Title: The Bottom Line

Author: Stormy1x2

Fandom: Married With Children

Notes: Kelly POV on her brother Bud. Takes place after S4, ep18 – What Goes Around, Comes Around. I love this show and felt like doing at least a short story for it. I may have to do more, especially if there's an audience for it.

Sunday October 23, 2005


"Stridex humper!"

Kelly shouted her last insult through her bedroom door, a small chuckle escaping her as she heard Bud's amused snort. Their back-and-forth banter was almost a nightly ritual after over fifteen years. With a final giggle, Kelly grabbed her pyjama's off the floor and got changed for bed.

It was rare that she was home at night. Usually her, ahem social life kept her out to all hours of the night and in some cases, well into the following day, but she felt like sticking close to home tonight. Just the night before had been the Homecoming Dance, where her baby brother had been tormented yet again by a female. That morning had been dedicated to revenge, Kelly-style. Heather McCoy never knew what hit her.

Some might say stringing up a girl to a locker, naked but for a towel attached to a leash held by her dog, and then summoning the dog just before the first bell rang for class, was a harsh punishment for the pantsing and underwear-dangling of her brother, who was by all females definition, a geek of the highest order.


Bud was a Bundy. More then that, he was her baby brother, and though he was a first class pain, an over-stimulated pervert, and the first to go vouyering at the window of their next-door neighbour, he was still a member of her family, and therefore HERS to torment, not the spandex-clad masses of the highschool.

Besides, she could a few times when Bud had prevented her from doing stupid things, like the time she mistook the Mr Clean for orange juice, or when she was stuck on her homework and Bud did it for her.

There was no denial about it - he was a grubby, greasy, grabby little toad who would probably be single all his life. Heather was absolutely right when she said Bud was a loser. Bud even deserved what had happened to him, especially after Kelly had warned him about the two faces of female-dom. But ultimately, it didn't matter.

Bud was her brother. And that really was the bottom line.