Ron only to be stopped by Draco standing in between them

" 'Mione don't he's your friend and he's upset we both know you don't want to hurt him." said Draco as he rached for her wand

"Harry I think you should destroy the horcrux." said Sarah as she handed the cup to Harry

After Harry destroyed the horcrux they apparated back to Hogsmeade and made there way back up to the castle but when they got to the gate Sarah made everyone stop.

"Hermione, do you have the potion I asked you to brew?" asked Sarah

"Yes, Professor." said Hermione as she pulled several flasks of potion out of her bag

"This is Pepper-up potion it will give you all energy. I asked Hermione to make it incase something like last night happened. I still can't believe I forgot that last night was the full moon." said Sarah as she and Hermione handed everyone a flask

"So that's why you hadn't done your essays early." said Harry as he took his flask from Hermione

"Yes, that's why." said Hermione before she drank her potion and headed into the castle

"I can't believe I thought..." said Ron before downing his potion

"Yeah you screwed up and if you call Hermione that name one more time your next on my list after Voldemort." threatened Harry as he and Ginny went into the castle