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"Another 100 percent!" Shouted the amazed announcer as the enraged Bull rapid fired ten b-daballs at the pins knocking them down with ease. "Wow! Yamato will have a hard time keeping up with this feisty competitor."

"Here goes nothing! B-dafire!" Shouted Yamato as Cobalt Saber blasted another volley of b-daballs at the pins.

The timer rapidly depleted from ten seconds to one faster than Yamato had expected. He was tired and focusing was nearly impossible with Bull chuckling after every shot he took.

"Time's up!" The announcer shouted as the machine counted up his score. "Ut oh! Yamoto still has only one pin from 100 percent. This leaves Bull open for the win!"

Just as Bull stepped up confidently, his red hair faded back to his soft black hair. His eyes went from focused and threatening to his soft, round, and confused eyes.

"He, He." He giggled as he scratched under his eye putting up Helio Breaker for another round. "This is gonna' be fun!"

With that, Bull rapidly shot his round of b-daballs without any concern as the timer started counting down from ten to one. The crowd was silent and dead when Bull's stomach growled and he giggled again. None of the pins were hit.

"Well... Um, this sure is interesting." The confused announcer examined the small table, the amount of shots Bull took, and the lack of knocked down targets.

"Yeah! I won!" Yamato leapt into the air with happiness as he won his fourth tournament in a row. Bull in the background merely sighed. "I'm sorry Bull, maybe next time..."

The announcer approached Bull and put a microphone to his face and spoke clearly: "Bull, what do you have to say about this loss?"

"When's supper?" The crowd fell over and Bull scratched the back of his head giggling and laughing out loud again. "I'm hungry..."

That night at Yamato's house, Yomato is polishing his beloved B-daman. Bull, who is staying the night, finishes his fourth cup of soup and sighs.

"That's great! Thanks, Yamato's mom!" She merely smiles letting out a sigh of happiness for Bull.

From a distance lurked Ababa, his maroon tail flicked about in the twilight of the evening. "Ah yessss. Bull appears to have the capabilities the shadow alliance looks for in its members."

Enjyu snorted in protest as he flicked some of his red hair back. "Ababa, are you very sure about this? He only has powerful skill when his alter ego is in control..."

"But we can fix that." Ababa chuckled to himself, his large yellow eyes swept across the surroundings and he turned walking off, fallowed by Enjyu.

The next morning, the sun is blazing in the sky and Yomato and Bull are outside practicing for their next tournament. Yomato shoots a b-daball at a small rock pillar, making a large crack in it. Bull suddenly becomes louder, his hair flares up glowing a red color and his eyes spark with vigor.

"You wanna see how a true b-daball is fired!" roared Bull as he aimed Helio Breaker. "B-dafire!" The blazing red b-daball slams into the pillar breaking into many smaller chunks.

"It was only cause I weakened it..." Grumbled Yomato as Bull laughed out loud triumphantly.


I'm planning on making another chapter or two if you people like this one!