Title: Past, Present, Future

Summary: The past will come back, the present will change them, now what will the future hold?

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Chapter 28

The next morning he was awoken by Albus. "Severus, why do you not go and grab a change of clothes. I will sit with Harry until you get back."

Severus did not wish to move, but he could see the green slime of the Devil's Snare on him, mixed with dirt and grunge from the day before. Not to mention his face held the dried tear tracks on them. Reluctactly he stood and promised to be back within the hour.

Albus smiled at the retreating form of Severus, and then a twinkling smile filtered across his face as he saw Harry stir. Harry blinked his eyes twice and tried to focus. When he was not able to, he reached for his glasses, placed them on and saw Professor Dumbledore sitting on his bed. Around him were candies of every shape and size and cards, some magical and some not.

"Hello, Harry. Welcome back," Albus said as he sat down on the bed. He knew Harry had many questions; the two of them sat for a while as he answered as many as he could. With a glance at the clock, Dumbledore got up to exit the room. "Madame Pomfrey assures me you can leave in time for the feast tonight. Ahhh, Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Bean. I was most unfortunate to have come across a vomit-flavored one in my youth and have since then lost my liking."

Harry watched as Dumbledore took a yellow one and popped it in his mouth. He then grinned as Dumbledore announced that it was earwax flavoured, but he still chewed it up and swallowed.

Severus came through the door and noticed the sour look on Dumbledore's face. He was about to question him when he saw Harry. Rushing over to him, Severus grabbed him up in a fierce hug, checking him over for anything out of place.

"Stop, really, all of me is here," Harry said through Severus' robes, where he had been crushed. "I am sorry I went after the stone, even though you told me not too."

Severus' face was unreadable. "What on earth runs through your mind sometimes, I will never know. You could have been killed. Mr. Weasley was knocked out, and it is not as if he can afford any hits to the head. You did something very foolish, young man, but I am glad you are all right," Severus said as he enveloped Harry again, squeezing him till Harry began to wheeze.

"Now Madame Pomfrey has said you may join the leaving feast tonight, but, Harry, I want you to join me at my home this summer."

Harry's eyes lit up like it was Christmas day. "Do you mean I will not have to go back to the Dursleys'?"

Severus snorted. "You will not be in the care of those muggles again no matter whom you stay with. You were safer with Fluffy than you are with them. Just think on it if you will."

"There is no thought to it. Of course I will come with you. You are the only family I have now." Harry watched Severus do something that startled him again; he smiled and then he walked out the door.

Harry quickly got dressed as he saw the moon coming up over the trees and knew the feast was about to start. He walked out of the hospital room and he made a beeline for the Great Hall, but ran into Ron and Hermione along the way. All three related how they were, and Hermione gave them both a quick peck on the cheek and a hug.

Once they were all seated, they noticed the green and silver banners of Slytherin decorated the hall. This brought a terrible feeling, as they knew they had cost Gryffindor the lead with their pranks and stroll to see Hagrid's dragon. Professor Dumbledore stood giving his usual speech, and then he started speaking again. "I have a few last minute points to give out."

The trio sat in awe as he gave each of them points for helping retrieve the stone, and when he gave Neville ten points for standing up to them, they all cheered.

"If I am not mistaken, there is a change in order," and with a clap of his hands the green became red and the silver, gold. "Gryffindor wins the house cup!"

The whole room, other than Slytherin, was in an uproar, and Harry could see Professor McGonagall in tears of happiness. What bothered him was what Severus would say, but when he looked up, he saw him clapping right along with the rest of them. To anyone else he looked stoic, but the subtle smile that flickered across his face for a second was not missed by Harry.

The leaving feast was wonderful, and the after party in the common room lasted until way past midnight. At that time, the twins, of all people, told the three of them it was time for bed.

"We are not children, I'll have you know!" Ron rebuked.

Fred smirked, "We shall do anything we have to do to keep our promise to mom. You will all get some rest, or suffer the consequences."

The three of them glared at Fred and were about to argue further when George came to stand beside his brother. "Look, we do not want you to fall out tomorrow, and you three have had a tiring week, so do us a favor and get some rest."

Harry and the others were so moved by the remarks that they got up, gave the twins a hug and were off to bed. Hermione wished them a goodnight before she closed her door, and Ron and Harry were almost asleep before they hit their pillows.

"Good to have you back, mate," Ron said before drifting off.

"It is good to be back," Harry thought, and then he too was sound asleep.

Morning was full of packing and yelling for lost things. Harry, for once, was glad he had so few possessions. He was packed and ready to go in only minutes. He watched in amusement as Ron could not find his knickers and they came flying from across the room, thrown by Seamus. Soon everyone was packed and the dorm room looked very plain without the various things on the wall. Grabbing Hedwig's cage, Harry followed behind the others out the portrait hole. The house elves would make sure their trunks were loaded onto the train.

As Harry stood outside the train waiting for it to depart he saw Hagrid. Leaving the others he walked over and gave the half-giant a hug. Hagrid pulled a book from his enormous coat pocket and handed it to Harry. When Harry opened it, he found pictures of himself as a baby, his mom and dad waving back at him, and in the back he saw Hagrid had even put in a few pictures of Professor Snape in his younger days.

"Thanks, Hagrid," Harry said, while fighting back the tears in his eyes. Giving him one last look, Hagrid shooed him off before he broke down and cried.

"Seems strange to be leaving here and going home, doesn't it?" Hermione said from where she stood holding the door open for Harry.

"I'm not going home," Harry said. In his mind he knew he would never return to the place he had called home for so long. Now he was going to a new home where someone who cared, and loved him, awaited. Harry smiled as he peered out the window and saw Severus Snape waving back at him. For the first time since he could remember, Harry Potter felt loved -- the love of his friends, and now the love of a father.

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