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"VEGETA WHEN THIS IS OVER I'M NEVER HAVING SEX EVER EVER AGAIN YOU HEAR ME! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Bulma screamed from the delivery room while everyone sat in the waiting room listening to her ranting and winced looking over at the saiyan prince who seemed none to worried.

Vegeta glanced over at them with his eyes seeing everyone looking at him sympathetially almost and he glaring right back and said," I'm not worried, she said that while she was delivering Trunks and look where we are just seven years later," he said ruffling his son's hair," I'm just damn near irresistable."

Everybody in the room could not help but laugh their ass' off after that one astwo people walked intothe room thinking it was the doctor everyone turned to look at the newcomers., especially considering how protective of Zora he was.

"What exactly were you two doing?" Vegeta asked in a deadly toneglaring at Drac with a if-you-touched-her-I'll-kill-you look that scared the sprite a bit.

"Nothing really," Zora said casually with a smirk on his face," justsaw a movie, had some ice cream followed by some hot kinky sex," she explained as if it was nothing then counted down in her head till it would sink into Vegeta's head just what it was that she said.


"WHAT?" Vegeta screamed then stood up ready tojump the boy when his vision was suddenly blinded by a flash and the saiyan lookeddown to see the girl had a camera in her hand.


Before Vegeta could scream at her the doctor came in with a smile on his face and walked over to Vegeta holding his hand out for him to shake.

"Congradulations sir your wife and daughter are doing just fine and I believe your son already beet you to her recovery room," the doctor explained and it was then that Vegeta realised that Trunks wasn't there.

Zora was the firstto pull him in a hug to congradualte him along with Drac but Vegeta just glared at him as he huggedthe girl protectively and the blue teen just backed away slowly..

"Wise choice boy" Vegeta lipped to him and led Zora to Bulma's room.

"I don't think anything could possibly look more evil then that," Drac said standing beside Piccolo.

"What the hell do you expect boy your dating the girl he thinks of as his baby sister," Piccolo replied," and that man is insanely protective of all his girls."

"Gee I can't wait to tell him were engadged," Drac said drily walking towards the room with Piccolo's hand on his shoulder squeezing it sympathetically feeling bad for the kid.

"Hey dad," Trunks said as Vegeta walked into the room and smiled at the sight before him. There was his wife recovering from child birth, looking hotter then ever in his opinion, helping their son hold their tiny daughter.

"Hi daddy," Bulma said as Vegeta leaned down and kissed her gently

As he watched his family he couldn't help but be amazed that this moment had come at all, his wife with that beautiful smile on her face looking up at him with a look that make any man melt like butter, his son smiling like any kid should smile without a care in the world except holding his baby sister like a good big brother. Then there was Bra, according to Trunks looked like a wrinkly old man covered in goop, slept peacefully as he picked her up into his own arms. However he never expected to have Zora or her blue...friend here towitness the birth of his daughter but he couldn't be happier.


Vegeta carried the body of his wife as he landed on the planet Namek, Dende had already called in advance and asked the elders to gather the balls so everything was ready to go. One of the elders agreed to help Vegeta with the summoning of the dragon so he could back his wife and child.

"Go ahead son" the Namek said kindly.

The saiyan just smiled back then looked up at the dragon,"I wish for my wife to be brought back to life just the way she was when she died," Vegeta said hopping this would work.

"You do realise this will technically take up two wishes because the woman was with child, your sure there is nothing else in the world you wish for," the dragon said loudly.

The saiyan prince looked over at Drac and Zora while the girl held his son closwe in her arms and then to his wife and child lying before him.

"Yeah I'm sure"

"Then it is Done!" The dragon replied and with in minutes Bulma's eyes opened looking right at him.

"Vegeta?" she called.

The man bent down and picked up his wife holding her close," yes I'm here its ok."


"Yes Bulma"

"I really have a craving for pickles and peanutbutter and pecn pie covered in whip cream."

End of Flashback

"Fucking pickles," Vegeta mumbled to himself then realised sadly for her he buy all the pickles in the world without a second thought. Quite francly though he didn't give a dmn nor would he hve it any other way.

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