Titans and Gods: Awakening

A Teen Titans Fanfic by Lavender Gaia

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Chapter 6: Infiltration, Part 2

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Donna loved the feeling of the wind in her hair as Roy drove the Mustang convertible towards Jump City University. "I love this car!" she told him, grinning her head off. "Can we keep it?"

He chuckled and she could sense him looking at her even through his dark sunglasses. "Not sure how happy Ollie would be if I charged a car on his credit card. Then again, he's done crazier things for Dinah. I may be able to do something for my 'Snookie Bear'."

"Oh, gods!" she wrinkled her nose. "Is that really what you came up with for my fake pet name?"

"It's not like I can use your real pet name, Wondy," he pointed out. "And while there are several other things I would love to call you, they're not entirely appropriate for a public meeting place."

Elbow resting on top of the center counsel, she let her head relax against her hand. "Like what?"

He mimed zipping his lips. "I'd tell you, but it'd be a bad idea to get smacked while I'm driving."

"That bad, huh?" she raised an eyebrow. "On second thought, I'm not sure if I wanna know what's going through that head of yours, Roy Harper."

"A wise decision," he agreed with a nod. Donna turned up the radio as a song she liked came on, but Roy continued to watch her out of the corner of his eye. Wow, was she beautiful, and she kissed better than any girl he'd ever made out with before—being raised by Green Arrow, that was saying a lot. Her skin was the softest thing he'd ever felt and goddamn if it didn't put ideas in his head that were anything but useful right now.

She seemed to notice him watching her instead of the road, winking one big blue eye in his direction. Roy resumed his concentration on driving, telling himself that getting through the mission was what was most important, and if he got to kiss her again in the process, well it was one hell of a job perk.

They decided to park a little ways away from the cult house, not wanting to scare them with a bright red Mustang pulling up their driveway. Roy got out and pocketed the keys while Donna checked her make up in the vanity mirror. "C'mon already, you're perfect. Let's go."

"Perfect?" she confirmed, sliding out of the car.

He watched her legs as she closed the door behind her, grabbing her purse out of the backseat. Was it really fair for the male population of the world for her to have legs like that? Maybe the fact all the Amazons stayed on Paradise Island was a pity move. "Absolutely perfect."

Neither of them had realized how close they were standing until she turned around, chest knocking into his. Roy used this closeness to his advantage, resting his hands on her perfect hips as he kissed her perfect lips. Donna stepped even closer as he nibbled her bottom lip affectionately before she dove in with her tongue.

He seemed to like this, especially as she locked her arms around his neck. His skillful hands stroked her sides. She finally pulled away, leaning against the door of the convertible. "Roy," Donna breathed against his lips, in an attempt to knock sense into both of them. Of course, when he took it as an eager invitation to kiss her again, she didn't object. Instead her leg rubbed against his, at one point wrapping around it in an effort to pull him closer.

After a few more minutes of being completely entranced by each other, Donna leaned back again. "Look, we really should go," her hands rested on his shoulders, gently pushing him away. "We're both loaded with cameras and mics," she added in a whisper. "They're probably taping this whole thing."

Roy stepped back, running a hand over his head. "I'm glad we took that minute to get back in character."

"Right," she nodded, then leaned back in the car to look in the mirror. "You ruined my lipstick, now I'm not perfect anymore."

His eyes ran up and down her body. "I do beg to differ."

Still, he waited a moment for her to put on more lip-gloss before the two headed towards the cult house. It was only a few minute walk, but it felt longer with the raging tension between them. There was no one around as they approached the front porch; the aura was mildly creepy. Donna's hand sought Roy's, lacing her fingers through his. He squeezed back comfortingly before knocking on the door and waiting for whatever decided to greet them.

"You there! Freeze!"

Beast Boy jumped off of Raven's shoulder, skittering up a nearby tree like a normal squirrel would. The empath slowly turned to see a taller woman, clothed in a toga like her, though it wasn't nearly as well wrapped. "You're new here, aren't you?" the woman asked, narrowing her eyes. Raven simply nodded. "What group are you in?"

Group? There were groups? "Um…beta?" she offered.

She sighed. "Of course. Evangeline can hardly keep track of herself let alone a group. Well, follow me."

