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"Ok I don't care what you say, there is nothing scarier then being in a laundry place with creepy old guys with yellow or missing teeth gawking at you," Abby tells her two older brothers as she walks into the motel room with bags of clean and folded clothes.

Abby sets down her bags on the brown wooden table and takes a sip out of the coffee left on the table. She looks over to see her brothers just staring at her. "What," She asked with a mouth full of donut.

"You ever heard of a note," Abby stared at her brother while she swallows her food.

"Yes and I left a note in the bathroom above the toilet seat," She told them sitting down on one of the unmade beds. Sam raised an eyebrow at her as the other brother went into the bathroom to find a note above the toilet.

Dean grabbed the note and walked into the main part of the room, holding the note up at his baby sister. "Why would you leave a note above the toilet?" asked Sam as he took the note from his brother. Abby took a sip of her coffee and swallowed the rest of her donut.

"Because that is the first place Dean goes when he wakes up in the morning," She told them with a smile on her face. Her brothers just stared at her. They then looked at each other before laughing a little bit.

"You know she's right," Dean said as he set down on the bed next to Abby.

"Abby did I ever tell you that you are very strange girl," Sam said as he to set next to his sister. She smiled at them and threw her arms around their necks.

"Yes ever wonder what two knuckle head taught me?" She asked them as she took off running outside with her brothers following her. Abby ran back inside the motel room and jumped on the bed.

"Ha I beat you guys again," She yelled at them as she fell down on the bed. Dean and Sam walked back in and laughed at her.

"Come on we have to get ready and be checked out in an hour," Sam said as he started to dig threw the bag of clean clothes, that were abandoned on the table.

"Aw I don't wanna," Abby whined to her oldest brother. Dean rolled his eyes at her and helped her up from her spot on the bed. Abby went over to her brother Sam and grabbed her bag of clothes and searched threw them for a pair of jeans and her yellow tommy girl shirt.

"See you boys in a few," Abby said to her brother as she went into the bathroom to shower and get ready.

"Hey remember you have less than an hour to get out of here," Dean yelled to his bathroom hogging sister.

Dean walked over to Sam and grabbed some of his own clothes to change into. "You think she misses being at home and having a normal life," Dean asked his brother. Sam looked over at the bathroom door as he heard his sisters music play from the portable radio she brought with her. He could also hear her singing along with the radio. He looked over at his brother.

"To tell you the truth I think is just happy to be around us," Sam said as he started to change from his dirty clothes.

"Yea I guess your right, but I still think she misses not being at her cooking school," Dean said as he put on his shoes.

"Yea, but if you remember she came voluntarily unlike me," Sam told him as he to but his shoes on. Dean smiled and put his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Yea, but I wish it was for a different reason," Dean said as he got up and started to take some of the bags out to his baby.

Sam looked down at his hands, "Yea me and you both."

The bathroom door open and a very happy Abby jumped out and yelled "Tah dah," Sam looked at her and smiling at his sister and shook his head at her before grabbing his bag of clothes.

"Well really I thought you would love for me to be out of the bathroom in record time," Abby said more to herself for there was no one in the room. Abby sigh and grabbed her bag of clothes and one of the clean bag of clothes.

"Hey I did your laundry so you two better go get those bags of clothes before I have to hurt you," Dean and Sam looked at each other before both rolling their eyes.

"Yea you hurt us," Dean cockily said before head into the motel room and grabbing his bag of clean clothes. Abby stuck her tongue out at her older brothers.

Sam walked out of the lobby room. "Ok lets go," He told Dean as he drove out of the parking lot. Abby set in the back seat relaxing as she typed away on Sam's laptop.

"Come on Dean please I'm thirsty," Abby complained to her brother for him to stop. She really wasn't thirsty more or less she wanted out of the car.

"No Abby we need to get to Kentucky. So sit back and play on Sam's computer," Dean told her. Abby glared at her brother before sitting back in the seat.

Five minutes later

"Dean I need to pee really really bad," Sam looked at his sister.

"Just five minutes ago you said you were thirsty," Sam told her. Abby glared at Sam then turned to Dean to give him puppy dog eyes.

Dean didn't look at his sister he just looked at the rode. "Look we are near the border of Kentucky, can we please just stop for a few minutes get some dinner maybe use the bathroom and just stretch our legs," Dean looked over at Sam who shrugged his shoulders at Dean.

