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-----Chapter One

He couldn't help but stare. Lately, it was the only thing he could do. He couldn't explain it but every time he looked at her, or whenever she came into the room, his heart would skip a beat, he couldn't talk or breathe and he just felt tingly all over.


He sat up as he felt the sharp end of the pencil make contact with his arm.

"That's the third time you've poked me!" Gohan rubbed his arm.

"Well if you didn't space out so much I wouldn't have done it!" Erasa shot back.

They were, as usual, sitting class, passing some time before they were dismissed.

"Well don't poke me with a pencil!"

"Why not?"

"It hurts!"

"Would you two shut up," Videl snapped.

Gohan immediately became quiet but Erasa argued with her. Hoping she wouldn't notice, Gohan watch Videl from the corner of his eye.

"Nerd boy, stop it," Sharpner said noticing the look on Gohan's face.

"Stop what? I wasn't doing anything," Gohan replied innocently.

"Yeah you were. You were staring at Videl."

Gohan chose to remain silent but he could tell that she was watching him. He could feel her eyes burning into him. He tried to look busy.

What is with you, he thought. You're being a total weirdo right now!

Finally, to everyone's delight, the bell rung. Gohan quickly grabbed his things and took off for the roof.

"Hold it," Videl said before he could take off.

"Uh, hey Videl," Gohan replied nervously. "What's up?"

She moved closer and closer until their faces were only inches apart. Gohan slowly moved away.

"Erasa, Sharpner and I were going out, you wanna come?"

Gohan couldn't speak. She was so close. He tried to open his mouth but it remained shut as if his jaw was locked. Getting impatient, she put her hands on her hips.

"A response would be nice," she scowled.

"Um, I-I can't," he stammered. He could feel the blood rushing down to his cheeks.

"Suit yourself. Bye then," and with that she was on her way.

Gohan let out a sigh of relief before taking off for his house. He was surprised to see Trunks and Goten waiting for him outside.

"Hey guys," Gohan greeted them as he set his feet down softly on the ground.

"Gohan!" Goten exclaimed as he ran over and hugged him. "Where's Videl?"

Gohan blushed. "What made you think Videl was coming?"

"Well she's always with you."

"Well, she had plans. Where's mom?" Gohan asked his younger brother. "Hey there Trunks."

"Hey Gohan, is Videl your girlfriend," Trunks replied.

Gohan nearly fell over. "I'm sorry, what?"

"She's your girlfriend right?" Trunks asked again.

Gohan blushed again. "No! I have no clue what you're talking about."

"But mom says you and Videl are going to make her lots of grandkids," Goten said.

"Well don't listen to mom, she's crazy," Gohan laughed.

"What was that," Chichi asked as she stepped out of the house. Gohan's eyes instantly fell upon the shiny frying pan in her hand. He felt afraid.

"Uh, hey mom!" Gohan smiled nervously. "How're you?"

Chichi frowned before going back inside, muttering. Gohan let out another sigh of relief. Goten and Trunks looked up at him.

"Do you like her," Goten asked.

"Goten, she's our mom, I—"

"We meant Videl," Trunks rolled his eyes.

"Um… I uh, I don't— Stop asking me stupid questions!" Gohan said frustrated.

The two youngsters only grinned and began to dance around him, chanting, "Gohan likes Videl." He tried to get them but they took off.

Relieved that they were gone, he went into the house, heading for his room. He was in the process when he spotted the two kids floating near his window.

"Gohan likes Videl!" they taunted him.

"Grr! So what?" the demi-saiyan snapped.

The two became quiet. Then burst out laughing. Gohan glared at them. So what if he liked Videl anyway? It wasn't that funny. In fact, it wasn't funny at all.

"So, is she your girlfriend then?" Trunks asked again.

"No. I'm never asking her to be my girlfriend," Gohan replied.

"Why not? She's fun!" Goten countered flying through the open window.

"Even so, no way. Now why don't—"

"But Gohan," Trunks interrupted, "if you don't ask her out soon, someone else will."

"Let them," Gohan replied. "No."


"Come on guys, get out. I have work to do."

Disappointed, the two young saiyans took off. Gohan shut the door and looked at his reflection. What would he do if someone were to ask her out?

"Why do I care, I just like her, I'm not in love with her," he told himself, "and besides, who'd want to ask her out anyway?"

Laughing, he took out his books and began to work on his homework.

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