-----Chapter Sixteen

Gohan twiddled his thumbs. He felt very nervous as to what she was going to say. Did he really want to hear what she was going to say?

"Are you okay though? When you didn't come to school… I worried…" with a trembling hand, she gently of touched his forehead. "You're burning," she gasped.

Gohan remained silent. If she was going to tell him she chose Token, she should just spit it out. He hung his head.

"Where's that pin I gave you?" she asked.

"Huh?" Gohan asked.

"Never mind. I guess I should just tell you what I came for." Videl sighed. "Well, like I said, I read your letter."

Oh no… Here it comes… You're such a loser Gohan. You're a freak… Ugh.

She took his warm hands and smiled at him. What did this mean?

"I always knew you were hiding stuff from me, but I understand." She continued to smile. "I've… I've sort of… Had a crush on you for a while and we got to know each other better and… Well I kind of fell in love with you… Too…"

"But-But when you got t-the letter—"

"Oh, the secret admirer thing… I really did feel special and it was nice to get that kind of attention because you weren't giving me… It was stupid but I guess… It doesn't matter. I care about you."

Gohan was stunned. "You mean… You mean you don't think I'm a freak?"

Videl stared at him like she was crazy. She ran a hand through his hair.

"No, of course not. You're a great person Gohan and that's all that matters," she smiled.

Blushing, Gohan smiled. "So… Um… Will you be my girlfriend then?"

Videl threw her arms around him. "Like you even had to ask."


"Yes!" Goten exclaimed exchanging a high five with Trunks. "They look awesome together!"

Trunks peeked into Gohan's room. "Ew… They're kissing." Trunks giggled.

Giggling, the two boys took off to play outside. Back in the bedroom, Videl was rummaging through Gohan's desk drawer. Gohan closed his eyes for a moment.

"I found it!" Videl exclaimed and pulled out the pin she'd given him. She got back to the bed and put it on Gohan before placing a kiss on his forehead.

Gohan took her hand before she could pull it away. He gave her a faint smile, cupping her chin with his hand. Videl found herself having difficulty breathing. He was going to kiss her! Slowly the gap between their lips disappeared and she felt his warm sweet lips on hers. It was her first kiss and she knew that nothing could be sweeter than a first kiss. She looked up into his eyes and saw nothing but love.

"What're you thinking about," he asked once he'd pulled away.

"How this is the best day of my whole entire life," she rested her head on his shoulder. Yes this is love… And it is mine…

-----The End-----

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