A/N: Elliot and Olivia have left SVU and gotten married. Two new detectives have been brought in and life continues.

Sophia Parker is 28 and she has been a detective for a year and a half before she transferred to SVU. Before that she was in robbery at the 1-9. She has green eyes and wavy light brown hair with red highlights. As a child, Sophia witnessed her mother murdering her baby brother. She has an older sister Pam who took care of her after her mother was put in jail. Her sister is 37 and married to Alexander Meredith and they have a 6 year old son Michael.

Jeffrey Doyle is a 33 year old detective who transferred from Bronx homicide. He was married but has been divorced for two years. His ex-wife was a drug addict and abusive towards Jeffrey and their two children. Jeffrey has full custody of his 9 year old son Patrick and 4 year old daughter Amy.

The New Kids in the Squad Room

Sophia Parker walked into the new squad room. It was her first day in SVU and she wasn't off to the best start. She was fifteen minutes late but she had a good excuse. At least she hoped she did.

She hurriedly made her way towards what she suspect was the Captains office. She crashed through the door rather unceremoniously and came face to face with Captain Donald Cragen.

"Sorry Sir… Hello Sir…" she stuttered. 'Oh crap' she thought 'great job Parker, you just blew it. Now he thinks you're a complete idiot,'

"You must be Detective Parker," Cragen said. It wasn't a question, it was more of a statement but the way that he said it put Sophia at ease.

'Maybe you haven't completely blown it' she allowed herself to think.

"Yes Sir," she said in a more calm and steady voice then before.

"You're late detective," Cragen stated.

"Yes Sir," she replied. Even though she was sure she was about to be reprimanded, her voice still held it's calmness "I missed the bus," she explained.

"It isn't exactly a good first impression to be late on your first day," Cragen said in a non-threatening voice.

"I know Sir, I'm sorry Sir. I take full responsibility for my actions," she responded.

Cragen smiled "That's fine detective. Don't feel too bad, your new partner isn't here yet and I suspect that he will be significantly later then you."

Sophia sighed. Her new Captain seemed to be quite interesting to say the least "My new partner?" she asked, she new absolutely nothing about her new partner except that she would be getting one.

"Yes," Cragen said "Detective Jeffrey Doyle. He called earlier to say that his daughter was sick and he had to find a baby sitter on short notice and that he might not be in until the afternoon."

Sophia must have had a confused expression on her face because Cragen asked her "How much do you know about your new partner."

"Not a whole lot Sir," she responded honestly "I just knew that I would be getting one."

Cragen scratched his head "Hmm, you would think that people would communicate in this business," he mumbled "So your old C.O. gave you no info about your new partner? Not even his name?"

Sophia shook her head "Sir. If you don't mind, I'd like to get to work. Could you please tell me witch desk is mine?"

Cragen nodded and pointed to the desk that had once been occupied by Olivia Benson "Your predecessor left plenty of paperwork to be done," he said "You can learn while you wait for your partner."

Confused as to what the Captain meant by "learn" Sophia turned and left the office.

As he watched her go, Donald Cragen couldn't help thinking how different than Olivia this new detective seemed to be. Olivia wasn't late on her first day and those times that she was late, Olivia had been defiant, not apologetic, if Olivia had missed the bus, she would say that the dam bus was on time for once and dam New York City. Cragen wondered how this submissive wisp of a detective was ever going to make it in SVU. He hoped that maybe her partner would turn out to be more promising.

Sophia sat down at her new desk and stared at the grain of the wood. She heard two other detectives talking but she didn't look up or make any effort to join the conversation.

"So," one of them was saying "did you see Elliot and Olivia this weekend?"

"Yeah," the other one responded "nice new house and all. They seem happy."

"I hope it lasts," said the first one "hopefully Elliot has better luck than I do with wives."

"Everyone has better luck than you," the second one quipped.

"It's gonna be weird not having them around," the first one stated.

Sophia dared to glance up at the other two detectives at that moment. She saw that the first one was a tall skinny older looking man with smoky glasses. The second one was a black man with a pony tale. She had no idea what they were talking about and she quickly looked back down at the desk to avoid making eye contact.

"Yeah it is," the one with the pony tale was lamenting "but at least they'te happy."

"Them, who cares about them," the one with the glasses said in a sarcastic tone "They're happy but we get stuck with two green detectives who we have to break in. How can they do this to us."

Sophia wanted to shrink into her chair and become invisible. She hadn't remembered feeling this self conscious and unsure about anything since high school. She was wondering if this was such a good idea to have transferred. She was happy in robbery, she had a great partner, she had great colleagues, she was the rising star of the squad and now it was back to being the little fish in the enormous ocean.

She started randomly pulling open the drawers of the desk, searching for something to keep her mind busy. The drawers were mostly empty but in the bottom drawer she found an envelope.

She took it out and examined it. It was open and there was a letter inside. Her curiosity overcame her and she removed it from the envelope. It was addressed to her and she began to read it.

Dear Detective Sophia Parker,

I've heard you'd be getting my old desk so I told the Captain that I would be leaving you a letter. I am the one who sat here for eight years before you came along and you will probably have a hard time for a while because of that. These people knew me and worked with me and now they will need to learn how to work with you.

They will probably compare your actions to mine for a long time. Please don't let it discourage you. I have known these people long enough to tell you that they are good people and they will give you a fair chance, even if it doesn't seem like it at first.

I have just a few things to warn you about and. Be ware of the conspiracy theories of one Detective John Munch. (tell him I said that) Also, bring your own coffee to work (you'll thank me for this suggestion, trust me)

Oh and one last thing that my partner, oops I mean my husband wants me to tell you. He says "Tell her not to fall in love with her partner. That only leads to trouble"

He's such a goof. Anyway if you do fall in love with your partner, my advice is to not keep those feelings inside. You don't know how much you could be missing.


Detective Olivia Benson

Sophia smiled as she refolded the letter and placed it back in the envelope. She carefully put the envelope securely in the top drawer of the desk.

She rose and made her way towards the other two detectives who were still deep in conversation. She approached the skinny one and extended her hand.

"Hello. I'm Detective Sophia Parker. Pleased to meet you detectives," she said as she grinned broadly.


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