Rebel Heart

Chapter 1: A New Home

By: Rogue-Slayer13

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of X-Men: Evolution, they belong to their respective creators.

Summary: Set in Louisiana during the Civil War. Marie (Rogue) comes to live with on the LeBeau plantation, and quickly develops a sort of bond with Remy (Gambit), but what happens when Remy joins the army?

Note: Sort of like Legends of the Fall (really good movie, everyone should go out and get it), and there are no mutants.


"Come on, kid," said Logan as he put a hand on Marie's shoulder, and lead her up the oak lined drive to the large house.

They reached the column lined porch, and Logan knocked on the heavy front door. There was a small pause before the door opened to reveal a tall Creole woman with flowing white hair that was pulled up into a bun.

"Hello, Ororo," greeted Logan with a nod.

"Hello, Mr. Howlett," the woman gave a small curtsey. "Is this the child?" She nodded toward Marie.

Logan nodded.

"Everyone's waiting in the study," said Ororo as she turned, and headed back into the house.

Logan followed behind her, gesturing for Marie to do the same. Ororo lead them through the foyer, and into a large room lined with bookshelves. A group of people, who Marie assumed were the LeBeaus were gathered around the room. A woman with blonde hair sat on a couch next to an older Cajun woman, who had auburn hair that was flecked with bits of gray. A middle aged man with long hair pulled back into a ponytail was standing behind the couch talking to the two women, and a group of boys not too much older the Marie were off talking in a corner.

"Mr. LeBeau. Mr. Howlett, and the girl are here," said Ororo politely.

"T'ank y', Ororo," replied the man with the ponytail, as he turned his attention away from the two women, and toward Logan, and Marie. "Good to see y' again, Logan." The man came around, and shook Logan's hand.

"Same here, Jean-Luc," replied Logan.

"Look at y', girl," said Jean-Luc with a smile as he looked at Marie. "Y' must be Marie. I'm Jean-Luc LeBeau."

"Hello," said Marie quietly as she gave a polite curtsey.

"Why don't I have Mercy, and Mattie show y' to your room, so y' can get settled in before dinner?" suggested Jean-Luc.

The two women rose from the couch, and ushered Marie out of the room with them.


"I'm Mercy, and dis is Tante Mattie," said the younger blonde woman, as she motioned to the older woman.

"Ah'm Marie, and it's a pleasure to meet ya," replied Marie, as the three headed up the stairs.

"This is your room," said Mercy as she opened the door nearest to them.

Marie walked into the room, and gasped. It was at least twice as big as her old room, and had two large windows that looked out onto the oak lined drive in front of the house. In the middle of the room sat a large four poster bed with green sheets, across from the bed stood an armoire, and against the wall opposite the windows was a desk.

"It's beautiful," exclaimed Marie, as Tante Mattie took her bag from her, and set it on the bed.

"This all, child?" asked Tante Mattie.

"No, Logan has the rest outside," replied Marie.

"I'll have the boys get dem for y' later," replied Tante Mattie with a smile. "Y' go on, and make y'self at home."


Marie put away her things, and decided to explore the rest of the LeBeau plantation before dinner. She was walking down the oak lined drive when all of the sudden something jumped out of one of the trees and startled her, causing her to trip over her dress and fall. Marie looked up to see one of the boys from the parlor laughing at her.

"How dare you!" practically growled an outraged Marie, as she got to her feet, and began to brush off her dress.

"Don't be such a fille," replied the boy.

"Ah would've thought you're father would've taught you better manners," replied Marie as she glared at the boy.

"Jean-Luc isn't my pre," replied the boy. "He's my oncle."

"Emil, don't y' have chores to do?" asked a deep voice from behind Marie.

Marie glanced over her shoulder to see an older boy standing behind her.

"Ah was just havin' fun wit' de fille," replied Emil, which earned him a look from the older boy. "Fine, Ah'll see y' at dinner."

"Don't mind 'im," said the older boy as he turned to look at Marie. "M' name's Remy, what's yours?"

"My name's Marie."

"Pleasure to meet y', Maire," replied Remy as he took Marie's hand in his and placed it to his lips, which made Marie blush. "Why don't y' let me walk y' back up to de house?"

"I suppose that would be all right," said Marie as the two began to walk.


"One of de twins would be closer to your age," stated Tante Mattie as Marie came into the parlor.

"What do you mean?" asked Marie.

"Emil and Etienne are fourteen," replied Tante Mattie. "Remy's seventeen and nearly grown."

"Ah don't know what you're talking about," replied Marie. "Remy was simply walking me back up to the house, because Emil jumped out of a tree and made me fall. Remy was just being a gentleman."

"Whatever y' say child," said Tante Mattie with a knowing smile, as Marie walked out of the room.


"Have y' met her yet?" asked Henri, as he and the other boys walked down to the river.

"Who?" asked Remy.

"Marie," replied Henri.

"Ah met her dis morning," said Remy. "Emil was being an idiot, and made her fall, so Ah walked her back to de house."

"Ah was jus' playin' wit' her," stated Emil in his defense.

"She's a fille, stupid," said Etienne as he slapped his brother on the back of the head. "Y' can't jus' go around jumpin' outta trees at her."

"Yeah, you've gotta be nice to her," added Theo.

"Why?" asked Emil.

"Because it's de right t'ing to do," explained Lapin. "Hasn't Tante Mattie taught y' anyt'ing?"

"What are we gonna do wit' a fille anyway?" asked Emil. "She'll probably jus' sit up in her room and read, or knit."

"Y' don't know dat," said Henri. "She might be fun to be around if you'd stop scaring her all de time."


Marie turned away from her window as there was a knock on her door.

"Come in," called Marie.

"Ah was jus' coming to see if how y' were doing," stated Mercy as she walked into the room.

"Ah'm fine thank you," replied Marie. "Ah just want ya to know how thankful Ah am for ya'll taking me in."

"You're father was a friend of Jean-Luc's, and Ah know Jean-Luc wouldn't have things any other way," said Mercy.

"Thank you."

"Why don't we get to know each other a little bit better?" suggested Mercy changing the subject.

"All right, what do you want to know?" replied Marie.

"Well, how old are you?" asked Mercy as she came and sat down on Marie's bed.

"Ah'm thirteen," replied Marie as she took a seat next to Mercy. "What about you?"

"Ah'm nineteen," replied Mercy.

"What brings ya here?"

"Ah'm going to marry Henri."

"That's awfully young to be getting married. How old's Henri?"

"He's twenty," replied Mercy with a smile.

"What about the rest of them?" asked Marie. "Ah already know about Remy, and the twins, but what about the other two?"

"Lapin's Remy's age, and Theo's sixteen."

"How can you stand to be the only girl with all of them boys?" asked Marie.

Mercy smiled.

"Y' get used to dem after a while Ah suppose."

"Ah don't think Ah'll ever get used to them. Remy's the only nice one," stated Marie.

"Ah'm sure dey'll grow on y'," said Mercy.


To Be Continued . . .

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