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Summery: To escape Valentine's day and all that comes with it, Sasuke uses an untested jutsu and lands himself in the foxes den.

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As an extra note, when the animals are talking to each other, their speech will be underlined. Okay?

A Foxes Den

Welcome, said Kit proudly, to The Foxes Den.

Sasuke just stared. The voices continued to echo from the cave in a ghostly chorus. He was unsure of what to think. Stepping forward after Kit as he slowly descended into the cave, Sasuke couldn't shake the feeling of foreboding.

They walked for what seemed like eons to Sasuke, though it couldn't have been more than a few minutes. His paws scratched on the rough stones as the silence stretched out between the two animals, unnerving Sasuke more than he'd ever admit. He was unused to Naruto's silence. Hell, the two words didn't even belong in the same sentence. Finally, Sasuke saw the light at the end of the tunnel, in a quite literal sense. Squinting his eyes against the harsh glow, Sasuke stepped out into a clearing.

Oh my god thought Sasuke, looking around the crisp clearing. The voices had stopped, but Kit was more than willing to fill the silence.

So, what do you think? Pretty cool, right? Said Kit, circling around the stunned wolf cub. This is The Foxes Den; home base of the rebellion.

Kit then turned and looked around the clearing with narrowed eyes. Come on out guys, he's with me.

At his command, animals of all species came into view, leaving their various hiding places. Sasuke stared in awe as cougar sat beside a squirrel, who sat beside a rabbit, who sat beside another wolf. They made no move to attack each other, just sat there looking at Kit, respect obvious in their eyes.

All right troops, listen up! Yelled Kit suddenly, addressing the animals. There was silence for a moment before the fox fell to his side, making what Sasuke presumed were chuckling noises. The other soon joined in, gathering around the red pile of fur and speaking words of welcome.

Sasuke sat bewildered in the corner, eyes the size of saucers. What the Hell is going on around here? Thought the cub, wishing very much that the world would make sense again.

As if sensing his distress, Naruto got up and made his way over to Sasuke, still laughing softly.

This, started Kit, is a friend of mine, cocking his head in Sasuke's direction. It seems he was separated from his tribe. If any of you recognize him speak now, or forever hold your peace. When Kit received no answer besides a few giggles, he continued; all right then. We wait until Jingo gets back with his report.

An angry murmur went through the crowd of about twenty.

Captain said the Cougar, stepping forward out of the crowd, do you mean to tell us that you sent that traitor out in your name?

Sasuke swung his head in Kit's direction, startled by the title. Captain? Naruto is a captain? Of a rebellion? Thought Sasuke, yet again wondering what he actually knew of his blond companion.

I sent Jingo out, yes. He has sworn to deliver a message to the wolf tribes on our cub friend. You all know that he was my fastest messenger, stated Naruto, staring down the mob of beasts.

The animal shifted uncomfortably, and this time a sparrow hopped forward. But Captain, how are you sure he will not once again sell you out? He has done it once before, he will do it again! Several animals nodded their heads in agreement.

Kit shot them a dark look, before shaking his head sadly. What Jingo did was wrong, we all agree on this, but I am nothing if not forgiving. You all know this. I will give him a second chance.

Kit then looked away, any remains of the conversation wiped from his face and replaced with a fox-like grin. Now, please make our guest feel welcome as we await news of his tribe. Kilia and Tyhero, come with me.

Sasuke was unable to see whom Kilia and Tyhero were before he was surrounded by a mass of well wishing animals.

Oh, you poor dear! So young and so far from home!

Can I get you anything?

Boy, are you ever a cutie!

Sasuke turned his head in the direction of the last speaker. The wolf he had seen earlier was leaning over him, making strange cooing noises. She was obviously female.

Oh wow, you are absolutely darling. I would take you right now if you were older!

Sasuke's eyes continued to grow wider as the she-wolf listened off the many things she would do to him when he was older. Finally, Naruto came back form wherever he had gone, just in time to save Sasuke from further embarrassment.

The sun will be setting soon, stated Naruto/Kit, let's see if Jingo came through, or if I have to hunt him down and wear his intestines as a coat. Sasuke cringed at the sudden mental picture Naruto had been kind enough to call up.

The animals sat in silence, watching the sun sink beneath the mountain peaks. Sasuke sat lost in his own thoughts concerning the past few days.

My world no longer makes sense! Life made sense before, in its own strange way. Now I am stuck as a wolf, surrounded by a rebellion of animals, in a forest with a mafia, beside my best friend, who uses pink bubble bath and is a fox! Heck, I know jack shit about him. His likes, his dislikes, what he does in his spare time. Sasuke suddenly thought back to the note from last night, His pains and sorrows. I know absolutely nothing. Sasuke severely wished for a wall to slam his fist into. He also wished for a fist, come to think of it.

Sasuke heard a scuffling behind him, coming from the mouth of the cave. It was obvious that the other animals heard it when they turned as one to look into the darkness, several of them glaring and growling.

Finally, the ball of fluff that was Jingo skittered out of the cave and tumbled in front of Kit. His chest was heaving and it was obvious that he had run a very long distance in a short period of time.

Still catching his breath, Jingo managed to deliver his report. Captain, I asked the East and South Tribes, but they've lost none since the spring. The Urgazhi Tribe is all accounted for and the Aurenen Tribe has found the bodies of those killed in the last week. All in all, none of the tribes claim to be missing any young.

Kit looked at Jingo for a moment, staring him down, before turning his gaze thoughtfully to Sasuke.

If what Jingo said is true, and it better be if he knows what's good for him, this cub is either an outcast or from elsewhere. Since he cannot speak, it seems that investigations are in order. We will set off tomorrow in an Omega Pattern. Kilia will check our east connections, and Kasato will check the west. I want Tomoyo on the air and Beetle along the rushes. I want this mystery solved and soon. It will only be a matter of time before the humans realize I am gone. I want his tribe found before then. Naruto looked over his "troops" as they nodded their heads in agreement.

He then broke into a wide grin, all seriousness forgotten. Until then, I want you all to relax and have a good time. Let the festivities begin! Kit shouted, followed by the roar of his faithful followers.

Three hours later, when what Sasuke assumed was an animal party had died down, Naruto made his way over the sleeping bodies to where Sasuke sat, a bewildered expression plastered on his face. There is no way any of this is real…It's all one fucked up dream that was induced by something equally fucked up. However much he tried to convince himself that it was all a dream though, he knew deep down that it wasn't. He also knew deep down that he'd be in counseling until he was forty.

Hey, how you feeling? Asked Kit, siding up to Sasuke. I'm really sorry that we couldn't find your tribe today, but I promise that we will. My team has yet to fail me. Sasuke just shook his head thanks, knowing that they would never actually be able to find his "tribe".

Until then though, said Naruto, a sheepish smile across his snout, you should get some sleep. Too much partying will tax your strength. Come on, you can share my bunk tonight.

Kit got up and walked away, obviously expecting Sasuke to follow him. Blushing (or as close as a wolf could get to blushing) Sasuke soon followed.

Forget forty years of counseling, thought the cub, I'm defiantly going to be in counseling until I die. Which actually might be quite soon considering my current luck…

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