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Summary: Basically Draco torturing Harry with some Hades added in ;) but believe it or not, there is dialogue. And what's with Harry? Does he really hate Draco like he says he does? And aren't you kinda supposed to hate someone who is torturing you?

Ah, yes, and warnings so people can't bitch at me and say I didn't warn them: Hades does appear in this story (a warning all in itself if you know Hades from another story of mine, Even the Light can Die out, which, in fact, has not been abandoned) and there's most obviously torture, probably some sort of blood bath (and for Christ's sake, don't read this if this is apt to trigger you) and mention of, and perhaps a little, rape. And language. And sadists all around, because everyone loves sadists. And some OOC characters, too, probably, cuz Draco (sadly) isn't a sadist/sociopath in the HP series. And slash, not telling you who with. Lastly: VERY DARK, VERY SADISTIC, VERY BLOODY, VERY DISTURBING. Probably. How would I know? I love this stuff. Try it out yourself.

Moving on, the first and final disclaimer: I don't own the character of Draco or Harry, and any other HP character that might appear in the future, but Hades is all mine, as is the plot, maybe several other choice things. ASK FIRST if you want to use any part of this story, I'll say yes, so just ask, or I'll sue, k?


Personally, I think that watching the terror, the panic, build in your victim's face is essential to enjoying screwing someone's life over to the fullest. Watching their face as the knowledge that no, this isn't a sick, sick joke, and no, I won't stop, I won't ever stop, and no, you won't go until I say you can go, and that could be forever.

Just like I watched Harry Potter's face as I slid a large butcher knife from its sheath upon my Wall. I didn't need to look as I did this. Practice makes perfect.

I could see his eyes flicking from me to the multitude of weapons behind me. Those beautiful green eyes were defiant, daring me to come closer, daring me to think he was afraid. Oh, he was afraid. I know the signs. He may not have been trembling, but the very fact that he was this defiant meant that there was something behind all that bravery there was something he wanted to hide, from me, from himself.

"Kill me and The Order will find my body, and they will know it's you. Do you hear me? They'll murder you, Malfoy. I'd rethink this if I were you."

But of course he wasn't gagged. Gags muffle the screams, and I would never want that. I have waited so long to hear The Boy Who Lived cry out in pain.

I laugh. "Such courage! I always love a challenge. But you're wrong, in so many ways, you're wrong." I saw him frown, but wait for what I had to say. Curiosity. I sigh. "One, I'm Draco Malfoy. I don't get caught. Ever. Two. If I wanted to kill you, there would be very little left to find, and what they would find would be unrecognizable to anyone. Three. I'm not going to kill you, Potter."

I watched the question form on his lips. Whatever he had been expecting, that hadn't been it. "What?"

I studied his face, thinking. "How to explain this to you… well, I'll try. Life is precious, Potter, best believe it is."

"Then what the fuck are you – "

I pressed the flat of the blade to his lips, and he fell silent. "Don't interrupt." I held it there while I spoke, knowing it was cold to the touch, and it would silence him properly.

Hades chose that exact moment to kick down the door so that Harry's head whipped around to see him, and casually walked in. "I miss anything?" he said, taking in the sight of Harry chained to the wall by his wrists.

I scowled at him. "Way to be dramatic, Hades, nicely done. And you're early, as you well know."

He shrugged, grinning, and leaned against the wall, settling in to watch. "Well I didn't want to miss the show."

"I don't want an audience," I hissed.

Hades held up his hands. "Go on, go on, I promise not to interrupt."

"Who's he?" Harry asked, wary of the newcomer.

I slapped him, rocking his head, blood beginning to trickle out of a corner of his mouth. "Fuck!" he gasped, shaking his head as if to shake off the pain. "How the Hell did you do that?"

"Later," I snarled. "You will listen to me because I am trying to fucking cram this explanation into your head, and you will ignore him! Is that understood?"

Shocked, he nodded dumbly.

"Good," I said, satisfied. I'd scared him. There was a look in his eyes, a new look, and I knew he wouldn't interrupt again. "Now don't you see, Potter? Murder is meaningless unless it absolutely must be done, and not for pleasure. There's no point to it, no lasting reward. What I do is so much more. What I do is for life, and so much more satisfying. Besides you've been asking for this for a long time."

"What did I do to you?" Harry asked, and he had a slightly disoriented look, as if the slap had been that strong. I knew it had been. Demons are infinitely stronger than humans, plain and simple. "If this is about those stupid fights at Hogwarts – "

I cut him off. "It's not, and I'm tired of talking."

I watched emotions and urges flicker across his face. That part in most of us that wants to beg, tell them, I'll do anything, just stop, just stop. The urge to struggle, run away, anything but hang in his chains and take it. Anger, stubbornness, defiance, but mostly, just good old fear. Horror, if you like, or terror. But he wouldn't beg, Gryffindor pride, and all of that. No, not this one.

"You were always different," I say tenderly, licking a long line down his cheek. He shivered, and it wasn't just with fear. "Don't disappoint me, Harry."

He frowned slightly, in confusion.

"He means you had better take a while to break," Hades translated.

"Oh, Merlin," Harry whispered.

"The keys, Hades." I had known Hades would join us. He was never one to miss out on a bloodbath.

Hades tossed them, and I knew he was grinning. "You'd better save some for me."

I grinned back, caught them in one hand, and we had one of those perfect moments of understanding, anticipation, and dark desires.


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