Word Count: 173

A is for Apple

One long strip. Kaname had seen it done on romantic shows but never comprehended its significance. If you didn't want the peel on an apple, what was so special about skinning it in one long strip? Then one afternoon she peeled one for Sousuke and suddenly understood. It was a sign of grace, patience, and delicacy.

She nearly cut her fingers off trying, and in the end the fruit had somehow wound up in several uneven chunks—stubborn bits of peel mocking her. She glared at them, blinking back frustration.

"Thank you, Chidori," Sousuke stated professionally, and popped one into his mouth without looking up from book he was absorbing.

The fact that he hadn't paid attention to her efforts should have been infuriating, but now for some reason it felt… comforting.

She'd been right. An apple was an apple; Sousuke was Sousuke. No need for anything fancy or complicated. It was still simple and sweet, even if the presentation needed work.

In a strange way, she supposed that's what she loved most.


Authoress Notes

Recently, thanks to watching "Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu", I've found myself going through a small Sousuke/Kaname spree. They're just cute, what can I say. I love the couples that need a little work, or have their most precious moments during the quieter times of life.

I'm exercising my writing through drabbles right now, and currently I'm testing out a new kind of drabble challenge I've come up with. Basically, I'm writing a drabble for each letter of the alphabet, so there will be 26 here in total--ideally. We'll see how well I can keep this up. Usually I ask for the words for each letter from other people, but I came up with them myself this time.

Haven't written for FMP before, and I'm not sure how well I portray these characters, so I'm open to constructive criticism, advice, and feedback. Thank you for reading!