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Chapter 1

"There had better be a good reason for this, pony-boy," said Holly, adopting the commander's nickname for Foaly. "And I mean really good."

"Of course, Holly. But remember. Keep quiet and don't let anyone know that you're coming here."

"Is it that secretive and important?" Holly rolled her eyes, she knew the types of things Foaly considered priorities weren't exactly shared by all.

Foaly was about to say 'of course' again but instead said, "Yes it is, Holly. Believe me, I think you'll like it." He chuckled back in his office.

Holly groaned and closed her intercom link.

When Foaly buzzed her in to his office, she was surprised to see Artemis there too. Before she had time to express that thought, Foaly stood up and pulled them into a kind of half bear-hug, half-huddle. Artemis and Holly both wrenched themselves away immediately, glaring at him.

Foaly, seemingly oblivious to the annoyed looks he was getting from the human and fairy, began his talk.

"Holly, you know that today is Artemis's last day visiting Haven, and by evening he will be sent on a surface shuttle to Ireland to meet back with Butler and everyone."

Holly nodded.

"Well, that's where I come in. I have finally completed my most brilliant work of art. And the really amazing thing is, it's not even a piece of technology!" Foaly spread his arms wide, waiting for it to sink in. Or so he thought.

Artemis crossed his arms, lifting one eyebrow slightly. "So what is it?" he asked, curious in spite of himself.

"You see, I have created a potion. When two people drink it, for 24 hours, they can sort of hear every thought in each other's minds! Genius, eh?"

"And this concerns us how?' Holly said, also folding her arms.

Foaly put a hand on each of their shoulders, and told them in a hushed voice, "I was planning to pull a prank on Beetroot- so I can finally find out what makes him tick! Come on, don't you want to find out why he's so red?"

"Yes," admitted Holly.

"As an added bonus, Julius will get to hear my every thought, so he will perfectly understand exactly what fuels my brilliant mind! The only problem is, it's an untested experiment, so I just have to test it first, to make sure everything works. That's where you two come in."

"What!" Holly said, unconsciously taking a step backwards. "You want us to- to spend a whole day hearing each other's thoughts just so you can spy on Julius!"

"Getting a little defensive are we?" Foaly looked smug, something that Holly dearly wanted to punch him in the face for. "Besides, remember, I designed it. What's the worst that could happen?"

"No," said Holly and Artemis simultaneously.

"Why under the earth not?"

"You said your potion was untested," said Artemis flatly.

Foaly managed to regain his thoughts. They said no. alright, I can't say I wasn't expecting that. But still, there might still be a way… While his mind was cooking up ideas he managed to look haughty. "Fine. If you won't test it I'll find someone else who will."

"Good idea." Holly said, and turned to leave. Artemis wasn't so convinced. It was unlike Foaly to be so willing to give up. He kept his guard up, but left nevertheless after Holly.

Foaly had the perfect idea. He had previously installed micro cameras in each of the LEP's officer's cubicles. Right now, Holly had just left for a bathroom break. Time to make his move.

Foaly quickly filled a mug with coffee and brought it to Holly's open cubicle. His idea was pure genius, at least in his eyes. He quickly searched around the small room, until his eyes alighted on Holly's water bottle. Perfect. He set the mug of hot coffee on her desk, hastily scribbled, Holly, I brought you some coffee to save you some time. You can thank me later. Foaly. on a post-it and stuck it on the mug. Foaly pulled out a small vial. He unscrewed it rapidly and poured half of the contents in her water bottle. The potion was colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It would not take effect until Artemis drank it too, and then not until Foaly remote-activated it with sonic signals in his office. He left.

Now for Artemis.

Holly came back to her cubicle after she went to the bathroom. She noticed a steaming cup of coffee along with Foaly's note.

She read it quickly. Oh, please, she thought. Does he really think I'll fall for that? I'll bet anything it's spiked with that potion.

Holly then noticed exactly how thirsty she was. Her coffee was probably contaminated, but her water bottle looked okay. She took a deep swig of it.

Little did she know what she was in for.

Artemis would be harder than Holly to trick. Foaly knew this as he watched Holly drink her water, satisfied with himself. The marvels of reverse psychology, he thought contentedly.

His best bet, he figured, was to spike Artemis's earl grey tea and then have someone else present it to him. Foaly jumped to his hooves (notice how strange that sounds?). No time to sit in the hot glow of his plasma screens.

Half an hour later:

Artemis had his lunch in Foaly's office with Commander Root and Foaly. Artemis's cup of tea had been spiked already, but since Root had given it to him, he didn't suspect anything. As Foaly presented one of his newest inventions to the two, he noticed Artemis sipping at his tea. Perfect.

At 7:00 in Lower Elements time, Artemis was being taken to his shuttle. Foaly, Root, and Holly gave him small presents, then waved good-bye.

Foaly actually slept in his office, he was so eager to activate the potion in the morning. When morning did come, before Holly came to the building, he sent the signals. He figured that once the two realized what had happened, Holly would come rushing over to him to 'kill' him, effectively giving away whether his potion worked or not.

Both Artemis and Holly felt a small tingle in their sleep, but that was it.

Holly woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom, in an unfamiliar bed. Ready as always to assess the situation, she glanced around the room.

It couldn't be Fowl Manor. Yet somehow she thought it was. She looked at a nightstand next to her. It had a picture of… Fowl's dad? Where am I? she thought.

She happened to peek at a mirror across the room. Deep blue eyes, pale skin, raven hair that was messy from sleep. Her eyes widened.

"Oh. My. God."


For those people who have no idea what's going on: Foaly's experiment went wrong. Instead of hearing each other's thoughts, Holly and Artemis have actually switched physical bodies. Sorry if that was a little unclear.

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