Jenna didn't listen to Felix when he old her to go with Kraden to Idejima. She follows Felix up to the top of the lighthouse.

Chapter 1: Being two traitors

"Jenna, go to Idejima" Felix commanded and Jenna nodded sadly. Felix left up through the door and Jenna left through the other one. After about five minutes of walking Jenna stopped.

"I forgot my Jacket, Kraden, Alex. I'll be right back" with that Jenna ran back up to where Felix had left.

She crawled under the lasers and ran up through the stairs Felix had. She stopped dead at what she saw.

Felix was standing there holding Sheba while Isaac and his group faced Saturos and Menardi.

"Let Sheba go" yelled Ivan and Isaac nodded. Menardi let out a shreik of laughter which just made Ivan angrier. Jenna switched her gaze to Isaac and saw that he was standing there glaring at Felix in betrayal. Garet had his hand on his sword and was giving Saturos a death glare. The blue haired girl was standing there away from the rest looking at Sheba with a worried expression. She suddenly noticed Jenna and her eyes opened wide. From what she had heard Felix saying, Jenna was meant to be at Idejima. She saw Jenna's horrified expression and understood. She sidled over to Isaac and elbowed him. Isaac looked at her and she whispered something in his ear. He glanced at Jenna and his gaze hardened. He looked away as though he didn't care anymore. Jenna felt her heart break.

"You think you can beat us shrimp" Saturos laughed at Ivan and Ivan nodded.

"Then, if you will allow, I will go first" declared Menardi and ran out Isaac. Isaac got blown backwards but didn't seem to be hurt much. Saturos took Ivan and Garet while Menardi went for Isaac only. The girl was left unnoticed. The fight continued and the girl healed her party all the time so they would stay up. Saturos slowly beat Ivan and Garet and turned his attention to the girl. He charged at her and she was taken off guard. She got blown backwards and lay at the foot of a statue unconcious. Isaac was now alone and he was weak. He lay on the floor panting and slowly he fell back and lay still.

'ENOUGH" yelled Jenna and cast serpent fume on Saturos who was about to drop his sword on Isaac.

Jenna pushed past Felix and ran over to Isaac. She knelt down next to him and gave him a vial from her pouch. He recovered and jumped back up.

'Don't, just stop the fighting, please" Jenna begged grabbing his arm but he tore it away from her. He still saw her as a traitor.

"Jenna" the girl was stirring and was muttering. Jenna ran over to her and took out another vial. She healed the girl and went to help Ivan and Garet.

'Jenna" hissed Felix and he ran up to her before she reached Garet.

"Felix, I'm not gonna let them fight" Jenna said as she continued on her way to Garet.

"Jenna, if you're gonna help them, you'd be a traitor" Felix shouted and Jenna stood up and looked him in the eye.
"I'm already a traitor to one team. Another one won't make much difference."

"Jenna, why are you doing this?"

"BECAUSE I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. MY HEARTS ALREADY GONE" Jenna shouted and Felix jumped back.

"Why do you care about them Jenna."

"Because THEY stood by me after the storm. THEY cared about me for those three whole years I was damn god alone. And who's fault is it, yours?"

"You've never yelled at me for this, the whole four months we've been god damn traveling."

"You think I care Felix, well I don't care about you or Alex or Menardi or Saturos. I don't care" Jenna shouted.

Felix stood there still but said nothing more. All he did was glare at Jenna as she helped her opposing team. Was it still her opposing team? He didn't know. All he knew was that his sister was a traitor. A traitor to BOTH teams.