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Summary: Lily Evans is forced to get a summer job…and soon her mother takes matters into her own hands. Before you know it, things are spiralling out of control as Lily takes on the task of doing laundry…James Potter's laundry.

A/N: Well, here it is, the prologue! I devised this story a while ago when I was doing my own laundry. Oh crud…which reminds me I have to do some today as well…

Washing James' Whites


It was in the afternoon when the scarlet train christened 'The Hogwarts Express' rolled into the station. It let out a low whistle of steam as the carriage doors swung open, and students began exiting. Parents and other family members stood, waiting for their children to come bounding over, happy smiles on their faces.

Of course, this would have happened if everyone exiting the train didn't have a look of extreme panic on their faces. Some students, parents noticed, even sported the affects of some pretty nasty curses and hexes.




There was a loud thud heard at James fell out the carriage door, his feet still hooked over the edge and his face planted in the pavement. Seconds later, Sirius Black tripped over his own friend and landed on the platform with a thud as well. Both boys groaned.

James was sporting bright purple clothes, and Sirius had pink bunny slippers. Both were the affects of an infuriated sixteen year old Lily Evans. Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, both of James' friends, and fellow Mauraders, were holding Lily back. Lily's face was flushed with anger and she twisted in their grasp.

"Lily, calm down. James meant no harm by it. He just thought Amos Diggory would look better with chicken feet…" Remus tried to explain, but winced at his pitiful try. Peter tried to help as well, "Lily, James only does it because he wants you to go out with him."

All four boys flinched. This was not going to end well.

"Oh really? Is that so?" Lily said, her voice sickly sweet and her face, if it was even possible, was turning a deeper shade of an odd puce colour, "Well James, I wasn't aware that turning other peoples feet into chicken feet was a way to flatter a girl! You insufferable prat! I ought to give you chicken feet! And a pig's head! I don't even like Amos and you hex him! James Potter, when will you get it through your think head, I WILL NEVER GO OUT WITH YOU!"

It was then that Lily ripped her self from her captors grasp and leapt from the train, stepping over the boys and running a hand through her thick auburn hair, trying to regain her composure.

"Lily, I really am sorry," James said, his voice soft. The whole platform was dead silent, so Lily heard him easily. Lily rounded on him, her emerald eyes flashing dangerously and her mouth set in a thin line that could even rival McGonagall. But, she said nothing but simply turned her back on him again and strode towards her waiting parents. Her family said nothing, but simply followed the fuming Lily from the platform.

The Potters made their way over to the four Marauders who were still standing by the train. James' father changed James and Sirius' clothes back. James' mother was looking at the backs of the retreating Evans family.

"So that was Lily Evans?" she asked, turning back to her son. James rearranged his glasses and nodded. His father cracked a smile and patted him on the back.

"At least she knows you exist!" he said, trying to elicit a smile from his crestfallen son. James sighed and ran a hand through his hair, saying nothing.

"Aw cheer up Prongsie," Sirius started, "Atleast she has the whole summer to cool down."

"Or she'll just stew over the whole incident and next year will be even worse," Peter piped up. Everyone gave him a pointed look.

"Ignore him Prongs," Remus said, letting out a sigh, "We'll regroup this summer and help you find a new strategy. Unless, that is, you're giving up?"

Everyone watched him for a moment.

"Give up After all these years? Where's your Marauder spirit, Moony?" James asked, a small smirk on his face. Remus shook his head as the group laughed, the Potters making their way off the platform.

"One can hope," Remus whispered, "I don't know how many more hexes I can take. That Lily has deadly aim."

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