Word Count: 253

I is for Indulgence

When Kaname called telling him to hurry to her apartment, Sousuke naturally assumed there was danger. Grabbing his usual artillery, he nearly broke down her door when he charged in, gun cocked and ready. He certainly didn't expect to suddenly find himself in the middle of an ice cream social.

Sousuke stared at the small group of his classmates who greeted him warmly (despite the armed entry) around mouths and spoonfuls of ice cream. Kaname explained how a store she had passed on the way home broke their freezer. All refrigerated items were being sold at irresistible prices and she'd brought home two gallons of the dessert.

"You told me to hurry," he said, trading his gun for a bowl.

"Of course. We wouldn't want your share to melt."

"I thought there was trouble."

"Sorry, but it was the fastest way to get you over here. Relax! Enjoy yourself!"

While initially disgruntled by the false alarm, Sousuke was soon wrapped up in the atmosphere. There was nothing spectacular about it, but something about the idea of just needing ice cream to pull friends together seemed oddly comforting. It was a memory he burned into his mind—the random chatter, laughter, acceptance—to carry with him come the day he might no longer share their company. It was wrong for him to hope to abandon his duty, but sometimes he wished…

Kaname's caught his eyes and smiled. "Would you like more, Sousuke?"

He nodded. "Very much."

Beside him, his bowl lay empty and forgotten.


Authoress Notes

Well it was bound to hit sooner or later. I was surprised I had been making it for so long without any writer's block as is. I'm still sluggish, but hopefully there won't be any more 2-week breaks.

The original title for this drabble was Ice Cream, but I couldn't help changing after it was finished. The ending of this drabble had me particularly stumped. I'm still not 100 satisfied, but I did get ideals for other themes from re-writing it. So hopefully you'll see some good results from that.

Thanks for sticking around, folks!