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So, in the end, Harry got fucked by a butcher knife, anyhow, even though he didn't do anything wrong. And of course, before that, he was raped, except by Hades, not by a knife. Along with Hades making Harry come while Harry found out that even if his mind said no, his body was only too willing. He even got Harry to cry out his name.

Harry finally sat up, still probably dizzy from the amount of pleasure Hades had given him, but determined to not lie there the rest of the night.

We sat back; each covered in blood, and more, and watched. Harry stood up. I held my breath.

"You win, you dirty bastards," Harry said coldly. He was covered in his own blood, some of mine, much of Hades', with several minor wounds, internal bleeding, had experienced more trauma then almost everyone goes through their entire life. And the potions had worn off, so he saw Hades like I might, and all of the pain, everything, was first in his mind. He remembered everything.

Hades stretched languidly, still naked, and asked lazily, "How so?" Afterglow. Except a thousand times more than what a human would get, and who knows what went on inside his head.

Harry sighed. "Look." He sat down in front of us, and stared at us. "And don't call me Harry. Harry is sitting in the farthest depths of this mind, in shock. He does not exist right now." He smiled humorlessly. "But I do."

His eyes were cold, blank. Empty of thought and emotion. Full only of endless possibilities for us.

A new Harry. Multiple Personality Disorder, or Dissasociative Identity Disorder, as they are calling it now. Though I wouldn't limit it only to that, and there was room for small print.

"We broke you," I said softly. I stared at those eyes, and saw finally and clearly what I'd been waiting for: No one was home, and no one was ever going to return home.

I turned to Hades, and we grinned for what must have been the thousandth time that night. The sharp slap of a high five echoed throughout the dungeon.

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