To Breathe Your Breath
Rating: Pg 13
Pairing: Hiei/Kurama
A/N: This was the first YYH idea I wrote notes on but it's taken me a while to get to the actual writing. The title is from the same song by Sarah McLachlan that I use in my fic Possession, coming soon. This first chapter is a little confusing and very short, but I promise the rest will make more sense.

To Breathe Your Breath


Yusuke's call was desperate. Hiei and Kuwabara had tracked down their errant teammates a moment too late; the demon was destroyed. But that wasn't why Yusuke was calling.

"Get your ass over here!" Yusuke continued, but Hiei had already gotten to Kurama. Yusuke was on his hands and knees, blood dripping from half a dozen wounds, but Kurama was on his back just as bloody, unconscious, and struggling to breathe.

"Can you give him some of your energy?" Yusuke asked, struggling to stay conscious against his own wounds. Normally he wouldn't have asked Hiei such a thing, but in this case his words came too late, because by the time he finished asking Hiei was already trying to transfer some of his strength to their teammate. But even as Hiei's energy flared, Kurama's breathing stopped.

"No!" Yusuke shouted, pounding his fists against the floor. Hiei was still, seeming frozen; Kuwabara halted in his progress towards them, mouth gaping in shock.

"I should have..." But before Yusuke could start in on his litany of self-abuse, Hiei lunged forward and suddenly pressed his lips against Kurama's.

Yusuke and Kuwabara stared, too bewildered and admittedly weirded out by the sight of Hiei kissing Kurama's lifeless body to say or do anything. The moment seemed frozen in time.

Then, Kuwabara gasped. "What's up?" Yusuke asked urgently.

"I don't know, but something's happening. Something big. There's all kinds of weird energy around them."

The boys looked back at the strange kiss taking place in front of them. Hiei didn't move at all, simply kept his lips pressed against Kurama's, and the energy built until even Yusuke could feel it - until, so slowly neither Yusuke nor Kuwabara was certain they saw it, Kurama arched into the kiss.

Then Hiei suddenly pulled away and flopped onto the ground, panting as though he'd run ten miles. Kurama coughed once and then started panting exactly as Hiei was.

"Okay... who wants to explain what happened?" Yusuke demanded.

Neither demon responded, apparently too exhausted to do so. Kuwabara took a step closer to Yusuke. "Hey, Urameshi, you okay?"

"Never better. Why, do I look injured or something?"

"Or something."


All heads turned as a new voice entered the conversation. Botan was standing in the doorway, looking extremely nervous and biting one of her fingernails. She was looking at Hiei. "That... wasn't very wise."