Raven walked behind the woman, who was large enough to be an Amazon, if without the hourglass figure. Something was crawling up her leg and she managed to hold back a scream when she realized it was Beast Boy. He had transformed into a lizard, deciding to use her as an easier mode of transportation than his stubby legs. She'd get back at him later.

She was led around the back of the house, where another group of girls were kneeling in a grassy area, eyes closed. The woman stood behind a younger one, who seemed to be leading them and cleared her throat loudly.

The young woman on the group jumped in surprise, looking up at the figure towering over her. "Katharine! Look, Betas, it's Katharine! What can we do for you?"

Katharine grabbed Raven's arm, yanking her in front. "Evangeline, you lost another one of your group members."

"I did?" She looked wide-eyed at Raven, who did her best to appear abandoned. "Sorry…"

"If you keep this up, you will be in trouble," Katharine warned. "And you know what that means."

Evangeline gulped. "It won't! I promise."

The older woman turned around with a snort. "Yeah, I've heard that before."

"I think it's the perfect time to break for lunch," the group leader announced, pushing a lock of her blonde hair behind her ears. Everyone started to stand up, when she yelled, "Wait! Let me do a head count."

Raven sighed, waiting until Evangeline went through the group four times, then followed them into the house, ignoring the inane ramblings of the leaders apologies. In what she guessed to be the dining area there was a long table set out buffet style, piled with Greek food. Her stomach rumbled and she basked in the feeling of a meal without fighting over carnivore vs. herbivore habits as she piled gyros onto a plate and sat in one of the nearby chairs.

Picking one up towards her mouth, she took a large bite as her eyes scanned the room, taking everything in. It was then she noticed three girls approaching her. One was tall, with a model's body and perfect mocha skin, another shorter, but pretty and blonde. The third, and apparent leader was about her height with dark red hair, but a wide smile in her direction. Raven wondered, after spending so much time with Starfire, Bumblebee and Wonder Girl if the prettiest girls in the room just knew she was used to feeling inferior.

"Hi," the redhead greeted her, smile not leaving her lovely face.

Raven swallowed hard. "I'm sorry, did I forget to say grace?"

The trio laughed, taking the seats around her. "You're funny!" the redhead gushed. "We just wanted to introduce ourselves. We're three original beta members, soon moving on to the temple of Aphrodite. I'm Aleta, this is Ledell and Daphne."

"I'm Ra…chel."

Ledell, the dark woman blinked in surprise. "You haven't gotten your new name yet? You really must be new."

"Oh, freshmen are so cute!" Daphne grinned.

She twitched at being called cute, then once again as Beast Boy started crawling back down her leg. Pasting a fake smile on her face, she resisted the urge to step on the lizard or swat him as he turned into a fly, orbiting her head before heading off towards other parts of the house. "Thank you for your kindness," she told them, trying to seem sincere.

Aleta didn't even stop smiling when she took a sip of her water. "We really love to welcome new members. Some of them are hesitant at first and we want to share all our knowledge with them to assure them they've made the right decision."

"Really?" A real smirk spread over Raven's face. She pretended to scratch an itch, adjusting her mic to pick up the best reception. "Go ahead. I'd love to know anything you want to share."

Cyborg and Bumblebee had claimed one of the communication rooms to watch the video monitors and record anything important. "Looks like Rae's got an inside here," he noted, taking a bite of a sub sandwich.

Bee reached over to press the record button, hearing the tape click into place and the whirring begin. "And now we'll know everything they do."

He stretched, folding his arms behind his head. "Yeah. For once I'm glad to be inconspicuous. We got the easy job."

"I dunno, Sparky," she grinned. "You just wouldn't be the same if you fit in with everyone else."

"Yeah, well…Why do you insist on calling me that?"

"Because I can."

Cyborg examined the contents on the monitors in front of him before murmuring, "Victor."

She frowned at him. "Huh?"

"Victor," he told her firmly. "My name is Victor Stone. Or just Vic. I figured with 'Dick' and 'Kory' all up on the real name thing, it's the least I can do." With a smile, he held out a mechanical hand to her.

"Karen," she took his hand, shaking it solidly. "So, Stone, huh?" She rolled her eyes. "Wow, you were so creative with your H.I.V.E codename."

Victor frowned. "Hey, those things are hard to come up with! What's your last name?"

Taking a moment to clear her throat, Karen mumbled, "Beecher…"

"BEEcher, huh?" He grinned righteously.

