Okay, this is going to be a chaptered story, so don't panic at how short it is. This is chapter one of A Foxes Den

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Naruto's characters, not even Akamaru.

Summery: To escape Valentine's day and all that comes with it, Sasuke uses an untested jutsu and lands himself in the foxes den.

Warning: This story will contain language and sasunaru. Buyers beware.

A Foxes Den

If he had known this was going to happen, he never would have tried it in the first place.


Sasuke cringed, turning slowly towards the high-pitched sound. It was his worse than he could have imagined. His fan club. His whole fan club. Well, at least the section from the village.

What in hell? Thought Sasuke, backing slowly away from the mass of girls (and boys), who looked as if they'd jump him at any minute. The only reason they ever swarm is on a holiday…Thought Sasuke, Trying to piece together a reason for this unexpected mob Oh shit! Today's the fourteenth!

Sasuke, you see, had forgotten that the fourteenth of February was Valentine's Day, also known as the day of bleeding ears and ripped clothes. The day he usually spent hiding in his house. The day he loathed above all others. The day he had forgotten existed this year. How could I have forgotten such a thing? I usually mark these things on the calender.

"Sasuuuke? Won't you eat my home made chocolate?"

He had known something was wrong as soon as he had woken up this morning. He had felt it in the air. But, being in a rush to go train, and better himself, he had shaken off the feeling and left the house. This was his first mistake. A shinobi should always trust their senses, rule three hundred and two in the big shinobi handbook. How could he forget?

"Sasuuuuuke, let's run off and get married!"

"Shove off, I saw him first!"

"No way, I saw him way before any of you even knew he existed!"

"Oi! Sasuke no baka! What in hell are you doing over here? We were supposed to start training fifteen whole minutes ago? Are you daft?"

Now there was a voice that didn't belong within the high-pitched squeals of his fan club. Sasuke turned to his left, spotting the bright orange blur right away. Thank God, I thought I would be stuck here for hours.

Naruto pushed his way through the swarm of lovesick females (and males), until he finally reached his best friend, who had been backed against the fence. Naruto gave him a funny look, trying to piece together the situation, before his face spread wide in a fox like grin.

"So, were you planning on missing training to play with your harem, Sasuke-chan?" Sasuke fought the urge to reach over and strangle the idiot. So much for being saved.

"You know that's not what happened, dobe," growled Sasuke, wishing, yet again, that he had stayed in bed this morning. "Even you're not that stupid."

"You can't call me names, bastard!" yelled Naruto, ignoring the dirty looks the mob of girls (and boys) were giving him.

"I just did" stated Sasuke, forgetting his situation, and the teeny, tiny fact that Naruto was his last hope to get out of this mess alive (without killing anyone of course).

"Well then, see if I help you out, you complete jerk! Bastard!" Naruto stalked away, blind to the looks of utter mortification Sasuke was sending in his direction. Number one rookie my ass. I'm dumb as a post. Thought Sasuke, beating himself up for his mistake while raking his brain for another solution to his current problem. He could pound Naruto into paste after he escaped.

Dumb blond, leaving me here to fend for myself. What in seven hells am I supposed to do? It's not like I can slit their throats. I'm almost positive it would piss Hokage off (though maybe not, I mean who would miss a flock of whiny girls?). I don't even have a jutsu that would work in this situation…unless… I mean it's untested, but…maybe if I…

A cloud of smoke suddenly surrounded the girls, making it impossible for them to see the object of their affections. When the smoke had finally dissipated, Sasuke was gone, and a small wolf cub was running hurriedly towards the forest. This of course, was Sasuke's second mistake. Rule twenty one clearly stated that a shinobi must never, ever use a untested jutsu. That would be just plain stupid.