By: Nareiya


Athrun Zala is just the typical kind of dad that is such a workaholic and never attends in any of her daughter's school activities. One day, a fairy cursed him and he turns back into his 18-year-old self. What will he do? Please R and R!

Chapter One: The Curse and a Shocking Fact

It was like any typical Thursday morning. Athrun Zala wakes up promptly at seven in the morning and arrives at work at about quarter to eight. He places his suitcase neatly below his table and began to type in hyper speed in his latest laptop. By ten in the morning, his morning coffee arrived delivered by his secretary, Mia Campbell.

"Hey Athrun," again, she was trying to seduced him, "you want to go in a hotel later?"

Athrun knew that all the bitch wanted from him was two things. One, his riches, not to forget, his rich, as in. Probably richer than Bill Gates in this story. Two, his body. Why? Well, even though his already 33 y/o, he' still fit and not to mention, very handsome if only he will stop frowning and less the shouting to his employees. He feigned a smile, "Look here you-good-for-nothing-secretary," he became very mature and frank through the years, "The reason I hired you is because of Lacus' pleading and if you won't stop, I'll skin you alive."

She just rolled her eyes and stomped away from his office.

" Some peace and quite" he quietly chuckled to himself as he continued to type in hyper speed.

Outside of his office, specifically, the very filthy, unorganized desk of Mia Campbell…

I thought cute guys should be nice and all? I guess he is in a cranky mode right now, she told herself. Well, the reason Mia applied for Athrun is not for the two reasons that Athrun had thought about but because she is a visitador from the fairyland. Yup, the grumpy Zala was now sure in her list because she, being a good fairy, noticed that he does not spend quality time with her daughter and wife. I guess I should really do it because it is my job after all.

She snapped her finger and BOOM! She became a fairy! By the wave of her wand, she suddenly popped up at Athrun's office.

"Sorry lady, I'm not in favor of Halloween and of the 'trick or treat' kind of thing." He said lamely but he cannot help but to admire the fairy's beauty.

"Because of your lack of time to your family, I the majestic fairy, Mirinda (hey, that is the soft drinks, right? The commercial saying, "Ang hangin mo pare!" Anyway, back to the story, as I was typing…) sentence you to a month of growth de-spurt."

"Huh?" he was dumb founded.

Her eyebrows twitched, "It means you'll be young again, specifically, 18 because that is the age of your daughter."

"What the heck is that!" he shouted like an insane person. Actually, his becoming insane already.

"Bye Athrun!" she wave her wand and poof, he became young.

"You witch!" he pointed an accusing finger to her.

She snapped her fingers and returned to Mia. She smirked, "Oh guards, there is an outsider in Mr. Zala's office."

Then the guards came in and dragged and thrown him outside.

He kneeled, "Mia have mercy!"

"Too late wise guy." She answered back and laughed evilly.

Back with 18 y/o Athrun walking in a sidewalk, nearing the school of his daughter but he of course never realized that…

"When I'm back to normal, I'll chop her alive!" he cursed and he bumped into someone. It was the prefect of his daughter's school, "Where do you think you're going? Cutting classes aren't we, new student?"

"No, you've got the wrong guy! I'm already working!" he said and the prefect dragged him inside and throw him inside the office of Principal Joule.

"So you're the cutting class new student guy?" Yzak asked.

"Bastard! I'm not a student for Christ's sake!" he shouted.

"Saying profanities aren't we?" he pressed a button under his desk, "Shiho, get the student president to drag this guy in her class!"

"Right away Commander Joule!" she said jokingly.

Yzak's attention was now focusing in Athrun's physical appearance, Strange, he said, he looks like Zala, as in when he was 18…

Shiho went in without knocking, "Here she is."

Yzak slapped his forehead, "Shiho, how many times did I tell you to knock before entering and wait for a response?"

She looked at the ceiling, "I think I've lost counting."

He shook his head, "Just go now." And she left. Yzak faced the two students, "Alex, you're in charge of this guy, okay? Drag him wherever you go and even at your house."

"But you know how daddy's going to kill me if he sees a guy with me. Thank god he didn't find out about my ten boy friends that you've recommended just for the JS prom last year."

"Well, he's not going to kill you because that guy who called me 'bastard' looks like an 18 y/o version of your dad." He answered back.

She looked at him, "No way can my old man look like that! Let us face the fact, he is old, grouchy, does not care about me and mom but just his work because his probably having an affair with the bitch, Campbell."

"If ever you prove that, I'll be your lawyer and we'll file an annulment."

"Thanks uncle. So now, he's number eleven in my boy friends list." She said as she wrote in a small notebook, "Well of to class." She left and he followed.

Athrun just cannot believe what came out from his daughter's mouth. Is he that bad as a father to her? Well, he'll try to fix it and have some bonding time together.

End of Chapter One

Author's Note:

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