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If You Could Only See

By Att3nt10n D3f1c1t M3GG0

Chapter One

Hush Little Baby

The night was cold, the wind strong, and the faces of the small group of travelers pale and shuddering. Children clutched their mothers' hands and hid in skirt folds, meager attempts to keep warm. But none spoke to each other. They dared not. To do so meant certain death, either for them or their companions.

One of the women, a young pretty thing with long black hair, clutched a small infant close and walked a short length behind the others. Her cloak was full of holes, her lovely face smudged with dirt from a long days' work. She had the submissive air of one who had spend her entire life serving others, others who regarded her as property, an object.

If she made one noise, as her employers had warned her before they'd left, she would be shot and left to be eaten by youkai. She looked down at the little one in her arms and shivered in fear. If something were to happen to her, she knew they'd leave her bastard child behind as well, to either be killed or die slowly of starvation.

The small band of villagers in front of her kept moving quietly along, and the girl followed, feeling a chill course through her body as a burst of wind coursed through the dead trees.

An owl hooted in the darkness, and the girl gasped softly and looked up. Her bare foot connected with a small round pebble, and she tumbled roughly to the earth, giving out a small cry. The party in front stopped and turned around, giving her a severe look. She pushed up on her arms and picked up the baby, who had been jarred awake.

Then the baby began to wail.

The girl's face screwed up in panic and she pressed the little one closely to her bosom, trying and failing to muster the baby's cries.

"Shut it up, will you!" hissed several of the men in front, "We'll be spotted!"

The girl felt a wave of horror as something swift and fast whizzed by her head. An arrow. One of the travelers was trying to hit her. She gasped and turned to run.

A sharp pain whacked her in the back of the head and she choked on a mouthful of gurgling blood. Slumping to her knees, she dropped her closely wrapped child and fell forward to the dirt.

"Check her," said a low male voice, "If any youkai follows the noise, her corpse will satisfy its hunger."

The small bundle rolled gently to the base of a tree, unseen. Inside, the baby closed its eyes and hiccupped.

The group, after ensuring that the girl was dead, left hurriedly and without a care for the infant child, whom they assumed would be prey soon enough anyway.

And so the baby slept, wrapped tightly in swaddling clothes and sheltered in the foliage of an oak, oblivious to the horrible truth of the slaughtering just moments ago. There would be no mother now, no gentle caress before slumber, no quiet murmurs of whispered affection in the ear. But the sleeping baby knew none of this.

"Come on, Inuyasha," sighed Sesshomaru, stretching out his long fingers behind and feeling a small hand clumsily grab them. His three-year-old half brother smiled brightly as he followed along behind.

"Are we going home now, big brother?" Inuyasha asked, his golden eyes following the progression of a firefly from one tree to the next, and the response was a nod. Two doglike ears atop his head were perked up and alert.

Sesshomaru was a demon, a dog youkai, and, like others of his kind, lived in a youkai village to which no human eyes had ever been exposed. And because of his father's foolishness, he was ruling it.

After Sesshomaru's mother died when he was sixteen, his father had done the unthinkable – married and had a hanyou child with a human woman. Inuyasha was born three months before their father and his mother were killed by demon slayers.

"Sleepy," muttered the smaller boy, rubbing at his eyes with one clawed hand as he walked. Sesshomaru reached out with one hand and picked him up, slinging him over his shoulder with a sigh.

The scent in the air changed slightly. Human blood had been spilt nearby. Good riddance, Sesshomaru figured. One less potential demon slayer.

The demon village was getting closer. Sesshomaru could hear the high-pitched whine of the shield spell that kept the youkai safe from the humans' presumptuous hunts and slaughters. The trouble was with leaving the village, like the brothers had done today. If it weren't for Naraku and his followers, who rode from village to village killing and eating innocent humans, Sesshomaru was sure that such precautions from slayers wouldn't be necessary.

Inuyasha lifted his head off Sesshomaru's shoulder suddenly and sniffed the air.

"I thought you'd fallen asleep," muttered Sesshomaru, glancing at his little brother.

Inuyasha kept sniffing. "A baby…?" he said simply, his dog ears twitching.

The next minute, Inuyasha had wiggled out of his older brother's grasp and taken off running full speed into the forest.

"Inuyasha! Get back here!" Sesshomaru yelled, following after him exasperatedly.

Inuyasha ignored the relentless calls from his brother and kept pushing through the rough underbrush. The scent he'd caught was getting stronger now, and as he neared the source, his ears picked up a low whine.

The baby was lying at the base of a tree trunk, wrapped tightly in a raggedy blanket. Two bright brown eyes were looking about curiously and intelligently, and the infant's cheeks were pink with the night chill. A soft coo escaped the baby's lips as the eyes focused on Inuyasha's young face.

Without a second thought, as three-year-olds often act, Inuyasha bent and clumsily picked up the bundle, holding it tightly.

Staggering under the added weight, the boy turned to walk back to find his brother and found that Sesshomaru was already there. His brother's speed and agility were unrivaled among the youkai, but Inuyasha didn't care about that enough to remember.

"Put it down, Inuyasha," ordered Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha looked up at him, confused. "Why? It's a baby."

"A human baby. Put it down."

Inuyasha furrowed his brow and looked down at the innocent face in his arms. "It's really cold out here!" he said stubbornly.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes and folded his arms. "A human doesn't belong in our village. It could mean the end of our kind."

"It's just a baby!" Inuyasha repeated.

Sesshomaru sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, running a hand through his long silver hair. Should he let Inuyasha keep the baby in the village? It might be dangerous, supposing people were looking for this child.

"Please, Sesshomaru." Inuyasha glared up at him, his eyes sad.

Sesshomaru's mouth tightened. "You do what you think is right, whelp. But if something happens, it'll be your fault. I don't care how old you are."

Inuyasha wasn't listening. He grinned down at the baby's upturned face. "He's gonna be my friend, huh?" he suggested to Sesshomaru.

"Inuyasha, that's a baby girl."

Inuyasha's eyes widened. "How did you know that? How come you know everything?"

Sesshomaru groaned and massaged his temples. "I'm going back to the village, and you're coming too if you know what's good for you. Bring the baby."

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