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The First Time Sesshomaru Lied

Sesshomaru never lied.

He had no need to. He was a feared and powerful demon, the Lord of the Western Lands. Why should he give any thought to what effect his words might have?

So when Rin, who had gotten into one of her particularly chatty moods that day, started to bombard him with questions, he had no thought of sugarcoating his answers for the amusement of the 8-year-old girl.

Before she met Sesshomaru, Rin had never been too far from the boundaries of her village. But now in the short time that she had lived with him, she had seen more strange places than she could have ever hoped to see in her entire life otherwise.

And she was sorely disappointed. Rin had dreamed that the world outside her village was a fantastical place where mystical creatures sprang to life out of thin air and nothing was what it seemed. Surely the world couldn't be as boring as it appeared to be.

But it was. For every extravagantly bizarre demon they would run into on their travels, they passed a thousand more mind-numbingly dull rocks, rivers, and trees.

It wasn't nearly enough to satisfy the imagination of the lively little girl.

"Lord Sesshomaru, could you bring that rock to life with Tenseiga?" She pointed to a stone at the edge of the riverbank they were passing by.

Sesshomaru kept walking.


A few moments later, Rin held up a small stick in her hand.

"What about this twig? Could you bring it to life?"

Sesshomaru kept walking.


Rin dropped the stick, and stared at the sky.

"How about that cloud? If you flew up there and used Tenseiga, would it come to life? And then it'd float around the sky as some cloud monster, and it'd wonder where all the other cloud monsters are, and then you could bring another cloud to life so it'd have a friend and it wouldn't be lonely anymore . . ."

Sesshomaru kept walking.


Rin looked at her feet dejectedly. "Aww. But I thought Tenseiga was a magic sword."

"It doesn't work that way. Tenseiga can only revive something that was once alive."

Rin was uncharacteristically quiet then. She furrowed her brow.

"Lord Sesshomaru, where do babies come from?"

Sesshomaru stopped walking.


"I was thinking about the difference between rocks and twigs and clouds and living things, and what makes something come to life in the first place. So, where do babies come from?"

Rin looked up at Sesshomaru with innocent eyes. Sesshomaru glanced at Jaken, but found no help there. Rin's question had embarrassed Jaken so much that he had turned from his normal shade of olive green to beet red. Sesshomaru looked back at Rin, who still had that damn angelic look on her face.

He would have to do it. He would have to give her a straight answer. There was no other choice.


And quickly Sesshomaru turned away and started walking again, a bit faster than before.

A huge grin appeared on Rin's face. Suddenly the world didn't seem so boring anymore. She skipped along after Sesshomaru.

"And Rin?"

"Yes, Lord Sesshomaru?"

"No more questions today."

And that is how Sesshomaru came to tell his first lie.