She scowled at him, taking that moment to steal his sandwich and taking a large bite out of it. "Yeah, Karen Beecher. You got a problem with that?"

Grin fading into a slight smile, he leaned back in his chair. "Not a problem. No problem at all."

Meanwhile, in another part of the Tower, namely the Great Room, Robin was sitting in front of the mainframe computer, staring the smaller screen intently. Starfire came up behind him, placing a can of soda near his hand and he smiled his thanks at her. When she sat on his lap in lieu of a second chair, he smiled even wider. "Thanks, Kory."

"You are welcome, Dick. Please, what have you learned?" Her green eyes watched him intently.

He sighed, wrapping an arm around her waist to steady her. "Nothing good. A lot of this stuff is, unfortunately, written in Greek. Donna taught me some of it years ago, but there's no way I can read this."

"So, I guess the work your friend did was for nothing," Star commented, voice a tad cold.

"Oh, no, I did find out some useful things, and their budget is downloading now, that'll be a great help. Babs did good." He felt her stiffen. "Something wrong?"

She shook her head, red hair moving. "No. Nothing is wrong." For a minute they sat in silence, Dick enjoying his new girlfriend's company. "So…she is what you would call an ex?"

Behind his mask, Robin blinked at her in surprise. "Babs? And me? No way. It was just a crush. Puppy love." Kory did not seem comforted by this. "She was always too old for me. Plus…she…she used to baby-sit me."

"Baby-sit?" Kory frowned. "We do not have this term on Tamaran. Is it something dirty?"

Dick choked on his soda. "No, nothing like that! Like…when I was too young to stay by myself and Bruce and Alfred had to go out, she would watch me. Make sure I didn't hurt myself and stayed out of trouble."

The Tamaranean brightened up. "Oh! A knorfka!"

"To a lesser extent…" he mumbled, face turning red. Kory smiled at the admission, leaning down and kissing his lips happily. He returned her affections eagerly, other arm coming to wrap around her so he could hold her in his arms.

Then the computer beeped, indicating that the file had downloaded. Dick pulled away slowly, leaving a pouting Starfire in his wake. "Sorry." He truly was. "This needs to get done."

With a sigh she nodded, resting her head against his as her strong hands attempted to massage the tension out of his shoulders. Robin's right arm extracted itself from around her in order to use the mouse. "This isn't right…" he muttered to himself. "It can't be."

"What is it?" his girlfriend asked.

"They have money. A lot of it. And most of it is going to a fund called 'Other.' What could they be spending millions of dollars on? Where could they be getting all of that?" Dick narrowed his eyes at the screen, silently willing it to display the answers he so preferred.

"Theft, perhaps?" Kory suggested. "Maybe a line of credit?"

He closed his eyes for a moment, running a hand through his hair. "I don't know. Possibly. Whatever it is, it seems that they should need money for whatever they're trying to fund. Hopefully Donna and Roy get in there and learn something." His arm tightened around Kory's waist. "Otherwise we could be in trouble."

The door opened not a minute later. It seemed to be your normal fraternity boy at a toga party; except that most of them didn't have toga parties in the middle of the day and they'd generally be carrying a beer instead of a bottle of water. "Yeah?"

"Hi," Donna said, flirting lightly. "We're looking for the Gaian Ministers. We do have the right place, right?"

He looked her up and down, definitely seeming interested. "Yeah, gorgeous, you found the—" Roy cleared his throat, eyes narrowing behind his sunglasses. "I mean, no, sorry, wrong place." Taking a moment to unscrew the top off his water and take a long gulp, he let his eyes linger over the brunette for a last time before starting to shut the door.

"I knew they wouldn't go for a walk-in," Roy scoffed. "I'll just have to take my money elsewhere."

The door flew open again. "Money?"

Donna batted her eyes at him. "Yeah. We were hoping to join as financial backers, seeing as we don't go to this school."

He looked back and forth between the couple. "What kind of money?"

Roy took off his sunglasses with a roll of his eyes. "Ever heard of Queen Industries?" The frat boy nodded. "I'm the owner's son."

His brown eyes widened. "Oh, man. Uh, well, actually, Lord Fury should be here. I can take you to meet him. If he's not busy. C'mon in." Stepping aside, he allowed the Titans to enter the house, leading them back towards an elevator opposite the stairs. As the doors opened, he smiled at Donna. "Ladies first."

