This story takes place in the beginning of season 9. Chandler and Monica have been married for little over a year. Chandler is working in Tulsa and they've just started trying to have a baby. Rachel is still living with Joey but she is dating Ross. Emma is a few months old. Joey and Phoebe are single.

Disclaimer: All Friends characters belong to Bright, Kauffman and Crane.

Title: You Are Not Alone

Summery: Monica's life is changed in a matter of minutes.

Rated PG-13 for violence and mild cursing.

Chapter 1: A Minute Can Change Everything

Monica sighed as she prepared to close the restaurant for the evening. Usually she cleaned up and closed quickly, but tonight she had no reason to hurry. Chandler had left for Tulsa again early that morning. She hated it when he had to leave. She would always throw herself into her work and her friends. She looked around one last time making sure all the stoves and ovens were shut down properly. She set the alarm and locked the door as she left.

She glanced up at the star filled night sky as she started to walk home. She usually didn't walk hone because Chandler didn't like it when she did, but it was such a beautiful fall night and she was in no hurry to get home so she decided to enjoy it. She decided to walk through Central Park it was late so it was pretty quiet there weren't many people around.

As she walked thoughts of Chandler filled her mind. A man watched her as she walked alone through the park he grinnedas he walked toward her placing a dirty hand on her shoulder. She was startled when she felt his hand on her shoulder. She turned to face a man with greasy hair and bad breath. He smiled at her. "Hey baby" he winked "Umm hi" she answered as she started to walk away. "Not so fast" he snapped grabbing her arm and pulling her to him. Monica tried to pull away but his grip was too tight. "Stop fighting baby we're gonna have some fun" he said as he dragged her to a nearby dark alley. He slammed her into a brick wall and pressed his body against hers.

Tears filled her eyes when she felt his hands on her. She closed her eyes wishing this was all a bad dream that when she opened her eyes she'd be in her bed wrapped safely in Chandler's arms. The man put his hand on Monica's blouse. He torn the fabric with one easy motion. She began to shake as he ran his hand over the lacy fabric of her bra. "Please" she cried. "No" she screamed as she began to struggle to free herself. He grabbed a handful of her long dark hair and yanked her head up so she was looking at him. "You know screaming could be hazardous to your health" he snarled.

Monica was trembling with fear. Her friends always teased her saying how freakishly strong she was but right now she felt anything but strong. The man leaned in and tried to kiss her but she turned her face. He grabbed her face "Don't turn away from me!" he yelled. He pressed his lips to hers forcing his tongue into her mouth. She bit down on his tongue and shoved him away tring to run but he caught her, hitting her hard knocking her to the cold damp ground. "You little bitch try that again and you're dead" he hissed as he got on top of her and ripped her skirt and panites

When he stopped briefly to undo his jeans Monica started to fight and struggle but he was too strong. He hit her again. "Stop your damn moving" he snapped as he shoved her back down. She sobbed as he forced himself inside her. In a matter of minutes this man, this stranger had taken something beautiful, special, and tender that she had shared with Chandler countless times into something horrible, dirty, disgusting, and painful. All she could do was was lay there and cry while he moved around on top of her

After what seemed like forever he got up off of her. "You sure know how to show a guy a good time" he said as he zipped up his jeans. He blew her a kiss and took off. She laid there in the dark silent alley shaking with sobs. She slowly rose to her feet hugging her arms around her body. She wanted to forget this horrible night ever happened. She slowly headed for home.

Sometime later Monica stumbled up the stairs to her apartment. She stared at her door. She really didn't want to be alone and her apartment was empty. Chandler was in Tulsa, he was so far away when she needed him most. Tears filled her eyes as she turned to Joey and Rachel's door. Her hand trembled as she knocked.

Chapter 2: Its My Fault...Rach and Joey learn what happened to their friend, Monica blames herself for the attack.

Authors Note: Hello Children! This was an old fic of mine I decided to redo the whole thing I didn't like how it turned out there's some stuff I think I should get rid of and some I need to add. Plus it was brought to my attention I used this stroyline before but the stories weren't the same I how ever did delete one cause well I didn't like it anymore LOL. I left the other casue I think it was differnet from this. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the rewrite I hope its alot better than the orginal. Please read and review thanx!