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Harry rolled out of bed on his birthday, only to be attacked by a hyperactive owl.

"Calm down and let me take the post from you!" Harry exclaimed as the bird flew in circles around his head. It wasn't about to let Harry untie its post, but instead dropped the letter on his head and flew out his window.

"Ruddy owl.." Harry began to say as he picked up the letter from the floor where it landed. There in his hands was his Hogwarts letter, the letter that told him he was accepted into this brillant school. He dove into some clothes and raced into Dumbledore's office.

"Papa! Papa! I got my letter!"

Albus chuckled as he answered his son, "Did you expect not to?"

"No sir, but why does it just say Potter on it? Aren't I your son?" Harry asked his father.

"Yes child, you're mine, but do you remember what I told you when you were younger and asked me about your name?"

"Yes, I know that you aren't my real papa, but I've lived with you for as long as I can remember and.." Harry said before Albus raised a hand.

"Yes, Yes Harry, but what did I tell you that day?"

Harry thought back to the day his Papa explained to him why he did not have the same name as him.

Seven year old Harry walked into his father's office after a lesson with Professor Snape, and he had a small scowl on his face.

"What's that face for child?" came the voice of his father.

"Professor Snape told me I'm just like my father, and he kept going on about James Potter. Yes, James is my real father, but you are my Papa now. Why does Professor Snape call me Mr. Potter and not Mr. Dumbledore?"

"He does child, because even though you are my son, I never gave you my name. You know that your parents were killed by Voldemort when you were just over a year old correct?" said Albus looking over his glasses.

"Yes sir, I remember. My mother and father wished that if anything happened to them during the war, that you would take me in and raise me as your son. So if I am your son, why is my last name not Dumbledore?"

"Do you wish it to be?" came his father's voice.

"Yes Papa, I want to be Harry Dumbledore," the seven year old replied firmly.

"Does Harry Potter-Dumbledore work for you?"

"It does. I just want to have your name for me too."

"I'll make you a promise, when you are eleven and have your Hogwarts letter in hand, you can choose if you still want my name. Deal?"


Harry smiled as he looked at his father, " I still want your name."

Albus was very happy to hear this. "Very well then, come here child, you need to sign something for that to happen." Reaching into a lower desk drawer, Albus pulled out the official adoption papers.

"How long have you had these Papa?"

"Since the night I picked you up," Dumbledore said simply. "They've been filled out since then as well, but I had decided to wait and let you choose if you wanted it or not."

"Of course I would have wanted it Papa. I love you," Harry said as he signed the papers.

"And I love you Harry James Albus Potter-Dumbledore."

"Where'd my extra middle name come from?" Harry asked looking up.

"When a new family member is brought into the Dumbledore family, they recieve another name, so I gave you mine. Do you mind, Harry?"

"No Papa, " Harry said as he hugged his father about the middle. " I like it just fine."

Albus returned the hug he recieved tenfold, he loved his child so much. "I'm glad you like it Harry, " he said as they finally broke apart.

"When can we go get my school things?" asked Harry all excited.

"Perhaps after lunch, it depends. Would you like Minerva to come as well?"

"Yes Papa, I want Min to come too. Can I go ask her?"

"Yes you may, " said Albus. "And can you ask her to come up here afterwards? There's some school business we need to take care of."

"No snogging?"

Chuckling Albus answered, " No, that's only after you're dead asleep."

Harry gave one of his trademark smiles, before hugging Albus one more time, and of course sneaking a lemon drop off his desk. He headed towards the door, slipping the candy into his mouth. He'd almost made it to the door when he heard his father behind him.

"Now where'd that candy go? Wait a minute.. Harry!" Albus said looking at his son's back.

Harry just turned and flashed the candy in his mouth before walking out, humming merrily to himself. Albus just sat behind his desk and retrieved another lemon drop from his desk drawer, while unwrapping the candy he had to laugh.

"Minerva was right when he was young. He's definetely my son."

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