Robin walked along the sidewalk of the darkened alleyway quietly. Her head was down and her eyes were full of sorrow. She looked up to the moon. Why did it have to be like this?

She would always fight for what she thought was right. But the problem was, she didn't know what was right anymore. She sighed heavily. They were now on pursuit of a very powerful witch who was killing random people the night before. No matter how much she wanted the world to change, it never would.

This night was the worst of all, she thought. Halloween night. That was when all the freaks came out to play. This night actually scared her in some aspects. The evil, she just couldn't imagine it.

Amon was somewhere near, keeping an eye on her and looking for the witch as well. She sighed and turned her head to the darkened alleyway. She seen some movement and her heart quickened. Was this the witch, or was it just some rat looking for food?

She stopped and turned towards it, narrowing her eyes. She tilted her head and took a step towards the darkness, the glasses sliding down the bridge of her nose. She walked along the wet alleyway floor. Something was wrong.. Terribly wrong. She could feel it, in the deep pit of her stomach. "Amon!" She yelled as she was thrown against the brick wall.

She threw herself up, hearing laughter from every corner. "Where are you?" She yelled. Her eyes burned with the flames and she looked towards one of the dumpsters, which immediately burst into flames. The laughter continued, getting louder and louder; closer and closer.

"I see you.." Its voice was almost like a child's. Innocent and yet, sadistic. "Trick or treat. Smell my feet, Give me something good to eat!" It sang, flying around her.

Her eyes widened as she saw the figure. He was drenched in black and his eyes were burning red. "I want to play!" He yelled.

She tried to move but, she was frozen. It was times like these when she hated not being able to use Orbo. She tried to scream out for Amon once again, but it was no use.

The figure stepped closer, letting her see more of his figure. His complexion was pale, and his face was slim. He looked like he was just skin and bones, the skin hanging off his cheek bones. He stepped towards her and placed his cold hand on her cheek. "Oh yes.. Such a delectable taste…" He licked his lips, sniffing her scent. "You will taste great.." He put his hands to her cheeks and closed his eyes, putting his lips to hers.

She couldn't move, she tried to scream.. To use her craft, anything! But, it was all frozen. She closed her eyes, tightening them as he kissed her. She immediately felt weaker. She opened her eyes to see a bright blue aura seeping from her lips, into his. …Her soul. She was slowly dying and there was nothing she could do.

Amon snapped his head up, hearing her scream. "Shit." He said, jumping from his perch and running over to the alleyway. He pulled out the .9mm and flashlight. "Robin?" He called out for her, but there was no answer. "…Robin?" He rushed into the darkness. He, too, could feel something odd. He ran faster and faster until the darkness until he suddenly stopped. He almost dropped the gun seeing the witch drain Robin of her life force. He growled and pulled the gun up.

The witch was too busy with draining her that he didn't even see him from behind. He flinched when four orbo-filled bullets hit his back. The blue aura disappeared as he left go of her and the both of them fell to the ground.

Amon rushed over to her side and picked her head up into his lap. He frowned seeing her pale complexion. "Robin?" He whispered, putting his hand to her cheek. He slid two fingers to her carotid and gave a sigh of relief. "..Thank God." He said. She was still alive, but barely. He picked her up into his arms and rushed over to the car, setting her down in the passenger side door. "..Just hold on, Robin. Hold on a little longer." He said, throwing the keys into the ignition and rushing towards the hospital.