The first few rays of light were beginning to shine through the high windows in the temple walls. They fell across the separate rooms of the four sleeping figures. The light hit the face of a young girl obviously of Japanese heritage. Her black hair was spread out like a halo for her pale face and shoved into her clustered room was a collection of hair dyes, make up kits and electronic gadgets. On the walls were posters of her favourite bands with the names written in elegant Japanese lettering. A trunk above her head was left lying open, full of a variety of different co-ordinated outfits each in a separate clear clothes bag to stop them from getting mixed. Written on each of these bags was the name 'Kimiko' written in slender handwriting. Just peeking out from under the pillow her head was resting on was the corner of her diary and a picture of her dressed in a snowy white kimono, stood next to a red headed boy dressed in a suit.

The came a deafening boom and the entire temple shook. The four sleeping figures sat up.

"What is it?" Asked Kimiko, stretching.

"I think we could probably guess," Said Omi.

They all got up and dressed in record time and ran out into the courtyard. There, stood on the roof, surrounded by robotic figures stood the red headed boy.

"Hello xiaolin losers!" He called in a loud and cackling voice, "I've come for the Shen-Gong-Wu!"

"Over our dead bodies Jack Spicer!" Shouted Kimiko.

"Oh! Yeah!" Said Jack, pulling a collection of forms out from his backpack, "You've gotta sign these!"

Kimiko jumped up onto the roof and stood beside him.

"Jack-bots! Attack!" Shouted Jack and the robots leaped into action. Jack turned to Kimiko, ignoring the fact that his robots were being smashed into pieces.

"Sign here," He said, passing her a pen, " Cam-bots! You'd better be getting this on film … initials here,"

The ducked as a robot flew in there direction.

"Sorry Kim!" Shouted Clay.

"Sign here," Said Jack, turning the page, "Show no mercy … sign here … initials here … destroy them!"

Jack turned the page again and Kimiko threw a hand of fire at the nearest Cam-Bot.

"Sign here," Said Jack, "And … here … you call that fighting? You're pathetic!"

"Do you mind paying attention?" Said Kimiko, glaring at him.

"Well your friends are destroying my robots!" Snapped Jack, pointing at the bottom of the last page, "Just sign here and it's all over."

Kimiko put the pen to the paper and her slender handwriting formed the name Kimiko Tohomiko – Spicer.

"Is that it?" She asked.

"That's it," Said Jack, "We're officially divorced."

They smiled briefly at each other and Kimiko hugged him.

"Thank you … for everything." She said, "It's a shame you can't be friends with us."

"Well … I can be a friend with you." He said, "I can't exactly hate you."

Kimiko kissed him on the cheek and then slid down the roof and joined in destroying the last of the Jack-bots. Soon they were no more than smoking heaps of rubble.

"Jack-bots, retreat!" Shouted Jack, gesturing away from the temple.

As the bots left, Jack tapped the papers to his head in a sort of salute and flew off into the distance.

"So … that's it?" Asked Raimundo, "It's over?"

"It's over … and I think I've been put off guys for at least another year," She said, "No offence."

"None taken." Said Raimundo, "I get it … and I'm glad you're happy."

"For now," Said Kimiko, "But this has been our craziest adventure to date!"

As they looked into the sun rise, they all got a sense that everything could finally go back to normal and couldn't help but feel, for the first time in what seemed like years, happy.


(A/N) I think I should've just put it on the end of the last chapter, but I wanted to finish it like this. Everything is more or less back where is started and we don't know who Kimiko will end up with, but lets face the facts, she's not gonna want to date anyone for a while.

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