Wonder Girl walked in as Roy grabbed the boy's arm "Listen man. We might be around a lot, so keep your hands off my girl," he growled. "Got it?"

"Yeah, man. Got it." They rode to the top floor, which opened into a lobby of some such. Two large, golden double doors stood opposite them. The brother whispered to someone at a receptionist desk, who regarded them suspiciously. Suddenly, his eyes also widened in surprise; they decided he had just heard who the red-haired man in the room was.

"I'll contact him right away," the receptionist said and the frat boy excused himself. After a minute of talking rapidly on the phone in Greek, he nodded towards the duo. "Go right in. Lord Fury is expecting you."

Roy wrapped a comforting arm around Donna, pulling one of the gold doors open and walking into the suite. It was extremely luxurious, with large pillows placed on the floor, non-fluorescent lighting, and a light hint of lavender in the air. To the redhead, it seemed more like the gathering for a harem than a business room.

In a large throne, sat a man in his forties: pale skin, grey hair, muscular build, and an eye patch of his left eye. To his left where a young man playing with fire—they could only guess he was the one giving the Titans all the trouble—and a blonde who Roy very clearly remembered. On the Lord's far right was the woman with long, white hair, but right next to the chair was an older teenager with messy brown hair and what seemed like a perpetual scowl. "Hello," the grey-haired man greeted them. "I'm Lord Fury."

"I'm Donna Troy, and this is my boyfriend, Roy Harper," she introduced them.

"Harper?" Fury raised an eyebrow. "I thought you were Oliver Queen's son."

"Adopted son," Roy corrected with a wicked grin. "Doesn't mean I get any less money."

A smirk came to the Lord's face. "Well, then. Please, take a seat." He gestured to the floor of pillows in front of him, and the pair chose an extra large cushion to rest on. "Now, what has interested you in our…affairs?"

"I've always believed in the Greek Parthenon," Donna spoke up, voice ringing with sincerity. "It was how my parents raised me. They're dead now, but I've never lost those beliefs. When I heard about this organization, I was thrilled to know I wasn't alone."

Fury nodded, seeming to accept this response before turning his attention to Roy. "And you?"

He kissed Donna's cheek affectionately. "I go anywhere my girl goes. I guess if I was blessed enough by Aphrodite to have her, the least I can do is thank the goddess by following your teachings." He looked Fury straight in the eye. "And I've always felt that money can help say thank you for anything."

The man nodded slowly. "I see. A wise notion in this current society. But if you don't mind me asking…how much money are we talking about here?"

"How much do you want?"

"Really? And what does Queen think about this?"

Roy snorted. "He said it was stupid, but I don't care what he says. He doesn't control me anymore. Never cared, never will. As long as I have access to his cash, I'm fine. He won't notice anyway. Didn't even blink when I bought myself a car." Donna stared at her friend, wondering how much of this statement was his true feelings.

With a slow nod, Fury smiled. "Well, then. I think you'd both fit in perfectly here. When you can come, of course. But I would like to ask but one more question. Have either of you ever heard of the Gaian Elixirs?"

The redhead shook his head, expecting his girlfriend to do the same, but she nodded. "Yes, I have."

"You never told me about that, honey…" He attempted to shoot her a look to shut her up.

"It was the Gods' safety device. When the world had finally reached its breaking point, the Elixirs are gathered and the Gods can restart the Earth they worked so hard to create and shape," she explained.

Fury smiled, reaching for a golden goblet and draining it. "Excellent." He held the cup in front of the boy to his right. "Lance, go fill this up for me." The young man grunted in response, but took the goblet and went to the side where a bottle of wine was sitting while the other assistants snickered.

"What would you think if I told you that in this room is everyone you need to collect the Elixirs?" the Lord questioned. Donna and Roy both looked over to the brown-haired man, realizing he must be the one for the Earth Elixir. "And we decided we were going to end the world."

Donna looked at him with shining eyes. "Really? Oh, I wouldn't agree with you more! The world needs to go back to the simple beauty the Gods created it as!" Roy looked at Donna, trying to hide his surprise; she was a better actor than he had thought. And all day she had been kissing him….was that pretend too? He shook the notion out of his head and surveyed the Lord closely.

The young man returned with a full goblet. "Here, Uncle Nick."

