Centre Stage

Chapter 1 - Anticipation

This was it! The day Jodie had been waiting for, for weeks since her audition at the American Dance Academy the day she found out if she had been accepted.

Jody was a slim girl only around 5 foot but had the figure of a model, slim and in tone. She had long flowing blond hair which dazzled in the mid-day sun. Jody had grown up in Massachusetts and for as long as she could remember she had always loved to dance.

Jody paced the floor as she waited longingly for the mail to arrive. "Sit down dear it will be here soon." Her mother said as she watched Jody get to one end of the kitchen then turn round and walk back to the other end.

"But what if I didn't get in?" Jody said stopping to look at her mum for a split second then began pacing the floor again. "I mean I did have to ask to start the performance again after I did a wrong move, what if they don't let me in because of that?"

There was a 'CLANG' of the letter box. "Oh my Gosh its here!" Jody froze on the spot for a moment then ran to the door. "Nope, Nope" she said throwing the letters not addressed to her over her shoulder. Then she came across a brown envelope, "Mum its here, its here" Jody ran in to show her Mum the envelope with the ADA stamp on the front.

With her hands shaking and her Mum watching. Jody opened the envelope and read the letter out load.

Dear Jody,

Every one at the American Dance Academy would like to welcome you to join us as part our team.

The term starts on the 10th of September and your first lesson will be with Jonathan Reeves and Cooper Neilson.

"I can't believe it, I got in. Oh no I have two days to get myself sorted" Jody said as she bounced on the spot. The first step of her dream to become a professional dancer was about to come true.

The day had arrived for Jody to depart to New York and start her new life at the American Dance Academy. All her Mum took her to the airport to see her on her way.

"Now I have packed all your favourite treats for on the plain." Her mum said trying to fight back the tears. Sharon had brought Jody up on her own all of her life after her farther ran away once he found out she was pregnant. Jody and Sharon had a very close relationship.

"Mum I will be fine. I will ring you every day and will let you know when the first performance is." Jody said as tears rolled down her face.

She walked down the corridor on to the train, walking backwards so she could wave at Sharon.