The sequel to Fire Thunder, Lightening. Takes place years after FTL. Contains Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 and Yu Yu Hakusho AN-I don't think Inuyasha has a last name, so it's going to be Higurashi Disclaimer- I don't own any of the previous listed anime The New NWC Chapter 1 The Higurashi Family Kagome was making dinner in the kitchen of her home in the Feudal Era when her son Akira popped out of nowhere right in front of her.
" Akira? How you do that?" Akira smiled and jumped off the table. He was now a teenager by human standards, he was wearing a a lab coat made of fire rat fur and matching pants.

" It was simple, all I had to do was switch the air I was standing it at Uncle Fluffy's castle with the air here. Therefore I'm carried along with it."

" You must spend all your time studying with Sesshoumaru."

" Oh yeah, I gotta keep up with Michiko." Akira spent the last few years at Sesshoumaru's Castle learning more about Alchemy. " Is Shippo here?"

" No he's off somewhere with Souten." Said Kagome. (cue glittery background) " It's so rommantic, the two of them, traveling together, sleeping under the stars in each other's arms." Akira sweatdropped.

" ...Right. And Akemi?"

" Out back training with your father." Akira went their and saw his sister and his dad fighting. Akemi was also a teenager, still prefering to wear her fighting kimono.

" Iron reaper!" Akemi shouted she dove towards Inuyasha, he jumped away and Akemi only hit the ground, Inuyasha lunged to attack, but Akemi pushed off with the hand in the ground using her momnetum to luanch her into a double kick, catching her dad in the stomach and knocking him on his back. She lunged to finish him but Inuyasha rolled over, getting to his feet in mid roll and tackling his daughter. He pined her to ground and placed his other claw at her neck.

" Akemi, you're dead." He said. Akemi groaned.

" I still can't beat you." She said as she got up.

" You're getting better, you almost had me that time."

" Hey sis, you know for momment it looked like my brother was fighitng with our father." Akemi glared at Akira while Inuyasha laughed silently. It was a joke amoung them that about Akemi's feminine assets or lack there of.

" I'm surprised you were able to spare a momment from your precious Michiko!" There was also a joke amoung them about Akira and Michiko as a couple.

" Michiko and I are sworn rivals!" Akira shouted back.

" Yeah, yeah, sure sure."

" Dinner time!" Called Kagome. They had dinner together and talked about random things until dinner was over.

" Akira you picked a good night to come home, since it's the night of the new moon, we go back to visit your obaa-san." Akira and Akemi smiled, like typical grandparents, their obaa-san spoiled them rotten when they visited. They all jumped through the well and arrived at Higuarashi Shrine. They were meet by a small fox with a mixure of silver and gold fur. Kagome picked up the kit and rubbed it behind the ears.

" I knew it was only a matter of time." She said to herself. " Otou-chan, your daughter is adorable." Two vases in the well house transformed in to Souta and Kina, they were both adults now.

" I know, Oka-san was gushing over her for the past hour."

" What's your name little one?" Kagome asked while tickling her under the chin.

' On no, she's turning into mom!' Thought Souta.

" We named her Emi." Said Kina.

" Uncle Souta, why were you and Aunt Kina disguised as vases?" Asked Akemi.

" Hide and Go seek." The kitusne said. The group went to the main house.

" Kagome, welcome back." Said Mrs. H.

" Good timing Kagome, we need to talk about something." said Ji-chan.

Sometime later

" A haunted temple huh?" said Inuyasha.

" Yes, the local houshis and mikos have been unable to exorcise it, and they have requested our help." Said Ji-chan

" I heard lots of werid stuff happens in Nermia." Said Kagome.

" It sounds like fun! Let's go!" Said Akemi.