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It had been many months after Christmas. The break was over, kids and adults went back to there respected places. The Youth talked about how good (or bad) there Winter Break was for days.

It was just a completely normal day.

… At least normal to Akirie and Ryuho Zala.

The sun had set a short time ago, so it was the early evening – to be precise, dinner time in the Zala Mansion.


The holler of Cagalli Yula Zala echoed through out the many rooms and corridors, as two figures rushed down the stairs, racing to see who can get to the table first. Unfortunately, a certain Blue Headed coordinator was in their way to the goal line. As Athrun Zala was about to step down the final step of the stair case, his son, grabbed onto his shoulders, elevating himself over the coordinator. The daughter? She just squeezed her way through the post and her father, slightly shoving the living being.

Poor Athrun.

"Sorry Dad!"

The twins shouted, not looking behind them to see if their father was okay.

This situation was similar to a quote off one of my favorite Animes, Tsubasa Chronicles.

"Don't look down. If you have something to do, then only look forward"

Exactly – except, don't look behind you.

It was a close race…

Until, some one stood in the way of there goal line.

"Ryuho and Akirie Zala, quit your foolish games and go sit at the table"

Cagalli stood there, her arms across her chest, her golden eyes narrowed at her children. A small whimper came from them, as they went quietly to there spot at the kitchen table, there mother can be scary… sometimes. ((Hey, I wouldn't blame them…))

The Mother just sighed, as her husband came up, a small smile at his face. "Looks like you got them good Cagalli" He mumbled quietly, giving a small kiss on her fore head. She just rolled her eyes, "Well Mr. Coordinator I guess you weren't enough to stop them" She retorted, which also made Athrun /shrink/ so he too went to his spot at the table quietly.

So our usual questions maneuvered its way around the table. Akirie, getting praise from her parents for getting a perfect on a practice exam, her parents knowing she'll do well on her real one. While her twin, Ryuho, was being scolded (and not to mention threatened) by his parents about falling asleep in class…. Again.

"And what's your excuse this time Mr. Zala"

Cagalli asked, almost sneering her son's name out as she scoffed down a piece of meat in her mouth. The children slightly shrunk away – they swore the flames Cagalli was giving off were a lot hotter than the ones in Hell… If that were possible that is.

"U-Uhm… Snow!"

Ryuho blurted out randomly, spotting the snowflakes falling onto the already white and fluffy ground, his sister giving him a strange look. He just nodded – now getting looks from every one else.

"E-excuse me?"

Cagalli asked, almost choking the meat that she ate. Ryuho than grinned, he had the best way to get out of this mess.

"Yeah! Snow!"

He said, standing up now, lightly gesturing towards his sister to follow his lead. Akirie shook her head, sighing, than stood up also. She had a feeling he was going to challenge her to something like this – and she wasn't going to back down now.

"Snow, snow, snow Oh wondrous snow"

The Youth sang, now making his way around the table, his parents giving him strange looks, his sister just followed him around.

"And every time it snows – there's always one thing you must do"

"That is…?"

Athrun asked, as he fully turned in his seat now to face both of his children who were both slipping on a pair of shoes that they left on the placement mat at the back door.

"Snowball fight!"

And with that, the twins ran outside… with out any jackets on. Cagalli just shook her head, chewing loudly on another piece of meat, "Kids, they'll never learn"

The snowball fight lasted only about a half an hour – the children came back in. Both of them were shivering, wet, sneezing and were probably sick for being out there so long with out any jackets.

Their mother sighed as she placed a hand on their foreheads, while the father was preparing some hot chocolate and getting the medicine from the cabinet. She just instructed both of them to go change into a warmer pair of clothes – and go to bed immediately. They'll bring them medicine and warm liquid in a bit.

Later on, she came back down the stairs after giving both twins medicine and a proper scolding. She leaned heavily on the door frame, crossing her arms while watching Athrun make a batch of hot chocolate for both of them. She stared out the window, seeing that the snow had finally stopped falling.

Her arms fell to her side, as she lost her posture and started towards the back door – with out hitting her husband over the head first, gesturing to follow her. He just gave her a look of bewilderment, than grinned, following her out the back door.

With jackets of course.

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