I've decided to restart The New Nerima Wrecking, When looking back on pervious chapters I think I do a lot better. But I'll give a preview of an upcoming chapter.

On the road to Nermia there was a family on their way to a new life. But not all was well."

"Oka-san, I don't want to live in Nermia."Said a girl in the backseat. She had black hair, blue eyes and was wearing a red and pink skritt and top combo. " Demons live there, bizzare stuff happens and the local martial artists are so destrutive they're called the Nermia Wrecking Crew."

" Kimiko where did you hear such things?" her oka asked.

" The kids at school."

" They must be rumors." Her otu said. " There is nothing strange in Nermia." Suddenly the roof of the car buldged down as if something had just landed on it. Seconds later there was another thud. The family looked out and saw a red haired girl wielding a sword twice as tall as she was chasing a brown haired girl.


" RIGHT NOW I'M A GIRL!" The other girl shouted. The red haired one swung her sword at her prey, who ducked and the energy beam that came from the sword demolished a nearby building instead. The two continued car hopping through the city.

"Just some deliquients, the police will handle them." The father explained.

Suddenly the car was tipped over and the family rushed out of it. They looked on the other side of the car to see a black haired fanged man wearing a brown brown shirt and pants and carrying an umbrella. Then they saw the hole he came out of.

" Now where am I?" The boy saw the overturned car and bowed. " Sorry I'll fix it." He grabbed the side of the car and pulled it back on it's wheels. The family just stood with their jaws open. " Could you tell me where Nerima is?" They merely pointed in the right direction. " Thank you."

" It must have been a lunatic that escaped from the asslyum." The father explained again.

They heard the roaring of jets and looked up to see a giant mecha turtle fly down to the road, eat their car, and fly off.

" Well Otu-san do you have an explaination for that?" Kimiko asked. Her father ignored her and started walking towards the Nerima ward, his family following.

They passed a sign that said

" Welcome to Nerima, may you live in intersting times."