"That's Lord Fury, you…!" His one eye looked dangerously down at the kid. "If I didn't still need you for the Earth Elixir…not to mention you being my sister's son…"

"Can I ask why, sir?" Roy questioned suddenly.

"Why what?"

"Why you plan on ending the world."

He looked closely at the redheaded teenager. "The world is in turmoil, child. Greed and corruption rule nations all across Gaia's Earth, destroying it. Our dear planet is literally falling apart at our fingertips. People are confused with this new trend of monotheism, without paying the proper respect to the Gods who brought us to where we are." Fury took another sip of his wine. "With all this going on, why should we bring our Parthenon back to their glory days?"

Roy gulped, the intense words almost scaring him. "Um, right. Yeah, that's what I thought too. Just making sure."

Lord Fury looked at the two teenagers in front of him. "I think you two are going to fit in perfectly fine here."

Beast Boy continued as a fly throughout the house until he came to what was obviously a computer lab. Sneaking it, he made sure the coast was clear before turning back into a human. Choosing a monitor that was far away from the door, he started looking through the files, thankful that whoever used the computer last had forgotten to log out.

"Okay, let's see what we got here." He clicked on the first file he saw 'New Projects.' "Let's see what this is." It just looked homework for him. Poorly written homework.

Another file caught his attention. "Weapons?" He double clicked on it, and a file of pictures opened up. "No way…" The pictures were all of different missiles and warheads, something he doubted was for homework. "Robin's gotta see this!"

He looked around the area before finding a wheel of CD-Rs. "Ha. I'm just gonna borrow one of these…" Bringing it to his station, he slipped it in and started copying everything to it.

Beast Boy didn't even realize when the door opened behind him. "Hey!" someone shouted. "Who are you?"

"It's a Teen Titan!" another boy identified.

"Sorry, no autographs guys, I'm outta here!" Beast Boy grabbed the disc, turning into a small monkey and maneuvering himself out of the room and down the stairs. "Raven!" he called. "Let's get out of here!"

The dark girl ran out of an adjacent room, followed by a flock of shocked girls. "Alright, c'mon." Her dark aura enveloped them as they disappeared from the house.

Fury was discussing the rules of the house when the receptionist from before burst in. "I'm sorry to interrupt sir, but…" He started whispering furiously in the Lord's ear.

"WHAT!" He roared.

Donna blinked at him. "Is anything wrong?"

"It seems…" he spoke tersely, "that the Teen Titans have managed to infiltrate the house."

"The who now?" she asked.

Fury frowned. "The Teen Titans. You've never heard of them?"

Roy interrupted quickly. "She isn't from a place with any superheroes. I've heard of the Teen Titans, but that's because of Green Arrow and Speedy in Star City."

"Yes, well," the Lord looked very tense. "Perhaps you should leave now. I think we need to work on the…security here."

"Right, of course," the redhead got to his feet, pulling Donna up with him. "I'll just leave you my cell phone number and you can contact me whenever."

Lord Fury gave his receptionist a look. The flustered man turned to the teens. "Right, right. Just leave it on the desk outside."

"Thank you for your time today, Lord Fury." Donna bowed. "We hope to hear from you soon." The two Titans left quickly, Roy scribbling down a fake number on the desk before they sought refuge in the elevator.

Not two minutes later they were sitting in the convertible, breathing hard and laughing about how they'd gotten away with it. "That was amazing!" Donna gushed. "You played the part of the spoiled rich boy very well."

"Who was playing?" he grinned. "You were great. I almost believed you." Roy stretched, arm resting behind her chair as he leaned close to her. "I think we should get rewarded for all our good work. I know a little spot where we can park and just watch the ocean…"

Donna blushed, but definitely looked interested. "That sounds like fun…" She leaned closer to him, so their lips were almost together. "Let's g-"

Speedy's Teen Titan communicator going off interrupted her. Roy growled in annoyance, flipping the screen open and glaring at Robin. "What!"

"Beast Boy and Raven were spotted. You need to come back now."

"…right now?"

"Yes, Roy, now!" Robin ordered. Speedy sighed, "Yeah, whatever, we'll be there." He closed the communicator.

"Don't worry, we can take a rain check," Donna assured him.

He smiled at her, putting his sunglasses back on. "Count on it." After a quick kiss to his partner, Roy started the car and they set off towards the Tower.

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