A pretty, dark haired young woman, perhaps no more than eighteen years of age was bustling her way through the busy streets of her home town, along the main route through it. Here lay the numerous shops and stores that served the people of this peaceful town, and those were the reason that she was out walking, sent on an errand by her father, simply to pick up some groceries for the next few days.

She was currently studying the list that she had been provided with, having trouble deciphering the scrawl that lay across it. In doing so, she failed to spot the large, overweight male striding towards her as if he owned the whole place, parting bodies as he went, knocking those down who didn't acknowledge his presence in the correct fashion.

As the two came into contact, it was obvious that the girl was about to be sent flying. She was barely an inch or two over five feet tall and her lithe body probably only just provided her with a weight of a hundred pounds.

Her shoulder collided ungracefully with the large man's midsection, and he uttered a hasty "Watch where you're going" in her direction, in an intimidating tone. He didn't even look at her as he did so, so he failed to witness that he had sent her sprawling in the direction of the busy road on her left.

The woman looked up as she regained her composure as quickly as possible, only to see a car screaming towards her, brakes squealing and screeching in her eyes. The other pedestrians watched in in horror, as they hopelessly realised that there was nothing they could do.

Just moments before the car was due to hit, she scrunched her eyes shut tight, awaiting the impending injuries, or even death. As soon as she did so however, she felt a firm, but not painful squeezing on her upper left arm, and felt herself being yanked up out of the path of the out of control automobile.

The force provided by the strong arm that had rescued her caused her to continue her passage through the air towards the body that it was attached to. She was actually quite afraid, she had almost been killed after all and she clutched onto the nearest thing at hand for support, both mentally and physically, both to steady her shaky mind and legs.

Ever so slowly, she released her tight grip on the shirt of her saviour, and opened her eyes. She had instantly surmised that this was a man that was before her, who was allowing the fragile girl to hold onto him while leaving his own arms by his side, he didn't want to take advantage of her or anything.

Of course it would be obvious to any human that it was a male in front of her, but she also picked up that this one must be considerably strong to have lifted even her petite body from the ground so easily and deftly. The faint feel of well toned but not overbearing muscles that she experienced beneath the thin fabric of his shirt also alluded to the fact. He also seemed to be fairly tall, maybe even an inch taller than her would be cause of death had been, as she worked out from the position of her head on his chest.

Slowly turning her head, she saw the car that would have squashed her like a bug twenty feet down the road, and clearly it would not have stopped in time. Its driver was currently rushing over to her to check whether she was all right, and a small crowd had gathered around her and her mysterious saviour.

Craning her head upwards, she stared into a pair of very familiar and very expressive dark eyes. Such a dark brown that they almost seemed black. Right now, the expression in them was stony and uncaring, or so it seemed to her. He wasn't looking down at her with pity, or love or even a faint attraction to the girl. He had only saved her because he didn't really want someone to die right in front of him.

It didn't matter that he hated her, or at least he hated the ones that she was friends with, because of the things that they had done to his friends. He had always held onto the faint and distant hope that she was different to those others. She was special. He had refrained from holding her in his arms because he might regret what he might do. She was mind blowingly beautiful, her perfect features framed by her silky black hair that he longed to touch, with a perfectly proportioned body that made his heart ache when he looked at her.

The raven haired girl, more commonly known as Videl Satan peered into those eyes, and at the face that she secretly stared at more than some would approve of. She hadn't seen him without his glasses on for years. With them, he had a sort of geeky, boyish handsomeness to him, something that even she and her friends admitted to themselves and each other. But not to their boyfriends.

Without them though, she was blown away. He was more than likely the best looking man that she had ever seen. Thoughts of her own boyfriend were suddenly ejected from her mind, which was now filled with lustful thoughts of the one before her, thoughts that she really shouldn't have considering their respective positions in the town's high school.

She was part of the 'in' crowd, some might say, a crowd full of cheerleaders, football players, parties every weekend and outrageous lies about sex. He however, was a veritable hero of the geeks and 'losers', a group constantly being attacked by members of her own, both verbally and physically.

"Hi." She whispered to him. He didn't even acknowledge her speech, but simply continued to stare deeply into her eyes, allowing her to release her grip entirely and take a step backwards. "Thank you Gohan." She told him, filled with gratitude for his presence at just the right time.

He turned promptly, his job done, and walked away, leaving Videl and the surrounding crowd dumbstruck at his show of strange behaviour.

As he strode off in the same direction as the man that knocked her over, Videl stared at his slim waist and broad shoulders in silent resignation to that which was. The two of them had played in a sand box as youngsters every sunday for God's sake, couldn't they at least be friends?