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Chapter 23

Tears …

'The end, Sel, be a realist," Selina said to herself staring at Maya's crosier above her. She felt so weak and broken and just needed someone's protection … But the help could come too late or not to come at all. For the first time in her life Selin Cale – great leader of the troop 'C' gave up … Maybe she didn't want to suffer anymore. Still when vampiress was ready to die, a familiar voice shook her up:

"Maya! What're you doing!"

It was Terri Descartes; both women didn't know how he got here and were surprised with his appearing.

"Terri, my darling, I thought you're at home, waiting for me," Maya smiled charmingly, or as charming as she could, imagining all these blood on her. Terri looked at the cage then at Selina, lying on the floor and back at Maya:

"Are you crazy! Release Valdemar and others now!"

"Sure, but only after they'll put their signs on the pact."

"Pact? What pact?"

"Just simple paper, don't mind, my love," she embraced him and started kissing furiously, but then stopped and stared into his silver orbs:

"Terri, be a good boy, kill this miserable wench, please."

"Cale? Maya, were you two fighting?"

Selina tried to sit not giving attention to pain:

"She lies, Terri! She captured older men and … you shouldn't believe her!" woman said firmly, almost pleadingly.

Maya kissed Descartes full of mouth, without giving him a chance to speak. Terri pushed her softly and lowered on knees near Sel:

"And why should I believe you?"

"Because … she has already lied to you! Tell him Maya, tell him how you killed Hanna!"

"How did you …"

"Victor told me! Hey, Valdemar! You heard this, too, didn't you?"

Valdemar nodded and exchanged quiet commentaries with older men.

"Is it true, Maya?" Terri asked in a 'dead' tone. Everyone waited Maya to deny everything, but she just laughed like … she was mad and didn't control herself.

"Yes, I killed this fool. Hanna was on my away and I took her away. And now you're mine. So be a good boy, Terri, finish with her!" Fern threw him a crosier and crossed arms on her chest, staring at him in impatient. Terri squeezed the crosier in his hands:

"Yes, Maya, I belong to you …"

"Terri, no!" pleaded Selin, who didn't want to die like that, when Maya stays a winner.

Descartes made few steps in her direction, but then faced to Maya and pierced himself with the sharp side of the crosier. Blood appeared in his mouth almost immediately, still he found strength to walk to his girlfriend and embrace her tightly, pressing her closer, so they both were on one crosier, in each other's blood.

"Terri, you bastard, what've you done! Let me go!" Maya screamed, trying to release, but Terri hold her firmly.

"This you wanted, Maya, we're together … forever …"

"NO-O-O-O-O!" Word 'no' was the last word Selina heard from Maya; Woman was just looking at the fire, burning the couple like unpleasant memory.

"Goodbye, Terri, you were a great older man, really …" Sel whispered sadly and then raised from the floor.

"Hey, miss Cale! Haven't you forgotten something?" Valdemar shouted from the cage.

"Aha, I'll release you … wait, for a moment …" she said and lost conscious.

While Selin was helping older men, Van Helsing was suffering from the moon's activity. Sky was still dark, but if it clears, Gabriel will be in big trouble because he hadn't take tranquilizers. Besides it he got lost …

All corridors looked the same and most of the rooms, too.

'Where's everybody …' he thought, tired from searching. Finally hunter's werewolf–sensors felt the scent of other creatures … Van Helsing hurried on the scent and met with Angelica, holding Diana, and… Dracula.


"Hello, Gabriel," count smirked in his usual manner. Angelic looked at Gabriel and then back at Vladislaus with fear:

"Gentlemen, relax, we can solve our discords peacefully, can't we?"

"Not on your eyes, milady," Vlad said, smiling, then turned into his hell-beast form, grabbed Van Helsing by shoulders and carried him away through the window to the roof, where they started fighting. The moon was shining in all her might, transforming Gabriel into a werewolf. Enemies were inflicting painful hits on each other, not noticing older men and unconscious Selina.

"Ready to lose?"

