Chapter 7: Old Friends and New Enemies

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Last Time:

"What the comet is here for and what it might do you'd have to find out from Silver. But it probably won't do any good, she seems to have blocked it from her memory long ago."

They all looked up to the staircase shen they heard something break.

"Destructive, isn't she?" Hiei asked. Mico made a hollow laugh.

"Now you know why we had to move," She said.

This Time:

Silver panted heavily as she gazed upon the rubble that was once their second story. "Why am I so angry!" She shouted to the heavens. Suddenly, a presence seemed to linger at her side.

"The answershall come in due time, my dear," a voice whispered in her ear. She whipped around to face the one who dared speak to her in such a familiar way, but all Silver saw was a single gold feather flutter to the ground.

Downstairs, Mico had felt an all too familiar presence and her entire body tensed.

Hiei, feeling it to, placed his hand lightly over his katana and asked, "What is it, Vixen?"

"Are you just asking me to end your life right now?" Mico wasn't particularly fond of the name, afterall, she wasn't a kitsune or anything close to it so why should she like it?

Mischief merely lingered in his eyes as the group began to walk up the stairs. Kurama was the first to arrive at the top. Silver slowly turned around, her eyes now a pure crystal.

Youko finally awoke within the depths of Kurama's mind. 'A woman? Who is she, praytell?' He asked. 'It seems two...A puzzle and the woman who has your heart... I want to see!'

No, Kurama snapped. You leave her alone.

'Could I at least be informed of the puzzle?' he whined.


Youko growled in annoyance, 'Will I at least be...allowed... to have a peek of the other one?' Just as Silver began descending the stairs, Youko took control of their eyes. He stared at her for some time before saying, 'I highly approve! Is she innocent?'

Shut up, Kurama muttered before shoving Youko as far back as possible.

Hiei smirked/problems fox/ He asked. Kurama ignored him. Just then, a look of realization came across Silver's face.

Tears came to her face before Silver took flight. "Silver!" Mico cried. She muttered several choice curses before turning to the men. "This is all your fault!" she yelled before taking off. Hiei watched with dull amusement, Kurama looked on in confusion and Youko beamed with happiness. 'Ooo! This is juicy!' He chimed.

Silver was just landing at the temple as it came into Mico's line of sight. Immediately the hybrid rushed over to the alter, silver dagger appearing before her. Her crystal, light blue with an angel wing on the left side rose from her chest. It hung in the air as the wind was pushed out of her.

Just as Mico landed Silver forced the dagger into her stomache, making sure it was fatal. Mico rushed over to her friend as she collapsed, dagger lodged deep in her stomache.

A flash of light and a young man with snow white hair stood before them. His golden wings shone brilliantly and his crystal blue eyes full of authority.

Mico's eyes softened at the sight of Silver's guardian. Nine years, she thought. I haven't seen him in nine years...

The angel stared down at Mico, a knowing look in his eyes. He sighed and smiled, "You're not letting her go without a fight, are you?" He asked.

"Not in a million years, Serome," she replied, "Now tell me, where's that incompetent brother of yours? The one that claims he is my guardian? He hasn't exactly been DOING HIS JOB!" The pair began circling one another, Mico with hidden knives ready and Naginata in hands. She twirled it while she waited for the first attack to be thrown.

"Figures," she mumbled. A long sword appeared in Serome's hand. It's handle was covered in jewels of every kind. Mico rolled her eyes, "Obviously you'd have something like that."

Just as they were about to begin the fighting, a dark presence began to descend upon the area. Serome seemed to be in pain as a figure shrouded in darkness walked up behind him.

"Serome, why is it you are testing my pupil?" The figure asked, pure venom in his voice. He finally walked into the light and Mico could see he was a jumble of different demons. Bat demon, cat demon, dog demon, fox, wolf, even demons she couldn't name.

She didn't like the energy coming from him. She knew he was strong, stronger than any other creature she had faced. As he entered the fighting area, the demoness' senses went insane. She knew she had to watch him. If he can make Serome twitch, she thought, he's deffinately on my "must avoid" list!

"I am Chimera," the figure stated. "Wonderous to finally meet my master's daughter, and my new student."

"What are you talking about! I don't have a father, so I'm not losing my sister!" What an idiot, Mico thought, I have no need of a teacher!

"You don't know!" Chimera had been assuredthat she would have remembered everything. "You don't know anything about your family history!"

"What's there to care about anyway!" She asked.

"If you want to know, and save Silver, you must defeat me!(A/N: Is it just me or does that sound really Saturday Morning Cartoonish?) I will not let my lord get away with this, Chimera thought.

"You're the one asking for a premature death," Mico grumbled. Chimera gave her a devilish grin. Before she could think, Chimera was directly behind her. Mico was sent flying the second she turned around.

Okay, she thought, maybe he was stronger than I thought.

Chimera sighed and shook his head, "Why don't you try after you've trained?" He asked. "In about 8 thousand years you should at least have a chance." Mico sneered and sent a flurry of dagger attacks at him. However, each one was easily evaded.

"Is that the best youcan do, Mico?" He taunted. He ran towards her, waiting for the feel of his blade biting into her flesh.

Mico saw it coming and jumped over and behind him, throwing two knives into his stomache and one in the back of his neck. Chimera howled in pain and turned towards her, only to become closely aquainted to her weapon as she pushed her blade into his stomache, drew it up to his neck and twirled it.

So, he's weak with close combat, she realized. Chimera pulled away from her and merely glared.

"You're style is sloppy," he grumbled just before disappearing.

"It's not sloppy!" She shouted. "Wait, you promised to tell me my family history!" Remembering Silver, Mico whipped around to see Serome just above her. His hand was on her forehead as he healed her wounds and color returned to her cheeks. He stood, stared longingly at Silver as she stirred, and disappeared.

Silver awoke when Mico rushed to her side. "I'm so sorry, Mico," she whispered, her voice weak.

"Just don't ever do something like that again," Mico replied smiling while Silver dozed off.