Chapter 17

A.N: I know it's been a long time but please stay with me.

Chapter 17.

Sirius slowly opened and released it was still dark out. He wondered what had woken him. He slowly looked and saw that Hermione was softly sobbing trying to stay as quiet as she could so to wake her worried lover currently resting peacefully. He wrapped his arms around her hugging her tight to his chest. She stiffened when she felt his hold tighten, not out of fear but of surprise she woke him.

"It's ok, Hermione," he softly whispered, "You are safe now. Molly and her weasels can't hurt us now. I know you and that you want to run. But I will not allow it. We are family and families stick together."

"I love you guys so much," she whispered so faint he could barely hear her. She careful brushed the bangs off Harry's face when she spoke again, "I know. It's now my turn. All three of us at some time or another thought it was best not to barren our problems on the others. Harry's was the war. Yours, Sirius, was the nightmares when you came back. Now mine is Ron. I loved him so much back then, how could I have not seen this coming. Ron never loved me. I was a reminder of his true love who killed herself. All I was and am is a plaything. Something can picks up plays with and then when he's done throws into a corner. As everyone says I'm the smartest witch in a century and I let him ruin my self-esteem to nothing. I believed Ginny told Harry loved her and they were getting married. I realized Harry would never love me if he had her. I pushed my feelings away and suddenly Ron was cute and funny. I wanted to be with him so bad. I gathered my courage and asked him out and he said yes."

A light bulb went off in Sirius' head.

"Hermione, how long was it between your talk with Ginny and you asking out Ron?"

"A few weeks, why?" she asked gently turning to face him.

"I think you were given something to push your love away from Harry and toward Ron. Ron saw you as a toy and Harry once told him you were his best friend above Ron in a fight. I think Ron and Ginny saw it as a win –win. Ron would get you to do what he wants and Ginny would get the Potter fortune. After a while you didn't need it anymore because Ron made you believe no one would love you. Every time you left him vowing to never return, you ran to Harry and Ginny would give you tea. That must be how she dosed you again."

"You are so right. Ginny must gave Harry the same love potion, but when he found out she was cheating, it over powered it."

"Go to sleep now, Mione. You need to rest." Sirius holding her tight as Harry moved slightly pushing himself closer to her back.