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Chapter 1 "The Moonlight Shines"

The water reflects the blondes face, beauty, grace, who wouldn't love him. Naruto for once was speechless. For he had realized what his hopes and dreams are. It doesn't matter if he becomes a Hokage anymore. All that matters is winning the heart of a young Uchiha. People have told Naruto, that he does not know what love is since he is only 15. But he knows what it is, he feels it every time he's around or talks to Sasuke. Naruto wants to tell Sasuke, but he doesn't know what his reaction would be. All of a sudden a shooting star flies past
Naruto covers his eye and makes a wish "My love, my Sasuke. I wish he wouldn't look down upon me like others do. Think that I'm nothing, trash, just another beast. I want someone to care for me, someone to be there by my side. When I'm sad, someone will let me cry on their shoulder. I hope this wish will come true. Please, just this once may my wish me granted"
Tears flowed down Naruto's cheek. "Oh please, Sasuke, will you be mine." Naruto said wiping his tears. He heard bushes rattling across the pond he was by. "Who's ever there come out, I know you've been watching me." Naruto said standing up. "Oh shutup dobe its just me," said Sasuke with his usual smirk on his face. "Oh hey bastard, what are you doing out here this late at night?" asked Naruto with a confused look on his face. "I'd ask you the same thing. Anyways, I wanted to ask you something." "Oh, ok. What do you want to ask," Naruto said sitting down besides Sasuke. "Why do you like Sakura?" Sasuke asked gazing into the young blondes sky blue eyes. At night it seemed to sparkle as much. "Well lately, my feelings for her has been a emotional roller coaster. I don't like the way she treats or talks to me. She treats me like everyone else in the village. "Like trash". For once, I wish that I had someone to love me, and care for me. By the looks of it, it wouldn't happen." Naruto said, as a tear went down his cheek.
"Naruto don't say that, you know I care for you dobe!" said Sasuke trying to cheer Naruto up. "Tttthanks.. But I want someone to love me, like how Sakura loves you," said Naruto. "You call that love! I call that crazy. I swear, one day she snuck into my house and pulled out one of my hairs as I was sleeping to try and do some kind of love potion or something!" Sasuke said wiping Naruto's tear. "Heh, yea well I guess your right," Naruto said looking deeply into the Uchiha's onyx eyes. "Oh yea Naruto, someone does care about you. Someone does love you more then you think. There just afraid that you might not feel the same way," said Sasuke looking down into the pond. "Ha, I know Hinata likes me and all but she doesn't love me!" said Naruto smiling. "Oh, its not Hinata." said Sasuke looking at Naruto. "Hmm.. Sasuke don't play with me, no one loves me!" Naruto said putting his head in his hand and crying. "Sshh shhh don't cry, my dobe." Sasuke said as he pulled Naruto in for a passionate kiss.

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