this is my second DBZ fanfic, I'm not one my first one but I thought what the hell lets write a second one anyway hope you like pls review and tell me what you think.

The briefs were enjoying a nice quite morning until it was inturrupted by the sound of Bulma's morning sickness from being pregnant with their second child.

"I hate being pregnant," she said then felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see herseven year old son holding a towel for her, the woman smiled at him and gratefully took it from him," thankyou sweetheart AT LEAST SOMEONE IS TAKING CARE OF ME," Bulma yelled as her husband walked by the bathroom.

"Whatever woman where's my food," Vegeta replied knowing very well her head was about to explode and smiled evilly '' he counted down in his head before his wife ran out of the bathroom after him and he just laughed as he flew out of a nearby window to go train with Goku.

"Your a dead man when you get back you spicky haired jerk," yelled after him which was answered by a 'love you to cupcake' by her husband. She couldn't help but laugh as she shook her head and walked to the kitchen to make dinner.

"Hey you wanna help mommy make dinner Trunks," the boy quickly nodded his head happily as he followed his mother into the kitchen, the boy was very close to his mother because his father never wanted to spend any time with him, in a way it was an advantage on his part because not only could he cook, speak all kinds of languages and knew almost every type of dance there was,he also knew how the female mind worked. This was something his father would never know about because it would a weakness in his eyes, but as much as he could do these things, and liked them minus, the dancing, he enjoyed fighting and getting dirty like any other boy his ageand thought girls had cooties.

Bulma liked that Trunks could cook because he did most of the work while Bulma sat down getting the rest she needed being a pregnant mother," hunny come here," Bulma said motioning for the boy to come to her which hequickly obeyed and looked up athis mother innocently." I got something at the store for you today, its an early birthday gift," said handing him the small box. She watched smiling as he opened the box excitedly and pulled out the dog tags with his name ingraved onthemand hugged his mother tightly." I had it made from the strongest metalin the universe thanks to the Supreme Kaiso not even you can break it," she explained.

"Thankyou mommy," he said just before all the lights in the house suddenly went out leaving the mother and child in the dark.

Vegeta had been sparring with Goku at his house with his family watching happily when all of a sudden a huge explosion came right at them, Goku quickly grabbed his wife while Gohan got Goten out of the way of the blast while Vegeta flew up just barely avoiding it himself.

"What the hell was that?" Vegeta called to Goku who just shrugged his shoulders in reply "well aren't you a great help," he said drily before turning towards a maniacal laughter behind him to see a a man with long black hair going down his back in a braid wearing red and black clothing and piercing green eyes.

"So this is the prince of saiyans is it, well your highness allow me to introduce myself I am Mardoc I am a servant of Lord Fortknight and the executer of your wife, son and unborn childas well asyours in due time by the order of my master but for now my job here is done, I do look foward to killing you Prince Vegeta," the man said and just as quickly as he came he disappeared leaving Vegeta fumming.

Before Goku could say anything to the saiyan he took off at the speed of light trying with all his might to find the ki of his son and found it to be distubingly low. The thought of his dying family made him fly faster until he made it to their home and ran through the door to the smell of blood both human and saiyan.

"BULMA, BULMA ANSWER ME NOW," the saiyan yelled as he walked through his dark house in search of his family, finally he found a lightswitch and was sickened to find blood all over the walls, he followed the red trail upstairs to his bedroom where the trail stopped. He looked up and almost screamed at the sight of his unborn child's body hanging off the bedroom door by a large knife, for the first time in his life he wanted to cry ' it was a girl' he thought to himself as he opened the door to the bloody sight of his wife lying in a pool of her own blood and her stmach ripped open where they took out her child. He was trying to decide what sight was worse his child's or his wife's. Then another thought came to him and fear took over his entire body.


His thoughts were inturrupted when he heard a sound coming from the corner of the room, cautiously Vegeta walked over to where he heard the noise and knew instantly it was Trunks.

"Son its alright its me come on out its all over," he said gently

"I can't it hurts," he replied trying not to sob, the saiyan walked over to his son and he could see him better he saw that he too was in a pool of his own blood and shaking uncontrollably, there was a huge gash on his head and several deep cuts. What disturbed Vegeta the most was the bullet wound going through his son's chest and the fear in his young blue eyes as tears streamed down them. He couldn't believe it, his son should be dead how was he alive? Vegeta gently opened his son's shirt to see he was wearing a chain with dog tags on them, upon closer inspection he saw that the bullet was crushed against them with only a very faintscratch onit. Suddenly remembering what that day was he looked at the alarm clock which said 12:01 am and looked back at his frightened son.

"Happy Birthday Trunks."