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Several months after that conversation, they again found themselves lying in the same bed, again from necessity, as they had just gotten through with a major mission from Koenma and were in desperate need of some rest. It was nearly three in the morning and they had just barely returned to Kurama's dorm room, which Hiei had been inhabiting off and on for the last few months. He spent a great deal more time with Kurama now, for it was unnerving being away from him and suddenly having his breathing stall or heart pound without knowing why. But there were other reasons too.

And other benefits, Hiei ammended, snuggling closer to his fox. Cozy, warm, cuddly benefits. None of which Hiei would ever admit to liking out loud. But from the sidelong looks and snickers he caught Yusuke and Kuwabara and Botan and Koenma and hell, just about everyone, engaging in, it was no secret.

He found he didn't care as much as he'd thought he would. It was Kurama, after all, that he was engaging in this cozy warmth with; Kurama, who was also a deadly killer and demon to be reckoned with. Kurama, who he trusted and lov--

Hiei sat bolt upright in bed. Kurama followed him up. "Hiei?"

"I just realized something," Hiei said, staring randomly at the wall.



"You nothing, that's what you realized?"

Hiei lay back down, and Kurama followed him, cuddling up to his side. "Tell me."

What the hell. "I just realized I loved you," Hiei said, trying to keep his tone casual.

He couldn't look at Kurama. There was a moment of silence, a moment that seemed to stretch into eternity for Hiei. Just as he was thinking he had better look at the fox he heard a soft, "Oh." Then, conversationally, "Well, it took you long enough."

Hiei's head snapped around. The expression on his face must have been truly worthwhile because Kurama, already smiling, began to shake with repressed laughter. "It took me long enough?" Hiei repeated incredulously.

Kurama nodded, and then couldn't keep from laughing any longer. Hiei stared for a moment, then growled and climbed over the chortling fox, pinning his wrists to the bed. "You," he said firmly, "are an idiot."

"But you love me."

"I love you."

Kurama leaned up for a kiss; Hiei met him eagerly. He released the fox's hands when Kurama struggled and was rewarded by arms wrapping firmly around his waist and pulling him close. "I love you too," Kurama finally consented to murmur into Hiei's ear.

"Took you long enough," Hiei growled.

Kurama kissed his eartip. "I love you, I love every second I spend with you, I love that you're onery and stubborn and I love that we're bound together by that Kiss. I wouldn't want to exist without you."

And Kurama pulled a very overwhelmed Hiei back down to the bed for a prolonged cuddle. It took Hiei a minute to get his voice back.

"I'm glad too," he said hoarsely. "Very glad."