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Previously: After many escapades (involving cousins and fistfights, missing boxers that cause a panic for no discernable reason, and the slaying of a very odd clothing-dragon in a wacked out Laundry Land) things are about to…well…you'll see.

Washing James' Whites Chapter Nine

With a pop, the dragon disappeared and the world around them turned blurry, the colours spinning together in a giant kaleidoscopic whirlwind until all five teenagers landed with a thud in the laundry room of the Potter Mansion.

All five of them stood up and stared at one another. Lily's face grew dark as she glared at her best friend.

"I could hurt you right now."

"Which is why I am leaving," Chelsea said, scrambling from the room, followed by Sirius and Remus.

James raised an eyebrow at Lily, "Well that was an interesting adventure, wouldn't you say so, Lily?"

"No. That was the most hair-brained adventure I've ever been on."

There was a pause. Lily fidgeted worse than a fart in a bottle.

"Hair-brained or not, you owe me a kiss."

"I do not," Lilly exclaimed indignantly, stamping her foot on the ground imperiously, "I was under immense stress and wasn't aware of what I was saying. I plead temporary insanity," Lily snapped, leaving the room and slamming the door behind her.

James Potter was a man of action, but in that moment, he stood absolutely still. In his very core, a new feeling was beginning to grow; one that he had never quite associated with Lily Evans before.

This feeling was anger.

He stood there, glaring at the closed door for a good solid second, and then he lunged forward, flung it open and stormed after Lily.

"Now you just wait one sodding minute!" he yelled, as he grabbed Lily by the arm and spun her roughly to face him. She glared at him.

"You can't do this to me!" said darkly, his eyes wild and his hair as untidy as ever.

"Do what?" she asked, glowering at him and fidgeting in his firm grasp.

"Flip back and forth like a bloody fish on dry land! You're driving me insane with your bloody 'I'll be nice to James!' 'Oh now I hate James!' 'I'll kiss you if you save me James!' 'I plead insanity James!'" he wailed in a cruel, mocking voice. Lily blanched and stared at him.

"I don't do that."

"Yes, you do," James said, his voice low, but turning slightly huskier now. He backed her up slowly, pinning her gently to the wall. Lily looked down, and sighed.

"James, why do you keep doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Pursuing me."

And then the frustration came flooding back.

"Bloody hell, Lily!" he yelled, turning away from her in a fit of anger, "Because I love you!"

There was a pause, and all that could be heard was James breathing heavily, fighting back his rage.

"You what?" Lily asked. Her voice was soft, and barely audible, but James heard it. He turned back to her.

"I love you."

Lily stared at James, her mouth slightly open in shock, and her green eyes wide. James was staring at her, and she could feel the heat of his gaze. He stepped towards her, and went to kiss her…

But he stopped.

He hesitated.

Right before their lips touched, he simply waited.

And Lily, seized with a kind of longing she didn't know she had, closed the gap and kissed him.

The kiss was urgent, and passionate. James' hands found their way over her body and into her auburn tresses, while Lily's fingers threaded themselves though his black, messy hair.

And then there was cheering, and they broke apart.

Lily turned her head to see Chelsea, Remus and Sirius smiling brightly at them. It seemed they had been watching the entire scene unfold in the hallway.

"Well it's about bloody time," Sirius commented.

Remus nodded, "We thought the torture of this summer would never end."

"I'll accept a thank you any time, you two," Chelsea said, "It is, after all, all because of me."

"You?!" Sirius balked, "You almost got us killed!"

"Which led to this."

But before the bickering could continue, Lily reached into her pocket and whipped out her wand muttering, "Silencio."

"Now," she said, turning to James, "Where were we?"

James smiled.

"I believe," he said, leaning in to kiss her, "We were right about here…"

A couple years later, a very pregnant Lily Potter stood next to a washing machine, a large laundry basket by her side. She reached in and pulled out a pair of silk boxers, covered in little golden snitches. She smiled warmly and placed them in the washer.

"James, love, I put your whites in the wash!"

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