Title: Past, Present, Future

Summary: The past will come back, the present will change them, now what will the future hold?

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Chapter 1

Harry Potter was enjoying the holidays with the Weasley child Ron. He had become his best friend over the course of the year, and now nothing could separate them. In the morning the rest of the Weasleys were coming to Hogwarts to wish them both a Merry Christmas and to bring Ron's gifts.

Harry was ecstatic about seeing them. He had never had a proper Christmas. It usually consisted of him making dinner and then eating alone in his cupboard, while the others opened gifts.

He rolled over, said goodnight to Ron, and closed his eyes. Tonight his dreams would be filled with happy thoughts, instead of the nightmares that usually plagued him.

Harry awoke to someone pulling his sheet away from the bed. He wished to sleep more, for the dream of treacle tarts and plum pudding was not over yet.

"Hey! It is still early, Ron, go back to bed."

Fred and George Weasley snickered and then rolled both boys completely off their beds. "Happy Christmas!" they yelled before running downstairs, both boys chasing them. Ron and Harry stopped at the foot of the stairs leading to the common room when Mrs. Weasley looked up.

"Happy Christmas, boys!" she smiled. "Why do you not go up and get dressed. By then I shall have a house elf bring us up some cider and cake."

Harry, looking quite shaken for having been seen in his pj's, ran back up to his room to get dressed. Ron followed close behind, and he threw on clothes faster than Harry had ever seen.

"Hurry up, mate, or Fred and George will blow up my gifts."

Harry snickered at this, but then his mood sobered some. "Go ahead, mate. I'll be down in a few minutes."

Ron looked at him and said, "Well, hurry up! I know the twins, and if you don't, all the cake and the cider will be gone, but I won't let them put anything in yours."

Harry laughed until his sides hurt. He saw Ron run out of the room yelling for no one to touch his gifts. Harry then sat down to pull on his pants, but stopped and sat still for a few minutes. This was family time, and he would be intruding. Yes, he had come to think of the Weasleys as his family, but he was not their son. In fact he wasn't anyone's family; the Dursleys stopped counting long ago. Deciding to let the Weasleys open their gifts first, he sat down on the bed and slowly got dressed.

Ron had opened all his gifts and was now surrounded by a pile of wrapping paper. Shoving another piece of cake in his mouth, he began to wonder what was keeping Harry. It surely did not take that long to get dressed. Glancing over at the stairs again, he got up and was about to go and find his friend, but Mrs.Weasley stopped him.

She had noticed Harry's absence during the opening of gifts and knew in her heart that he was thinking he would intrude. "I will go and get Harry. Why don't you try to find his gifts under all that wrapping paper over there."

Ron blushed at the mess he had made and looked over at the house elf who was trying to clean it up. Walking back over, he turned before his mother could make it to the stairs.

"Harry has never had a family Christmas before, mum, and I think maybe he did not feel like he belonged in ours."

Mrs. Weasley beamed at her son. He was not as blind to the obvious as she thought and inside him was a heart of gold. Picking her way through the twins' stuff, she passed Mr. Weasley and patted him on the shoulder. He nodded his understanding and began to gather the children around him for a little talk.

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