Rebel Heart

Chapter 11: Hidden Agenda

By: Rogue-Slayer13

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of X-Men: Evolution, they belong to their respective creators.

Summary: Set in Louisiana during the Civil War. Marie (Rogue) comes to live on the LeBeau plantation, and quickly develops a sort of bond with Remy (Gambit), but what happens when Remy joins the army?

Note: Sort of like Legends of the Fall (really good movie, everyone should go out and get it), and there are no mutants.


Marie and Kitty were sitting outside on the large wrap around porch of the LeBeau home, drinking ice tea when John and Piotr rode up on their horses.

"Is Remy in?" asked John as he climbed down off of his horse followed by Piotr.

"He went to run some errands for Mr. LeBeau, but you can stay here and wait for him if you want," replied Kitty, directing her offer more toward the quiet Russian than the noisy Australian.

"I guess we could do that," replied Piotr as he and John sat down on the porch steps.

"If Ah didn't know any better, Ah'd swear y' all lived here," commented Tante Mattie with a smile as she came out onto the porch.

"We just came by to talk to Remy for a bit," replied John.

"Ah don't care what y' came here for, Ah just need to know how many to set de table for," said Tante. "Ah guess it'd be thirteen den, if ya'll stay."

"Oh, we were just coming by for a visit," said John. "We don't have to stay for dinner."

"Of course y' do," replied Tante as she went back inside. "Y' too skinny. We need to stick some meat on dem bones o' yours, boy."

Shortly after Tante Mattie returned inside, Remy rode up the driveway. He got off his horse slower than usual, and as he neared the porch the others could see the large bruise that was forming on the side of his face and the blood that was running down from a cut on his temple.

"Oh my Gawd, Remy! What happened to ya?" asked Marie as she rushed over to his side.

"It's not'ing, Cherie," lied Remy as he went over to the porch with Marie. "M' horse just got spooked when Ah was puttin' pere's t'ings in de saddle bag, and it reared up and got me wit' its hoof."

"I can go get Tante Mattie if you want," offered Kitty.

"I'll be fine, petite," assured Remy.

"Why don't you girls go see if Tante Mattie needs any help, while we put the horses up in the stable?" suggested John as he and Piotr got to their feet.

"Ah could use more tea anyway," said Marie as she and Kitty headed inside.

The three men grabbed the reins of their horses and led them toward the stable.

"What really happened?" asked John once they were out of ear shot of the house.

"Ah told y' already, de horse got spooked," replied Remy.

"Since when has a horse worn a size nine?" John raised an eyebrow at Remy.

Remy sighed and looked over at his friends.

"Pietro caught up with m' in town, he had Lance Alvers and Fred Dukes wit' him," said Remy.

"And he out numbered you and sucker punched ya?" asked John, filling in the rest himself.

Remy nodded as he walked into the stable.

"We must do something," said Piotr.

"Dere ain't not'ing to do," said Remy as he put away his horse. "Pietro wants to get to m' and Ah ain't gonna let 'im."

"I still say we outta kick his bloody arse," said John, as Piotr nodded in agreement.

"Just let it go, mes amis, and don' say not'ing to Marie." Remy shut the door to his horse's stall. "No sense in upsettin' her."


"Child, what in de name o' Heaven happened to your face?" exclaimed Tante as Remy, Piotr, and John walked into the house.

"It's not'ing, Tante," replied Remy. "Jus' got kicked by de horse is all."

Tante Mattie eyed him for a moment, before turning her attention back to setting the table. "Jus' be more careful in de future. A married homme can't go around gettin' banged up all de time. Y' got someone dependin' on y' now." Tante Mattie gestured to Marie with a nod of her head.

"Yeah frere," commented Henri. "Y' can't be so reckless."

"Leave de boy alone," said Jean-Luc. "Accidents happen."

Much to Remy's relief, the rest of dinner was spent discussing topics other than his black eye.


"Hurry up, Marie!" exclaimed Kitty as she and Jean waited impatiently for Marie to join them outside the LeBeau home.

"Hold ya horses, Kitty," replied Rogue as she came outside. "N'orlins isn't going anywhere."

"I know that, but we need to get you fitted for a wedding dress and the shops don't stay open all day," pointed out Kitty.

"Who said we needed to get it done today?" asked Marie as Logan helped her into the carriage before getting in the driver's seat.

"The boys will be busy running errands in town all day today, so we'll have time to get you fitted for your dress," said Kitty.


"For some who didn't want to come to town today, you've sure bought a lot," commented Logan as Marie, Jean, and Kitty each handed him a package to load into the carriage. "And I thought you were getting fitted for a dress anyway?"

"Ah am," replied Marie. "But Ah can't help it if the dress shop is at the end of the street and all these shops stand in my way."

Logan rolled his eyes and watched as the three headed into another store.

