Christmas Carols Inspired by the Winx and Associates

Summary: Christmas carols inspired by the Winx themselves, Specialists and Witches. Perhaps I'll throw in a few teachers and pixies. I hope you like these because they take a while to think up.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Winx Club (if I did their clothes and shoes would be so much better- and less revealing) and I don't own the original songs. Just the new lyrics.

First song: There's a Santa who Looks a lot Like Riven (poor Santa)

Sung to the Tune of: It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

There's a Santa who looks a lot like Riven.

Cherry hair, scowl and all.

Take a look at that angry man.

Sittin' in Santa's chair and you'll see he isn't that jolly man at all.

There's a Santa who looks a lot like Riven.

Glaring at me know.

'Cause I sat in his lap

And I decided to take his beard off.

Now the weirdest sight to see.

Is the scene that will be,

That Santa wanna be chasin' me around the mall.

I dodged him at Nine West, then at Payless, and at Sephora too.

But at Star Bucks I ran out of luck because Riven wanted a cappuccino too.

We got as far as Build a bear and then the little girls too began to glare.

When a riot began there and then I ran off again.

I bet the boys at Red Fountain and the Winx girls can't wait to hear of,

where Riven's been.

That Santa who looks a lot like Riven.

Is sitting in his plush chair again

And I saw Musa in line

So I can't wait to see what'll happen then

That Santa who looks a lot like Riven

Just got revealed again.

By his fairy girl friend who pulled off his beard

And things got really weird.

I think Riven will soon go around the bend.

The end.

Well, of this song, tell me what you think. I believe I may try to do Silent Night next with the Trix. Now that's comedy! Click on the pretty blue box and donate your time. And Hawk I really don't know where or how I come up with this- but it could be my complete lack of sanity.