Dean then looked back at his nineteen year old sister, who just looked board at him. "Alright fine, but not because you asked me because I am feeling hungry and my baby needs to rest," Abby's bored face brighten and she cheered in the back seat doing a little dance. Dean looked at her threw his review mirror and laughed at her.

Dean pulled into a small diner called 'Trusty's'. Sam got out of the car and Abby practically jumped out of it. "Yes I'm out of that horrible car," Abby did a little dance in the middle of the parking lot.

"Hey don't dis the car and get over here, so you can get something to eat," Abby stopped her dancing and ran over to Dean and jumped on his back.

"Piggy back ride," She said to him.

"Aren't you a little old for this," Dean asked as he started to walk to the door.

"Never, now see when I get married I will have my husband give me a piggy back ride," Abby told Dean as Sam laughed at her.

"What if your husband won't give you a piggy back ride?" Sam asked Abby grinned.

"Then there will be no other riding either," Dean and Sam stopped their walking and looked at each other.

"Come on guys I'm nineteen I know what most guys are thinking about," Abby slide off of Dean's back and waltz into the diner. To be attacked with the smell and warmth of cooking food.

Abby took a booth in the far corner and slide to be next to the window. Dean and Sam soon joined her. Dean next to her and Sam across from Dean, Sam started to type away on his computer looking up weird deaths and such.

"Hi I'm Sheryl, what can I get you to drink," The girl was caked with make up and kept popping her gum.

"Yes One coke, one sprite, and one hot chocolate," Dean said. Sheryl grinned flirty over at Dean before walking off with the orders making sure to sway her hips.

"Hooker much," Abby said to herself as she looked at the menu. Dean and Sam looked at each other then over at Abby.

"Why do you say that?" Sam asked as he continued to type away on his computer. Abby looked over at her brothers.

"Please I mean did you see how she was looking at you two. It looked like a lionize ready to bounce on her prey. Plus her make up is dark meaning she is trying to attract some one and blue dark eye shadow just screams hooker," Abby said with her brother just staring at her. Abby checked her watch on her hand then looked at the menu.

"Waffle and bacon for me with a biscuit, What about you two," Abby asked them.

"I think that sounds good," Sam and Dean said at the same time. Abby nodded her head. When Sheryl came back they gave their orders and went back to silence.

"Dean, do you know where we are?" Sam asked as he got his trouble voice going on.

"Cementville, Illinois, why?" Dean asked as he tensed. Abby leaned forward in her seat so her chest was up against the table.

"Well there seems to be a lot unexplained deaths. I mean they find dead men and women with white hair even if the men or women our age," Abby felt chills go up her spine. Dean lowered his eyebrows as he tried to figure out what causes such things.

"Here you go," Sheryl said as gave them there food. Abby dug into her food ignoring Sam and Deans talk. Most of the time when her brothers started to talk about demons and such they couldn't really hurt her, but this thing seems to scare people to death.

"I have to use the bathroom," Dean got up from his spot and Abby slide out of the booth and head to the bathroom. Abby just finished using the bathroom and was washing her hands when she looked up into the mirror to see someone in the mirror. It was a man dressed in white, "You fear to die like every woman in you family does?" He said to Abby. Abby turned around and looked to see if anyone was behind her. She was the only one in there.

Abby turned back to the mirror to see the image gone. Abby turned off the water from where she was washing her hands. She then took off to her brothers. "Um can we leave town now," Abby asked as she started to play with the hem of her shirt.

"Actually we decided to stay and kill this whatever it is," Dean said as he got up to let Abby set in her seat. Abby looked over at Sam and set down in her seat.

"Oh ok," Abby started to play with her food while her brothers talk more.

"Excuse me do you know where the nearest motel is?" Sam asked the old man behind him.

"Uh just straight down this rode here and it's called Motel Jack," Sam smiled and thanked the man.

"Ok well lets go. I'm beat and if we plan on find out what this is then we should try and get some sleep," Dean said as he left some money on the table. Dean and Sam lead the way to the car while Abby trailed behind.

Abby turned and looked at the mirror behind the counter and tensed up when she saw the guy from the bathroom. She turned around to see that no one was in the booth that the guy was setting at in the mirror.

"Abby come on," Abby looked up from the booth and ran toward Dean.

Dean held the door open and looked at the booth Abby was staring at while she ran passed him. He didn't see anything there. Dean looked over at Abby and saw her getting into the car. He looked one last time at the spot she was staring at saw nothing once again. He shrugged his shoulder and walked to his car.

"Everything ok," Dean asked as he looked back at Abby. She smiled and stared out the window.