"This is gonna be a long day," muttered Logan, before calling after the girls. "I'm going to Roy's for a drink!"

"All right, we'll like meet you back here in a bit," called Kitty over her shoulder.


"I can't believe it took you an hour to make up your mind about your dress," commented Jean with a grin as she, Marie, and Jean walked out of Celeste's Boutique on Bourbon street.

"If ah have to wear it, then Ah wanna make sure it looks the way Ah want it to," replied Marie as the three girls shared a laugh.

"Like look who's coming our way," said Kitty as she motioned up the street a way.

The two girls followed Kitty's gaze and they instantly sobered up as their eyes fell on Pietro, Lance, and a few other men.

"Why good afternoon ladies," greeted Pietro with a nod to Jean and Kitty. "Marie." Pietro took Marie's hand and kissed her knuckles.

"Pietro," greeted Marie curtly as she pulled her hand away and discreetly wiped it on her dress.

"Did you three come to town alone?" asked Pietro as he glanced around to see if the girls were accompanied by anyone.

"Mr. Howlett brought us," said Kitty.

"And where is Mr. Howlett?" asked Pietro as he glanced around once more in search of a chaperone. "Because a proper chaperone would accompany their charges during their trips into town–"

"Marie was being fitted for her wedding dress," said Jean, cutting Pietro off before he could go any further. "And would it not be inappropriate for a male to be present during such an occasion?" Jean raised an eyebrow at Pietro waiting to see if he'd respond to her reason for Logan's absence, and when he didn't she let out a sigh of relief.

"Ah yes, your wedding." Pietro directed his commented to Marie. "How's that turning out anyway?"

"Fahne, thanks for yoah concern," replied Marie, hoping Pietro would leave soon.

Instead of leaving, he took a hold of Marie's arms and pulled her to him, earning him a glare from Marie and a gasp from Kitty and Jean.

"You know," Pietro whispered in Marie's ear. "The sooner you realize what a loser LeBeau is and accept my offer of marriage, the better off you'll be."

"Is dere a reason why you're holding onto mon fiancee?"

Pietro let go of Marie and turned to see Remy standing a few feet behind him with John, Piotr, and the rest of the LeBeau men minus Jean-Luc.

"LeBeau." Pietro spat the name as if it left a foul taste in his mouth.

"Pietro." Remy said the other man's name with equal distaste.

Pietro glared at Remy hoping to get him to back down or make the next move, but the Cajun just held his gaze.

"There a problem here?" asked Logan as he came over and stood next to John.

Pietro glanced at the guys he had with him before glancing back at Logan and the others. They were clearly out numbered and by the looks of it, Remy wasn't going to start a fight, but he certainly wasn't going to back down from one either.

"Ah t'ink Pietro was jus' leaving," commented Remy, never taking his eyes off the other man.

"You better watch your back, LeBeau," commented Pietro as he roughly pushed passed the Cajun followed by Lance and his goons.

"What do ya reckon he meant by that, mate?" asked John as Remy went to see how Marie was.

"Pietro likes to run at the mouth," commented Lapin.

"Y' all right, chere?" asked Remy as he came over to where the three girls were standing.

"Ah'm fine, just a little disgusted is all," replied Marie, which earned her a grin from Remy.

"Why the nerve of him," commented Jean angrily. "Just walking right up and grabbing you in front of God and everyone."

"It's all right, Jean," said Kitty, trying to calm her friend down.

"It's highly inappropriate, is what it is," stated Jean.

"Why don't I get you girls on home?" suggested Logan as he came over to the group. "I think we've all had enough excitement for one day."

"Ah'll meet y' back at de house, chere," said Remy as he gave Marie a kiss on the cheek before going back to join the other guys.


"What's wrong with you?" asked Wanda as Pietro came storming into the house.

"That damned LeBeau!" cursed Pietro as he slammed his fist down on a nearby end table. "That's what's wrong with me!"

"I take it thing's didn't go according to plan then?" asked Wanda as she hid her smirk behind the book she was reading.

"No," replied Pietro as he sat down in a nearby chair. "Not exactly."

"Then I guess you should just accept the way things are and move on," said Wanda as she continued to read her book.

"I can't just let this go," commented Pietro. "That Cajun's made a mockery out of me."

"I hardly think it was all Remy's doing," commented Wanda quietly.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing," replied Wanda as she continued to read her book. "But don't you think you're getting a little carried away with all of this?"

"I always get what I want, Wanda, and right now what I want is Marie," replied Pietro.

"And how exactly are you going to do that when she's happily engaged to a man who loves her?" questioned Wanda as she set her book down and looked at her brother.

"I believe LeBeau's love for Marie might just be the death of him," replied Pietro with an evil grin as he left the room.

Wanda eyed the door her brother had just left through, before getting to her feet and heading out of the house.


To Be Continued . . .

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