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As Albus looked over the charred remains of the Potter house in Godric's Hollow, he noticed movement from where Harry's room was at one point. Walking over, he saw Lily's body, and within his Gryffindor baby blanket, there was Harry just waking up from what appeared to a long nap.

"Merlin," thought Albus. " Harry survived Tom's curse, and it seems that the curse rebounded upon him, destroying him in the process."

Harry at this point looked up and his face cracked into a smile. "Alby!" he cried.

Albus scooped up the child and looked him over. He seemed fine, except for a lighting bolt shaped cut on his forehead.

"Well little man, what am I to do with you?"


Albus smiled slightly at the happy little boy in his arms. The same boy that just lost his parents and didn't realize it. Wondering what he was going to do with Harry, he remembered a certain talk he had with James just a simple three months ago.

"Albus, if anything ever happens to us during this war will you do one thing for us?"

Albus Dumbledore looked over his glasses at the man speaking to him. The man had the same messy black hair he had since birth, and from the child sitting on his lap, it appeared he had passed it on to his son.

"What is it James?"

"It is Lily and myself's wish, that if something happens to us that you take young Harry here in. The only other living relatives that we have are Lily's sister, and Petunia despises magic of all forms. We wish that Harry is raised by someone who will love him and can protect him."

"I'm honored you feel that way James, but why myself?"

"Because Albus, we saw how attached you became to him the day he was born. This little Marauder stole your heart and you can't deny it. I'm surprised he hasn't called you 'granddad' yet, with the amount of time he spends with you."

Albus chuckled at that. He had watched Harry a few times before when Lily and James went on missions, and he couldn't deny it, he was attached to the lad.

"Alright James, I see your point. I give you my word that if somehow, by some chance something happens to both you and Lily, I will take care of this young lad here."

"Thank you Albus. You do not know what this means to Lily and myself."

Thinking back and remembering his promise, he knew exactly what he was going to do with Harry. He was going to raise him just like James and Lily wanted him too. He knew his Deputy Headmistress would help him, seeing as she had become slightly attached to the child during the times that Albus sometimes babysat him.

"Harry, would you like to go and see Fawkes and Minerva?" Albus asked softly.

"Fwalks Fwalks!" cried the boy.

"To Hogwarts then," said Albus, and with that he disappeared into the night.

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