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Conrad waited outside the Maou's bedroom, hunched over in thought.

He should have been rejoicing. Both boys were alive, and the rescue trained soldiers and medics had been in place to clean up the damage that had resulted from the battle.

Yet somehow he could still feel the sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

He could remember the words that Shinou had spoken to him, about how he would be unable to forgive, but maybe understand.

That he had taken Julia away from him, and would take Wolfram.

Had Julia ever been his to begin with?

He looked up at the tap of a cane as Wolfram paced back and forth down the halls, muttering to himself. The blond youth was touching his chest every so often, and wheezing with the effort of being up and about.

The wounds he had sustained- the stab through the chest, notably- had been healed to the point of Wolfram pulling through; however it was not complete. Yuuri could heal, and he was able to bring Wolfram back from the brink, but had he done more he would have burned out his Maryoku and died as well. That he had enough power to save Wolfram was part of his contract with Shinou.

How would Shinou take Wolfram? He had thought, at the time, it would mean that Wolfram would die in the battle. The thought had sickened him but… it was always a possibility.

After all, it would have been something Wolfram would have agreed with. But now… what did it mean?

Watching his little brother, he had to wonder, how much time did the prince have left?

The sound of soft lullaby was what woke Yuuri from his deep sleep. He knew it was impossible for him to be hearing what he was hearing; after all, he'd given up Earth.

His mother should not be singing one of her silly little songs to him, and he had to tell this dream to go away.

Opening his eyes, he froze.

"Mom?" he whispered, croaking when he saw her warm brown eyes looking down at him.

"Hello, Yu-chan," she said, smiling down at him.

Too many emotions went through Yuuri at that moment: joy that he had seen his mother again, and stepping on its heels was terror.

"Wolfram- where's Wolfram?" He sat up, shaking with the effort. His bones were watery and even breathing seemed like too much effort.

"Oh, Yu-chan," the lovely woman said, sighing dramatically, and Yuuri of course took it the wrong way.

"It didn't work?" he exclaimed, tears welling up in his eyes. "He died and they sent me home? Mom- no- please tell me he didn't-"

The entire palace had to have heard his hysterics, but he barely noticed that his brother and father had pounded into the room (and he was so out of it he didn't notice he was in the castle).

Gathering him into her arms, Miko rocked him back and forth while he cried himself out.

"Yu-chan, it's all right, it's going to be all right," she crooned- and Yuuri looked over her shoulder in time to see the door slam open. (Again)

"Yuuri!" Greta cried, charging to the bed to dive bomb tackle her shell shocked father and grandmother. His mind refused to connect the room with his family-

"Why are you caterwauling?" Wolfram grunted sourly, limping into the room after the girl.

Yuuri froze as his lungs locked. Relief made him dizzy as the room went silent at the man's entrance- a moment before Yuuri shrieked, throwing himself at his lover and dropping them both to the floor.

The only thing louder than Yuuri's delighted (incoherent) wail was Wolfram's yelp of pain.

"Yuuri! That hurts!" he bellowed- or tried to, because he had gone pale as a sheet and was coughing. The Maou slid off him, hands fluttering down to Wolfram's half open shirt to see the bandages wrapped around chest.

"You're alive?"

"Yes," Wolfram answered, sitting up and coughing, too sore for mockery. He did not look any better than Yuuri felt. His own hands went to Yuuri's face.

"You have any idea how worried I was?" his voice cracked.

"You were worried about me? Me? You were the one who was stabbed through…" Yuuri trailed off, before rocking backwards and hugging his knees. "Dear god, what did I do?"

"That wasn't you," Wolfram wheezed. "That was not you, Yuuri! That was another person and another life, and you defeated it! Don't you dare waste a minute being depressed!"

Relief at seeing his family was immediately stepped on by self recrimination and then followed by confusion.

"Who- how- why-"

Wolfram grunted and sat up. "You made a deal to not go back to earth. Shinou was inclined to be nice and found a loophole. Ulrike was able to bring your family here." He smiled then. "I love you so much."

There was a full body hug followed by a grunt of pain as Wolfram repeated Yuuri's relieved tackle.

"Don't you ever, ever do that again. You hear me?"

"How did you-"

And for the third time, the door slammed open, admitting Gunter and Gisela. Gunter began trying to flood the palace with his tears while Gisela tried to make them remember they were injured and please get off the floor and back into bed, Heika, your Maryoku is still low and Wolfram you are still injured! Oh! Heika!

The two older brothers, Gwendal and Conrad both followed, crowding the bedroom further, as Yuuri shakily got to his feet and pulled Wolfram with him, whimpering softly when his lover winced.

"All right," Yuuri whispered, looking at his assembled family and loved ones. "What happened?"

"To make a long story short, you were possessed by the boxes because you were apparently the reincarnation of the Sovereign and Wolfram made a bargain with Shinou to do whatever was necessary to save you and was possessed by him. You had the typical Big Ass Fight at the end of the movie, blew a lot of things up, he was stabbed and-" Murata started, standing in the door.

"I remember that part," Yuuri interrupted, feeling faint. He wished he didn't. In fact he wished…

"Are you all right? What do you remember?" Wolfram asked, sitting down on the bed and pulling Yuuri to him.

