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Unforsaken: Teaser Trailer

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So what exactly did happen while Anzu was gone during Chapter Five?


The parts of the world that hadn't already gone to hell were well on their way. Yami was too wrapped up in his own drama to care that in losing to Raphael he'd done more than just lose Anzu – he'd actually helped Dartz to fuel the Leviathan's resurrection. That the apocalypse was rolling towards them with alarming speed seemed almost trivial.


Otogi had tried to talk to Yuugi when he came back in, but after the first few rebuffs he stopped. It was pointless to talk to the little guy right now. Yuugi had the single desire for his best friend to be safe and with him. Beyond that, anything else was just an invasion he was determined to sidestep.


Briefly, he wondered if it hurt, having your soul removed. Maybe it was like having your appendix or your tonsils out. He'd had an appendectomy when he was ten, and his scar had only twinged when he laughed or moved too quickly. Having his soul crushed under the weight of the Spirit, fighting against it and being squashed anyway, that had hurt – a deep-seated, limitless pain that was hard to describe to anyone who hadn't also experienced it.


She drew her blazer tighter, even though the air wasn't so chill anymore. It was a defensive posture, but that was okay because there was nobody out here to see it. That was one useful thing about the desert, at least – when you wanted to be alone, you were really alone.


Otogi hadn't even quibbled about Rebecca's age and immaturity when he met her, he'd just asked something about the stock exchange and then nodded with a little half-smile when she shot back the correct answer. He never showed any outward signs that it was odd to defer to a prepubescent for technical advice.


Still, there had to be something to the story. With all that had happened in the past few days – all over the world – there was enough evidence to dictate something screwy was going on. Why not add some spirits and ancient magick to all of that? It was no more far-fetched than some of the conspiracy theories she'd read on Internet message boards.

To Be Continued in Unforsaken.