"I've killed you twice and I'll kill you again!"

"Still when will you understand that it's impossible to kill the one who's already dead?"

"You destroy everything I love!"

"Really? Aha, you fell for Selin, don't you?"

"Yes, I love her!"

Dracula laughed wickedly, turning into normal for a moment, while broken Gabriel was laying nearby.

"She'll never be yours; she loves me and by the way … inviting you to our marriage, my friend."

Werewolf roared and threw himself on hateful vampire. Vlad just hadn't time to react, feeling sharp claws, tearing his neck. Dark blood covered the floor and the sound of fight awoke Selina. She shook up and saw Gabriel, licking up his wounds and her lovely count in the sea of his own blood.

"Vlad, no!" Sel screamed, hot tears filled her eyes. She cried less and quite seldom in her life, but this time she couldn't control herself.

"Vlad, please, I'm begging you …"

Dracula tried to smile, caressing her face lovingly:

"What are these tears for? Don't cry, my love …"

"Don't leave me; we … were going to marry …'

"Forgive me, Sel, maybe next time …"

"Vlad, don't even think of death! I love you …" she whispered and put head on his chest, squeezing cloth of his shirt all wet of blood and her tears. Vladislaus' hand ran through her hair:

"I have to leave you for some time, but I'll be back … Even God with devil won't be able to stop me on my way to you, my queen."

"Vlad, please, don't say so … I need you now, I always need you …"

"I love you, Selin …"

"No! Please, please! No!" she cried, kissing his cold lips before he turned into ash. "No! No! Vlad!"

Meanwhile Gabriel changed into normal and was looking at Selina sobbing for Dracula; he felt a prick of jealous mixed with regret.

"Calm down, Sel, he's gone," Van Helsing wanted to embrace her, but herd only:

"Don't touch me … You killed the man I loved … Why is it so unfair? Why does everyone I fell in love with leave me? Or I'm not worthy for happiness?"

She suddenly saw a crosier, left from Maya and Terri; it wasn't damaged at all; Selin took it and directed on Gabriel:

"I'll kill, you, bastard … I'll kill you …" she sobbed bitterly, her hands were shaking and the crosier fell on the floor as she followed.

"Sel, it's my job … "

"Don't say anything … Get out … Older men will kill you when I release them … Hurry up …"

"I'll come back ..."

"You, too? Go!"

Van Helsing nodded and followed her advice as Lady Sylvia unlocked the cage finally. Older men walked to Selina:

"Not in time, Maya and Terri died; you might have problems with the other older men, Valdemar …" Luka said seriously, but Valdemar wasn't listening, he embraced Sel, calming her.

"Just think, Valdemar, count is dead, too, and the whole world will riot! We must gather older men!" Lady Sylvia agreed with werewolf.

"Shut up, old bores. See, Selin suffered more than we …" he replied firmly.

"They're right, Valdemar, vampires need you, don't leave us in such hard times …"

"I don't think I can … I just don't know anything …"

"10th of March.

The world changed after Dracula's death. Younger generation rebelled against the older men and leaders of rebellions were destroyed. Lady Sylvia and her retinue told the prediction about my daughter and about the sooner Apocalypses. Their words scared nobility and everyone who objected lost their positions. First Luka with allies, Irvin even said they were killed, and then Valdemar.

Yes, Valdemar couldn't control the situation in the Council, he lost and the crown was separated between three powerful older men. And these three declared my family 'out of law'. The great hunt started.

Selin was no more the leader of troop 'C' and denoted her life to my daughter's saving. She looks so miserable … Poor girl, it's like a curse upon her – all men she loved – died. John, too, soldiers of the Council wanted to be sure no traces of Terri's strange activity left. Kiara returned to Fellan and they both work to help Diana. Van Helsing also helps, but continues working on the Holy Order. He believes someday he and Selina will be together. I don't know actually, only Vina has the gift of prescience in my family. Well, no matter what will happen in future when Diana reaches the age of twenty, but I'm her mother and I'll protect her from everything …"

Angelica Sabine Maple