Yuuri didn't object to the public display of affection, resting his head against Wolfram's shoulder, and then pulling away because of Wolfram's grunt. Wolfram sighed in exasperation and pulled Yuuri to him again.

"I'm not going to break."

Yuuri smiled weakly, and then shook his head. "It was like watching a scratched up dvd. Kind of." His smile turned pained. "It skipped around so much… sometimes I would see what I was doing and I would be in control and other times it would be someone else, and they were telling me things…" He shivered.

Wolfram petted his head, and Yuuri blushed at the contact. "I knew… only a few things. When I hurt Wolfram-" and he twisted quickly to cover his lover's mouth. "I became angry enough to throw that thing out."

The blond looked mad, though Yuuri thought he looked just as tired.

"Well, it really wasn't Wolfram you stabbed, if that makes you feel better," Yozak said. He had arrived on the heels of the brothers. He and Murata had the good sense to stay at the door. "It was Shinou."



"The Original Maou. The first king. The guy who sends me back and forth between worlds. The guy who made that contract with Wolfram-"

"How'd you know about the contract?" Wolfram demanded.

"Because you- wait," Yuuri stopped, having a feeling whatever he heard next, he wasn't going to like it. Turning to the blond, he held his breath.

"Do you remember anything about the past year?"

Wolfram shook his head. "No. How did you know about my contract?" his voice was tight.

"Ah, well, Shibuya," Murata said, shifting uncomfortably. "When you were possessed, Wolfram made a bargain with Shinou… His soul was in the Seal while Shinou fought."

Yuuri had a feeling there was more to it than that, but Wolfram pulled Yuuri to him again.

"What the hell possessed you to give up Earth to save me?" he demanded, but the headlock was strangely absent.

"What did you give up to save me?"

Wolfram did give him a headlock this time. "Don't worry about it! It's nothing! You're alive, that's all that matters!"

Yuuri would have pressed, but he saw Murata shake his head, and exchange a strange look with Yozak… and Conrad looked worried.

Wolfram turned his grip into a hug. "Don't worry about it. I knew what I was doing and we're together. That's all that matters."

Somehow Yuuri knew he should ask more, but if Wolfram didn't want to talk about it… and besides, everyone was there. He could grill his lover later.

He frowned, briefly, and twisted around again.

"Wolfram, you know, there was something I'd been thinking about before all this happened."

The excited babble from the group paused when Yuuri spoke, noting that his eyes had narrowed.


Yuuri's hand arched upwards, open handed to collide with Wolfram's cheek with a resounding crack.

Smiling with satisfaction, Yuuri nodded to himself. "And that is what you get if you ever do something so stupid again."

The family from earth was rather shocked when the Shin Makoku people began to applaud, or when Wolfram leaned in to kiss Yuuri deeply.

Conrad cleared his throat, turning to them. "He asked for Wolfram to marry him," he explained quietly. The confusion cleared from their faces… Then Miko started to bawl, saying her baby was all grown up… Shori and Shouma just seemed resigned. The boy was a king after all…

Besides, he looked so happy. How could they deny him that?

Murata chuckled softly, and then slipped outside.

"Oi! Geika!" Yozak called, pulling his horse to a halt behind Murata's when he arrived at the Palace of the Original King.

"Yozak? You didn't have to come after me," he said to his friend, dismounting and tying up his horse.

"I was just wondering if you couldn't stand to watch anymore, that's all," the redhead answered laconically. Murata chuckled.

"Not that at all, actually," the Great Sage murmured. "I was actually coming to check on something. I have a hunch…"

Yozak's eyebrow rose, following the black clad youth as he picked up a lantern and wandered into the bowels of the castle.

Had he not been with Murata, who clearly knew his way, Yozak would have been tempted to be afraid of the dark.

The hallways were thick with dust and cobwebs, giving rise to his suspicion that no one had been there for decades, if not centuries. In fact, he thought that maybe no one had been there since the building was constructed.

"Ah, here we go," Murata said softly, stopping before a pair of stone doors. They were carved with symbols from a language long lost.

"What are you looking for?" Yozak finally asked when he got tired of not knowing. He didn't think Geika would take him some place dangerous… though he was starting to be extremely curious…

"I was coming to visit an old friend," Murata said, giving him a vaguely mysterious smile. "You might want to say hello as well."

Yozak opened his mouth to comment before Murata pushed the doors inwards.

Inside was a small room, oddly devoid of dust, and a glowing altar in the center. It was surrounded by shimmering runes.

Yozak's mouth went dry as the stronger light of the lantern fell on the figure atop the altar.

"Shi- Wolfram?"

Murata nodded, and Yozak walked in, taking a closer look.

Time had not been kind to the First King of Shin Makoku, before he had entered the Seal. Streaks of silver highlighted his golden hair, over a face that was seamed by a scar down his right cheek. Crows feet had begun in the corners of his eyes, with a few smile lines at the corners of his mouth. His hands were folded over his chest- Yozak swallowed when he saw the mangled left hand.

Reaching how, he touched the man's hand- and pulled back.

The man was warm.

"He's still alive!"

Murata nodded. "His body has survived in suspended animation, in the Seal, since he ended his reign and chose to take Yuuri's place."

The Great Sage lapsed into silence, absently combing Shinou's hair back from his face.

"What now, Geika?" Yozak asked uneasily.

"We wait. We wait four years, five months, three weeks and one day."

The End.