Chapter 1: Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Onigiri

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Silver smiled brightly as she popped a stick of gum in her mouth. With her bright red hair, magenta fox tail, and tan wolf ears she easily sticks out in acrowd. Silver was known not only for her happy and insane personality, but also for her incapability to stay in one ;lace for very long.

As the humans watched Silver pass by they probably guessed she was wearing a costume. Silver believed humans were interesting and sort of funny. 'The ones here seem kinda dim' she thought as a child told her she had a funny costume.

The only one to notice Silver was not of this world was none other than Shuichi Minamino, or better known as Kurama. Silvered twirled past him as if he didn't exist. Suddenly she tripped and was caught by the neck of her shirt and pulled back up by Kurama.

"You should be a bit more careful," he said

Silver's ears twitched lightly and her dark eyes seemed to twinkle with enjoyment of life. She stuck ouy a hand and smiled brightly. "I'm Silver Jiku Kiramoto! I like chocolate and clouds and everything else with the exceptions of anchovies and asparagus 'cause they taste weird," she exclaimed.

Kurama chuckled. "Shuichi Minamino," he replied as he shook Silver's hand. "My friends call me Kurama. I didn't think Silver was and actual name."

Silver giggled and twirled around a few times. "Silver is the name of a color! I named myself," she replied.

Just as Kurama was about to reply, someone dragging an annoyed looking Hiei by the ear began shouting. "Silver Jiku Kiramoto! How dare you run off like that," a black haired girl about 3 inches shorter than Hiei shouted.

"Hiya, Mico! Who's your new friend?" Silver asked, unfased, as she peered over at Hiei.

Mico, having let go of Hiei by now, walked over to Silver and whacked her in the head, "Moron! Do you have any idea how upset I was when you just disappeared like that! And liik at you!" Mico shouted as she tugged on one of Silver's ears. "Don't you remember what we talked about!"

"But Miiiiicooo!" Silver whined, "I lokk so weird as a human!" As Mico dragged Silver into the alley-way,Kurama looked over at Hiei.

"I see you have a new friend," Kurama said.

Hiei glared coldly at Kuama, who didn't seem fased at all, and said, "Shut up Fox."

When Mico emerged from the alley she was no longer dragging an exciteable, red haired, unknown hybrid of a creature. She now had a young woman with brown hair, glasses, and a rather dissapointed look on her face. "There we are, Silver! You don't look that bad, right guys?" Mico said, giving a dark and warning look towards Hiei and Kurama.

Kurama nodded and replied with a, "Very lovely" while Hiei remained determinedly quiet. Mico seemed fiery with andger at his silence and pulled him close to her face, "I SAID, 'RIGHT GUYS!'" she said with fruy. In response to Hiei's continued silence, Mico threw him into a brick wall and began screaming at him so loud, they had most of the city's attention.

A man looked over at Silver, who was clining to Kurama and thanking him, and to Kurama. "They having boyfriend, girlfriend problems?" the man asked.

"No," Silver replied, "but if this keepsup, he will be her guy, without him getting much of a say in the matter." Silver released Kurama, who looked slightly amused at the thought of someone forcing Hiei to date them.

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