Angela and Tony continue to kiss in the stygian tunnel. Gently, Angela pulls herself away, only to have his lips find hers again.

"Tony," Angela murmurs, "The carnival is closed, we really should be going."

"I don't wanna leave", Tony pouts reluctantly releasing Angela from his embrace.

Knee-deep in water once again, Tony lifts Angela from the inanimate swan. As he does so, her shoe falls off her foot. As Angela's feet touch the midway's grassy ground, she looks up and the bright lights of the carnival cause reality to set in; and Angela's mind to wander.

"Those feverish kisses in the darkness"…she rationalizes within herself; "Were they really real?" "Those three little words that cathartically erupted from lips—she didn't question him then, elation took over for rational thought; and her warm smile invited his lips to hers. She had wanted to hear those words so badly that she hadn't even considered if he really meant them.

Tony's voice calls her out of her 'rational' reverie. "Here you go, Cinderella" he says, as he kneels down to delicately place the shoe on her bare foot. Standing, he kisses her cheek and with a hint of playful laughter says, "Or should I just call you Ingrid?" When Angela's light laughter doesn't ring out in the dark night, his laughter fades as well.

"Angela"… Before he can even ask her what's wrong, she quietly inquires, "Tony, do you really love me?" "It's just—I keep thing to myself, did we really just fall in love at a carnival?" "This whole night just feels so surreal; I mean carnivals are designed with a fairy tale's purpose in mind: to divert people away from reality." She looks at him pensively, "I mean, who knows what emotions really lurk behind a clown's happy mask." As she says this, she avoids his warm gaze by looking at the pink high heeled shoes on her feet.

"I always said you had warm toes." He cupped her face in his hands as she looked into his eyes. "Angela, as I was retrieving your shoe I kept thinking how fate changed the course of my… no, 'our' life in a matter of two minutes. "And I was gripped by fear…scared of the transition …of you, my boss…best friend, and now…he kisses her and her lips meet his instantly.

"Angela---the thing is, we haven't been in love for two minutes, and we've fallen love over the course of seven years." "And yes…I do love you; and if the fantastical world of carnivals and fortune-tellers helped me to realize that, then these two minutes have been the happiest of my life."

….Is that so, Prince Tony, or should I call you 'Anthony', Angela asks laughing.